EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 18

Intermssion: A Certain Daughter


There was heavy rain that day.

Everyone was holding an umbrella, and take shelter under the eaves.

If there is a girl walking in such heavy rain without an umbrella and getting soaked, people will pay attention.

The girl seemed to be lost in search of a place to die.

There was no light in her eyes, the people who take shelters under the rain watched with pity in their eyes as the girl wobbly walked under the rain.

She is [Sanya Almaty]1, the former fiancee of the Levanian Prince.

For Sanya, it was something out of the blue.

Suddenly, the kingdom says, “Abandon your engagement with Prince Cain “, she was told so unilaterally.

Of course, her parents are unsatisfied and asked for an explanation but not given by the other party.2

Sanya had been given the education to be a Queen since an early age, so that she was ready to marry at any time.

In addition, she was serious and did everything she could for Prince Cain.

Nevertheless, the engagement was annulled, so the shock was great, saying “There’s a place that I could not reach” to convince herself.

However, A few days after breaking the engagement, Prince Cain’s engagement was announced.

His partner is the Saint who he goes to defeat the Demon King together.

That fact was enough to shatter Sanya’s heart.

From that day Sanya locked herself in her room.

It can’t be helped that her parents were shocked and told the servant to keep an eye on her.

After a while, Sanya left her home at night and was wandering around the royal capital.

But in the morning, Sanya was back home, so the servants were unaware.

The appearance of Sanya wandering in her nightwear was becoming a rumor in the royal capital.

Of course, Sanya is not known to be a former fiance of Prince Cain.

But, people somehow make a conjecture that something must have happened and they don’t want to get involved in it.

The people of the royal capital could only be watching.

On this heavy rainy day, she was out of the capital.

And then, came to a small village away from the royal capital.

Feeling tired, she entered one of the empty houses and just like that, slept on the floor.

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  1. サーニャ・アルマティ
  2. 当然、両親は納得が行かず説明を求めたが相手にはされなかった。

6 Replies to “EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 18”

  1. What? How far away from the capital is this village? Considering she wouldn’t go to bed when the sun sets, really we’re talking about 6ish hours of time she can walk in. So, the village is within 6 hours of aimless walking (not Olympic power walking, in other words). She managed to get out of the city, unchallenged by the guards and whatnot, while being a young, hot (presumably) girl, in her underwear. It’s been a while since I’ve read this, but that makes no damm sense.

    Also, what about the security on her house? Her father is a General. That is not a position where someone can easily sneak into or out of his house at night. But ok, this frail, bookish girl whose entire life training has been things like manners, dancing, queensome things like that, managed to shimmy over her own family’s estate’s walls, the capital city of the kingdom’s walls, and then walk, through the forest or along the highway, to a remote village. And no one stopped her. No one assaulted her along the road (not nice, but lets be realistic here).

    By the by, I live in a city, you know? A fairly big one. Not the capital city of my country (actually it’s bigger than that, go figure). And if I wanted to, I could walk out the front door of my house in the middle of the night, and go for a walk. Say, at midnight. No, lets be generous and say I do this at nightfall, or soon after. So, say, 8pm.

    I walk until 6am the next morning. (Never mind that I’m an unfit man, for the purposes of this hypothetical I’m more physically able than this girl is.) Firstly my feel are now probably bleeding, but lets assume this has not slowed me down. Where am I? Answer: still in the same damm city. I’m not even close to exiting the city, after 10 hours of walking. Also I’ve probably been mugged by now, and my city probably has much better public order than the city this girl lives in.

    In other words, to sum up this giant essay I have now written, this is f*cking stupid. It doesn’t stretch plausibility, it absolutely breaks it. This is not a set of circumstances, or a sequence of events, that is possible to have happened. For many, many reasons, most of which are not negated by “it’s a world with magic in”.

    1. I more or less support most of your ideas except this is a medieval setting where cities are not as big as they are now. A city in this day and age could probably pass as a country and not necessarily a small one during this type of setting so distance would not necessarily be as far.
      But with all that said, this chapter still makes no sense

    2. Sorry that I couldn’t properly answer your essay yesterday, I was just so busy.

      So 1st is the location of the village, iirc it was located in at the border of Levania kingdom and Schvia kingdom. I don’t know the exact distance or the time it need to go from royal capital to the village, you just have to ask the author himself.

      2nd is about the daughter. Her father asked the servant to keep an eye on her, but when she go out of her house, it was in the night. Not all servant work 24 hours. And when she want to get out from her residence, she had to go through the guards at her house entrance and the gate when he goes out to the Hanoi village. I don’t know about but I watched too many anime and read many novels and manga to know how she got through. This is just my guess but, when she try to get out of her residence the guard was changing their shift so no one was paying attention or the guards just busy talking to their friend and doesn’t notice when she goes pass them. It’s the same with the guard at the gate. So we can conclude that all of it are just a coincidence, just like god(author) had planned.

      3rd, you’re maybe physically able than the girl but, anyone that mindlessly can even walk from town to town(my real life experience).

      4th, in chapter 16, the guards came from the royal capital for their daily patrol around the territory. And after they left, when the night comes, one of the soldier returns, which are his friends. So we can conclude thatbthe distance can be travelled from when his dutybis over which I assume at 5-6 oclock. So it was possible for a girl to walk mindlessly without minding her condition and fatigue. If a feminist read your essay, theyvwill certainly said “why would it be okay for man to walk far away alone, while girl couldn’t?”. And for the beast or monster on the road? They all sleeping or just doesn’t exist.

      Oh yeah, about the people of the royal capital not stopping or help her. No one does that cuz they afraid of being blame for what happen to her or dont want to get involved with someone from noble family, especially the daughter of the knight commander that is called “Demon General”. I don’t know about you, but I will do the same.

      I hope that answer your essay. Thank you for reading ☺

    3. Thank you for expressing my exact thoughts. This is clearly an attempt by the author to get the abandoned fiancee and the betrayed hero together. You left out another bit, which is, why is she doing it? She is in shock, sure, so hiding in her room where she can be alone and not have to put up appearances makes sense. But why wander around the city? She’s not going out to meet with friends or anything. She doesn’t even seem to be entirely aware (which is why she doesn’t immediately return home when it started to rain). Like, she basically sleepwalked out of her house with her servants unaware, through the rain, and down some random path until she was tired, at which point she sleep-broke into a random house (which happened to be abandoned). And also, the people who did see her were entirely unconcerned about her, despite her nightly walks already starting rumors. It’s so incredibly forced.

      Her making it to a nearby village in six hours is not so strange. This is apparently a small country (got that impression from the previous chapters). And medieval cities were pretty small, surrounded by villages that provided the food for the people in the city to live. A village would be no more than a dozen or so cottages together surrounded by farmland (or woods, or whatever resource they gather).

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