EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 15

EX-Brave Farming


Water veins have come and the village land has recovered from dryness.


So I decided to plow the field.


Seeds and fertilizers were kept in the shed, so I decided to use them.


The rusty parts of the farm tools were restored.


Plowing the soil with a hoe will make it crunchy.


I do not know if the soil is good or the tools are good, but the work is going smoothly.


I wrap the seeds in a well-plowed area.


When the seeds were “appraised”, they were found to be fruits and vegetables.


I’m looking forward to seeing how it will go.


Next is, I want to secure some ‘meat’, Sara seemed to be thinking the same as me and we went out to hunt.


“It’s easier than dealing with demon beast”


“That’s right”


After we hunted some boars and pigs, we go back.


“Meat Meat♪”


“God eats meat too huh”


“For those who have a life, it’s a matter of course to eat. God can be hungry too”1


Aqua somehow looks like a little sister.


I won’t say it, because she would get angry if I do.


It’s my first time eating grilled meat after a long time.

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  1. 生きとし往ける者、命を頂くのは当たり前の事なの。神だってお腹は空くんだから。

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