EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 26


EX-Brave, Know the Truth of His Parents

“Your father, Quant Veigel1 was a proud knight whose ability is rank one or two in the knights. I also went to fight monster together with him ”

I know that my father was strong, so he was that strong, huh.

As the future military executive candidate, he has a promising future….. ”

“But that chance was removed, by the current King of Levania, was it like that?”

“That is right. The previous King was an excellent man, but his son, the current King, has always been a selfish man and all of his word must be obeyed ”

Well, the first time I met him, he looked to had a bad personality, is what I thought.

“The Prince fell in love with your mother, [Yulia Cambers]2 at first sight, causing Quant to leave the army ”

Eh!? My mother!?

“Your mother was famous in Levania for her beauty. Quant was her childhood friend, and they both swore their love for the future and were ready to support the country. But, the situation changed completely when the prince fell in love with her at first sight. The prince threatened Julia’s parents midway and forced Julia into becoming his fiancee ”

“To forcibly separate the two people in love…….!!”

Sara is obviously angry.

“Quant was shocked but he kept working in the army for a while. However, when he defeated a certain monster, he was severely injured and left the army. I think the prince was trying to get Quant out of his way ”

“Did the previous King noticed it?”

“Of course, the King was furious and tried to disinherited the prince but was stopped by the people around him. In particular, the previous Queen doted the prince and said, “I will leave too if you disinherit the prince!” It seems that there was a fierce marital quarrel, but the King eventually lost. ”

“But, the one she married in the end was my father, right?”

“Umu, Yulia went to Quant on the day of the wedding. Yulia’s parents have both left the royal capital and have come to this land ”

My mother’s conduct was amazing.3

Who would have thought that there was such a grand event happened…..

“I think that this was revenge for that time. The anger of the prince at that time was terrible. He was trying to make him a wanted criminal, but the King stopped him ”

“So that’s why, he tries to take everything from me…… ”

What to say, he completely resent him.

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  1. クアント・ビーガー
  2. ユリア・カンバース
  3. お袋、凄い行動的だったんだな。

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  1. So it’s a generational problem of one spoiled brat raising another! This kingdom’s days are numbered, even without pissing off the local gods.

  2. I know this would be easier to watch as a 12 episode anime, casue the story progresses quick. The mc is dumb, the side characters are dumb, and the gods are dumb.

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