EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 17

EX-Brave Knows The Current Status of The Royal Capital

Garzas came with sake that night.

His appearance was not like a soldier, but his former adventurer one.

“This one makes me feels more relaxed. I don’t like how stiff the dress for soldiers and nobles are. 1

Un, it was nice that his personality hasn’t changed.

We talked about each other while drinking.

“Just like I thought, I thought it was weird that that Useless Prince defeated the Demon King ”

He somehow convinced when I told him the story about me defeating the Demon King.

“Still, it seems like those close to the royal family believe it, there are some people who are wondering like me but can’t expressly refute. After all, the kingdom officially announced it. ”

“Is that so……. What about the situation in the royal capital?”

“It was a festival just after the defeat of the Demon King. Like doing a triumphal parade, and building a statue. But as expected, the people have calmed down. ”

“…..How about my former comrade?”

“Stella announces her marriage to the Prince. Gudard suddenly becomes executive of the knights, and Aina became national adviser as a court magician ”

“Aren’t that too much of preferential treatment? Is there no objection or something?”

“That’s because they are a hero who saved the world, but it’s true that some people are crying in the shadow, and the prince had a fiancee, but it seems to have been annulled ”

“So she steals him, Stella is….. “2

“It seems like the prince didn’t like his fiancee from the start. Stella is a beauty, and she has a good style too. The prince seems to fell for her at first sight. Honestly, for me, she’s more of a villain than a saint. ”

“But, there’s no way the fiancee’s parent to keep silent, right?”

“They can’t go against the royal family, but the inside of them must be boiling with frustration. The girl’s father is my superior who is called the ‘Demon General’. He is silent know, but we don’t know when will he erupt ”

“Turning someone who shouldn’t be turned to enemy into enemy huh….. ”

Well, I understand the status of the royal capital now.

That’s why I won’t do anything, and won’t go to the royal capital.

Finally, this is where my life becomes more fun.

For now, I should contact Garzas regularly.

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  1. 兵士とか貴族の着飾った格好はどうも堅苦しくて嫌なんだ。
  2. 略奪したのかよ、ステラは・・・・・・。

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