EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 24


Intermission: Levania’s Demon General

General [Gash Almaty]1, Commander of the Levania Army, is a great general who goes through numerous scene of carnages.

His appearance as a captain himself, leading the front line, rushing and rampaging through the battlefield, was called and feared by the other countries as “Levania’s Demon General”.

He loves his family, a good father and a good husband when he enters his home.

He is especially doting when it is about his only daughter, Sanya.

That is why, the one-sided abandonment of the royal family was not revealed to the public, but his guts was boiling with anger.

However, his opponent his a royal, because he is serving as a soldier, he can’t refute their decision.

The truth is, he really want to hit them once, but he know that if he do that, his family will be in misery.

That is why, he is still holding himself.

Furthermore, he was called by King Methanor the other day and was told that he would soon place Prince Cain on the throne.

At that time, he was asked to appoint a new member of the Brave party, Gudard, as the one in charge of the military and to support him.

In other words, he received a de facto “retirement recommendation”.

General Gash is not young and he knows his place.

However, It is something he himself has to decide, not others.

And there are some doubts about Gudard’s ability.

He says he has defeated the Demon King along with the Brave, but Gash does not think he is strong.

From what Gash saw, he is a bit stronger than a general.

Can such a man lead the army.

That is why he is now at a crossroads in life.

“Sorry for being rude. Commander Garzas Edhard, coming in!”

“Umu, come in. Did something happen?”

“Yes, there is something urgent that I want general to hear……, It is about Young Lady ”


“…….What has happened to Sanya?”

“Actually, she disappeared from the mansion ”

“What you say!?”

Gash stand up without thinking hearing the report from Garzas.

“Please be assured. The Lady is already protected. A man I know and trust helps the Young Lady ”

For Gouache, I didn’t think Sanya would ever leave the house, so it was a bolt from the blue2.

“Sanya is……, safe, right?”

“Ee, of course ”

“Is that so……, I will go pick her up quickly. So, what is the name of the man that protected Sanya?”

“Noel Veigel, is his name ”

“Noel!? Could it be the Noel you said is……. ”

“Yes, the real Brave ”

Gash only knows his name. But, in the report, the Brave was rewritten as Prince Cain.

The distrust of Gash to the kingdom began there.

Actually, that is not all……

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  1. ガッシュ・アルマティ
  2. A bolt from the blue[寝耳に水] is something like, it was out of the blue or expression of surprise. I’m not really good at Idiom things, please correct me if you have a better suggestion

12 Replies to “EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 24”

    1. I don’t know what you mean by “sich”, but I tried to keep the translation as close as the original and even add a few words to make it make more sense and readable. And thank you for reading the novel☺

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Considering the Saintess’ personality and actions, was she named a Saint only because of being the woman with the highest holy power or something? In any case, considering how well thought of the prince is I’d say the kingdom will fall either due to his incompetence or invasion by another country within 5-10 years. Considering how much Sanya cared for him I wonder what it was he didn’t like about her? Then again she might have told him things he needed to know or learn while the Saintess tells him what he wants to hear and butters him up. Anyone know if Sanya is the turquoise color hair girl on the cover with Noel and Sara?

    BTW, the line about bolt out of the blue is correct. It refers to a shocking surprise coming out of nowhere like a lightning bolt striking from a clear, blue sky.
    “Noel!? Could it be the Noel you sai is……. ” has a typo. Should be “Noel!? Could it be the Noel you say is……. ” A sai is a Japanese dagger.

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