EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 3

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EX-Brave Return to the Village


EX-Brave Return to the Village


“Somehow I made it back….”


Over the course of half year, I followed the path I had passed and finally returned to my hometown, Hanoi1 Village.


On the way, I passed through the villages and towns we had passed on our way to defeat the Demon King, and everyone were smiling. Just looking at it, I realized that what I did wasn’t useless. Of course they didn’t realize that I was a Brave, so they treated me as an ordinary traveler. I had wanted to stay the night at an inn, but unfortunately I didn’t have any money so I slept in the forest. As for food, I hunt wild beasts and cooked it together with edible wild plant then ate it.2


My hometown is deep in the mountains, on the border between countries. A typical remote village surrounded by nature. There is a fork on the way to the royal capital, but I ignore it and go into the forest and into the mountains. I arrived at the village as I relied on my faint nostalgic memories. My hometown, which I visited after a long time, was an abandoned village.


“It’s more obsolete than before I started my journey”


The fields are desolate and the buildings are tattered.


“It’s just right to start a new life”


I go towards my house.


“I’m back”


Of course, there’s no reply. Well, that’s obvious.


In the corner of the room, I found a photo that was dusty and dirty. This the photo of my family when I was young. My parents were quite famous adventurers. My father was originally the leader of chivalric order of some country, and my mother was said to have been the daughter of some noble. However, for some reasons, my father was dismissed from chivalric order, and my mother was disowned by her parents. I only know my parents as an adventurer, so hearing the story about my parents at that time doesn’t really come to me.3 Life here is by no means abundant, but I was happy.


Such parents was already died. I was lonely all the time, but I was working hard for my independence while being take care of in Stella’s house.4


One day, I was called by the country and given the title of a hero, and I went on a journey with my comrades to defeat the Demon King.


And now I’m back.


The villagers had moved to the capital. Living here is inconvenient. Still, I came back to this village. This is a cozy place for me, no matter how inconvenient.




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  1. ハノイ
  2. 食事は山菜とか獣を狩って焼いたりして食べた。
  3. 俺は冒険者の頃の両親しか知らないから、その頃の両親の話を聞いてもピンと来ない。
  4. 天涯孤独になってしまった俺だったがステラの実家にお世話になりながらも自立を目指して頑張っていた。

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  1. Read ahead a bit. I think this should definitely have multiple chapters translated at the same time. They’re all stupidly short so it’s way too slow paced. Especially if you move away from the daily releases.

    1. Yap, it’s all mostly under 1k character, but with how little time I have and the other 2 wn that I translated, it’s really hard to keep 2 novel daily. I only like got 5 hours to translate a day, and it took 2 hours for me to translate a chapter with 1k character and one of the wn I translated has 3k-5k character a chapter.

      But if the views are good I’ll try do multiple chapter a day.

    2. Yea I’d wager it’s because of the length. These chapters are just to short you start reading and boom done. Even a weekly release with a bunch of chapters would be better.

  2. Give people more time. They cannot judge currently as there are people who don’t know there is such a novel going on.

    And about the ratings it will soon improve as more chapters are uploaded.

    And also tell people about this work when you upload chapters of different work. They will come to read soon.

    1. Yap, i hope you’re right. But I’ll still do this daily, and if the view improve and because the chapter are short I’ll try multiple release daily.

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