EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 19


EX-Brave Protects Young Woman

“The rain yesterday was really heavy ”

Fuwaa~, I walk outside while yawning.

It’s becoming customary for me to take a walk in the village as a morning routine.

There is no particular change in the village.

But, I felt a sign in one of the houses.

It was from Stella’s house.

Honestly, it’s a house that only has bittersweet memories now.

“……E? ”

Unintentionally, I lost my words.

Because there’s a girl laying on the floor.

“Oi! Are you okay!?”

“U-Unn……. ”

Her body and clothes were soaked, afraid that she could catch a cold, I returned to the house with her.

I called Sara and left the rest to her.

…….As one would expect, I don’t have the courage to take off her clothes.

The girl then laid down on the bed.

“She doesn’t seem to be a vagrant ”

“Because her clothes are nightwear, and it doesn’t look cheap. I think she came from the royal capital ”

But, it’s unusual for someone to come to this village wearing only nightwear.

Something must have happened, that’s what I felt.

“U-Uu….. Wh-Where is this……?”

“You’re awake? This is Hanoi village” ”

“Hanoi village….., and you are?”

“Noel, the resident of this village ”

“I’m Sara. You were collapsed in one of the empty houses ”

“So that’s what happened……, my name is Sanya. I am sorry for the inconvenience…… ”

From her words, this girl seems to be from a high-class family.

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  1. Dude….I thought Noel said this was a village deep in the mountains how the hell did she just wander over there.

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