EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 2


T/N: I change the mc’s name to Noel Veigel

The Brave, Somehow Survived




I, Noel Veegal, woke up in the rubble.


“It seems I had been caught in a crevice……”


I crawled out of the rubble above me, and looked around.


“There’s no trace left, it has collapsed splendidly”1


There was only a pile of rubble as far as the eye could see.


“Well, what am I going to do from now on….”


I was left behind.


“Maybe they’re already back in the country by now and giving a convenient report …”


To be honest, the betrayal of my comrades― no, former comrades is a shocked. Especially, about my childhood friend, the saint, Stella Millard2, I don’t know since when, but the story about her marrying the Prince, gave me quite a damage and make in tear.3 Even though we had promised to get married when we were little….


I also thought that the warrior Gudard Kafan4 and the wizard Aina Necar5 were a reliable comrades….. After all I, who could only fight, was a disposable tool.


“I’m tired…… For now, let just leave this place. Aa, that’s right”


I took off my armor. Underneath it were my clothes as an adventurer before I became a brave. With this, I wouldn’t be seen as brave in any way.


“The brave Noel Veegal…..sleep here”


I put my armor and holy sword on a pile of rubble. The me as a brave had died. From now on, I had decided to live as just Noel Veigel. Even if the Demon King is resurrected, I won’t save them. The brave already died. From now on, I will lived a quiet life!


With that, I started walking back the way I came from.

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  1. 「跡形も無く、みごとに崩れ去ったもんだなぁ」
  2. ステラ・ミラール, Sutera mirāru
  3. 特に、幼馴染みで聖女として一緒に旅をしていた『ステラ・ミラール』が、いつの間にか王子と結婚するという話になっていたのは、寝耳に水で、かなりダメージがあった。
  4. グダール・カファン
  5. アイナ・ネカール

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