EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 16

Ex-Brave Reunited With His Old Friend


“Oh, It’s growing up well”


The planted seeds are sprouting and growing quickly.


If it grow up without any problems, we will be able to harvest it in a few weeks.


One day, while I was excited by the progress, soldiers came to the village.


They seemed to be patroling the territory.


I talked to them about me, including the truth.


The soldiers were young and of good character.


Maybe, many of them came from the country side.


They all went to the capital to raise their living condition by entering the army, but they lamented that all they had to do was only patroling in the territory and doing odd jobs.1


They said that if that was the case, it wouldn’t be any different than an adventurer.


I don’t know how they feel, but adventurers have to protect themselves, but the army are guaranteed by the country and has a stable income.


By comparison, entering the army is easier than becoming an adventurer.


Well, while talking about such a thing, a person called the commander came.


I was surprised to see his face.


“You, aren’t you Garzas!?


“Noel!? Is that you Noel!?”


It was [Garzas Edhard]2 who I had a party together during my days as an adventurer.


“You, so you entered the army! Now that I remember, you were supposed to be a noble”


“Even though I’m only the lowest seat. I wanted to be an adventurer, but my parents won’t allow it. Say, when did you come back? If I recall right, you were supposed to be on a journey to defeat the Demon King, right?”


This guy knows that I’m the Brave.


“Well, many things happened…..”


“I see…..I’ll come back at night, so please tell me more about that”


Garzas then left the village with the soldiers.


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  1. 一旗あげに王都に行き、軍隊に入ったは良いが、ほとんど領内のパトロールやら魔獣退治やら雑用ばかりやらされている、と嘆いていた。
  2. ガーザス・エドハルト

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