EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 29


EX-Brave Receives an Apology

Well, it was really surprising.

When I opened the door, there was Aina who was my former comrades standing there.

Her face was tired, and she was completely different from the confident and prideful look she used to look down on people when we were traveling.

At first, because she was stiffened, I tried to call on her, but the moment I tried to

“I’m sorry! For betraying you!!”

She suddenly prostrates on the ground while in tears.

“Well, even if you suddenly apologize……, for the time being, why not come inside. ”

This is something unusual, so I invite her inside for now.

And then, once again I listen to her story.

“So it was Prince Cain suggestion huh…….. ”

“I was blinded by the prospect of promising future…….., I am really sorry!”

“Well, I don’t really care about it…….well, I was shocked to be betrayed by someone that I thought was my comrades…….but I won’t forgive Stella though. …….If you reflect what you’re doing then I’ll forgive you ”

It’s because she looks to be in a tough spot.

“Thank you…….” is what Aina says while crying.

“So, what you gonna do?”

“I can’t return to the royal capital anymore……I would like to live slowly while studying magic in this village if possible…… ”

“Then, why don’t you just do that?”

“Are you sure? To live in this place?”

“I’m not the village chief, so it’s not a problem even if you don’t ask me for permission. If you want to stay here, then stay ”

She starts to cry again.

It looks like she can’t hold it anymore.

Like this, Aina starts to live in this village.

“Noel is really kind ”

“You think so? It may be because we are not that close? If it was Stella apologizing, I wouldn’t forgive her ”

“Stella is, engaged to that idiot Prince, right?”

…….Sanya has also become bitter towards the Prince. If she identifies them as enemy, her attitude will change.

“I wonder if she lives in the royal palace right now? Well, I don’t really care though ”

“I wonder about that…… There is the education to become the queen, and it was important to know everyone around when she gets married ”

“What do you mean?”

Marriage and important matter can’t be decided by King arbitrarily unless it was an emergency. They will need permission from all the royal family……and I know a person who can bend it ”

“Someone who can bend it?”

“It’s [Princess Cammy]1. I look up to her as my own big sister, She’s a decent person in the royal family. And that idiot Prince is doting on Princess Cammy ”

…….I feel like something complicated is happening.

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  1. Alright, I did say that this was so horrible it became funny instead. But, like, wth, now I’m genuinely and purely confused. Like, WTH happened here. The story just teleported from making a resolve to coup de etat to the mage’s pov, and then suddenly this. Like, WTH man

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