EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 27


EX-Brave, Know the General’s Determination

“And so, I am in the same situation as Quant at that time ”

“Eh!? Are they tried to get rid of father!? Father who has contributed to the country so far!?”

“I think that, eventually I will have to retire anyway. But, if the kingdom is still ruled by this royal family, the kingdom will certainly be in ruin. ……When they stole Noel’s credit, they have already bought the wrath of God. But I think I should do my last filial piety ”

“General, don’t tell me……. ”

I will start a coup. This is the only way to rebuild this kingdom!!”

The General declared strongly.

“Noel, I’m sorry but, could you take care of Sanya for a while? I might become busy from now on ”

“I don’t mind taking care of her, what do you think, Sanya?”

“I will support my father. Listening to the story, I already lost my affection towards Cain, no, towards that Prince. I really feel like hitting him just once ”

“As expected of my daughter! I will give you that opportunity!”

The General heartily laughed.

…….I am witnessing something outrageous, is what I thought.

“Garzas, what will you do?”

“Me huh? Since I already listen to it, I might as well join in ”

“Is your house okay with it?”

“I will talk to them once, if they opposed, I will return to become a carefree adventurer ”

This guy is also optimistic……

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2 Replies to “EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 27”

  1. Pissing of the gods is bad, but pissing off your most loyal knight by spurning his daughter, who was raised since young to be the coming queen, to steal the fiance of the hero who defeated the demon king, saving all humanity, instigating a coup? OY!

    And the neighboring kingdom’s got proof that your spoiled brat prince stole the credit and that’s enough offense for them to go to war too?

    Yeah, the Levian family’s so, so screwed.

    1. When you put it that way… yikes. It’s like they have a grudge against everyone powerful and competent.

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