EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 21


EX-Brave Receives A Visit

“First is, I have to contact Garzas ”

“Isn’t it faster to meet her parents directly?”

“The other party is the knight commander, you know? Do you think he would meet someone he didn’t know? If it goes wrong, I could have been mistaken as a kidnapper ”

I want to avoid unnecessary trouble as much as I can.

At that time.

I heard a knock on the door.

It would have been a good timing if it was Garzas.

“May I ask who you are?”

Opening the door, there is a dignified young man standing.

“Is there someone named Noel in this village?”

“I’m Noel ”

Suddenly, he started to kneel.

“Milord the Brave Noel Veigal, I am the first Prince of the Schvia kingdom, Schwartz Schvia. I came to meet with milord Noel ”


Isn’t the Schvia kingdom is Levania kingdom’s rival!?

And the Prince of that kingdom is looking for me?

For the time being, let’s just move from the entrance and enter inside.

It looks like Sanya is sleeping.

“Then, How did you know me? Officially, Prince Cain should have been announced as the Brave?”

“We were told, wondering about it, we do a research, we knew that milord Noel is from Levania Kingdom, and that you were betrayed by your comrades ”

But, there should have no witnesses at that place…….., eh, Ah!”

I remembered something.

“I have something to return to milord Noel ”

Saying that, Schwartz placed the thing wrapped in cloth with care on the desk, and removed the cloth.

There’s no mistaking it, this is a Holy Sword.

“Eh, isn’t it was supposed to be at the Demon King Castle!?”

“Well, milord Noel’s armor was still with us” ”

“Somehow, I’m sorry….. ”

“No, I am the one who supposed to apologize. We were not thinking much about the fate milord Noel is carrying ”


“As a result of having the mage appraised the armor of the Brave, we found out that the armor was cursed. It was a curse that absorbs the owner’s life force and magic power……” ”


Sorry, but, isn’t it my first time hearing this story?

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    1. I dont know if what you mean is “that when he was” or “than when he was”, what I can tell you is that he was already strong before he became the Brave. But he became stronger more after he became the Brave. I hope that answer your questions ☺

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