EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 28


Intermission: The Regret of The Magician

I, Aina Necar was born to the elite family of mages.

I received special education of magic from an early age and graduated from Magic Academy.

It is natural that I will be selected for the Brave party.

If I can defeat the Demon King, I will have a promising future as court magician!

However, after the appointment, except for the Brave, we were called by Prince Cain.

Make the Brave’s credit to be mine, and I will give you all a preferential treatment after the subjugation, is what he said.

Now, if I think about it, stealing the credit of the Brave chosen by God was like selling a fight with God, we, who were excited by the prince proposal, accepted it.

We have taken Prince Cain’s side over the Brave.

As a result, immediately after the Brave Noel gave the decisive blow to the Demon King, the magic formation was activated and we transferred away.

And then, after joining Prince Cain who came later, we went back to the kingdom.

We were called a “Hero” by the citizens, a luxurious house in the royal capital was given as medal from the country, and I also appointed as court magician, my future was already promised.

……..It should have been like that.

A few months have passed since the defeat of the Demon King, and I became a shut-in.

I did not leave the room of the house given as medal and did nothing, I was at a loss.

This was triggered by an incident that happened on the first day of coming to the castle as a court magician.

The court magician was given room and can be used as they please.

I was a newcomer so I greeted my senior magician.

I was ecstatic because of their words of expectation.

But, only one senior magician was different.

“Tell me, what kind of magic can you use?”

“Yes, I can use magic of all attributes ”

“Fumu, …….Can you use spirit magic, necromancy or sealing magic?”

“Eh!? No, um……I can only use attack magic ”

“Umm, this job may be tough for you. Our job is to support and enrich the country. The Demon King’s defeat will reduce the number of monster attacks……, well, I think it is good to learn from now on ”

I immediately realized the meaning of his words.

One of the tasks of the court magician is to solve consultations from the public.

Consultations on livelihood are coming like mountains, such as having trouble with poor harvests and wanting to do something due to lack of water.

Since born, I have never used any other magic other than attack magic.

The only job I had was to get rid of the wild animals that destroyed the fields.

Then, you can learn it from now on is what he said, but the technique is complicated and difficult.

I gradually lost my self-confidence and began to stay in my house.

I would not become a court magician if I knew that this would happen…..

Even if I said I want to quit now, I hold the pride of my house and the country, so I can’t quit even if I want to.

And there is no reason for me to confess about betraying the Brave.

Cornered, is a word that fits me perfectly.1

It feels like I was lost in darkness.

I was at the limit of my mind and body and finally ran out of the royal capital.

Let’s live in some forest or village, is what I thought.

So, I came to a plot of land.

It does not feel like anyone is living here, there is only a house that looks maintained.

So I knock the door, feeling tense.

“Yes yes, who is it…… ”

I stiffened looking at the one who came out of the house.

“No-Noel…… ”

“You are……, Aina?”

Noel, who I thought was dead is now standing in front of me.

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  1. 八方塞がり、というのは正にこの事だった

11 Replies to “EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 28”

  1. So they longed their whole life for a position as court magician, had access to the best training since birth, were a member of a prestigious clan of mages, and yet had no clue what court magicians actually did until they got the job? And received no adequate training for that position? I wish the author gave the bad guys a bit more reason. Also, how is it that everyone who wanders out of the capital immediately finds this one village?

    1. Well, the reason she doen’t learn anything about court magician was because her parent trained her specifically to be one of the members of Brave party not court magician.

      As for why most people wanders exactly to the village is for the convinience of the plot the author planned. So us reader can’t do much about it.

      And the author already gave the bad guy a reason, and that is their greediness, plus envy for the king. 😁

    2. Considering the kingdoms were also in war with the demon king and demon army + monsters. Having court mages that specialize in combat magic were probably also the norm during war. But since they offed the demon king. No more monsters. Which shouldn’t be right cause they’re still be remnant forces. Maybe in hiding and regrouping but they dont just vanish in thin air.

    3. What I think of court mages in this novel is more like government officials, and the mages they had for war or battle is most likely already in the army with a different group name. ☺

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