EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 25

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EX-Brave Meets a General

One week has passed since Sanya came.

Her physical strength gradually recovered and her complexion improved.

Her expressions are brighter and her smiles are increasing.

This is what she really is.

“Oi~, I brought the general”

Garzas brought a man.

I have met the general at my departure, but we only talk a word or two.


“Sanya! I’m sorry, I should have spoken to you who are hurt and suffering alone. But, I couldn’t…… Forgive this useless father of yours. ”

“Such a thing……., I am sorry to have made father and mother worried ”

Both Sanya and the general are talking with tears in their eyes.

“Are you1 Noel?”

“Ah, yes! It’s been long, since my the time of my departure ”

“Great work on defeating the Demon King and brought peace to the world. I thank you on behalf of Levania. In addition, you have been taking care of my daughter……, I can not put in words of how grateful I am ”

“No, I only do what I could do ”

“Um, Noel is……, are you the Brave? Not Cain?”

Now that I think about it, I hadn’t told Sanya.

I didn’t say it because, I didn’t know if she would believe me or not.

“That’s right, Noel is the real Brave. That idiot stole the credit. He bought Noel’s friends and tried to kill Noel ”

“But, Cain also left for the journey. Because I saw him off ”

Heh!? Is that true?

I was departing secretly, you know?

“That is a lie. Until Noel defeated the Demon King, he was secretly staying in another house. But I only knew that at a later date ”

He’s a sly guy.

Sanya looks slightly shocked.

“Now that I think about it, since Noel’s father left the army, the King had kept an eye on him ”

“Eh!? Does the general know my father!?”

“I know, because he was a comrade and a rival at the same time as me “2

I suddenly raised my voice in surprise.

I heard that my father was in the Knights, but I never thought that he was in the knight at the same time as the general.

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  1. He is using [お主](O omo) to refer to Noel which use to address someone to one’s equal or inferior.
  2. What he means “at the same time as him” is when he was still a knight not a general

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