EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 14

I should have uploaded this chapter with the previous one at the same time. Sorry, but please enjoy this late chapter~

Intermission: At Schvia Castle


After retrieving the holy sword and armor from the site of the Demon King Castle, Schwartz returned to the castle and reported to Salius.


The holy sword and armor are appraised by the mage.


“… in other words, did Levania intercept the Brave’s credit for its cute prince, and also the Brave’s companion helps them too”


“Yes, that’s what I heard from God through the Holy Sword”


“What a foolish thing to do…..”


Salius sighed.


I’ve known about [Metanor Levania]1, king of Levania for a long time, but I didn’t think he was such a person.


“The Levania citizen were making merry without knowing about this…..”


“Not only in Levania, but also in our kingdom, there are people who are delighted and celebrating like them”2


“In any case, this is by no means acceptable. You must investigate the holy sword and armor and reveal the truth. And we must honor the true Brave”


“Please forgive my impoliteness. But there is a quick report about the brave armor”


A mage enters the office.


“Did you manage to find something?”


“Yes…..that armor was ridiculous”


“What do you mean? Mage-dono”


“That armor was under a curse”


“A curse?”


When they heard the mage, they gradually turned pale.


“What is that mean….. Do you mean that the armor was under terrible curse!?”


“The brave had a tougher fate than we had thought…..”


“More and more, we have to increase our efforts to find the true Brave! Schwartz, does God told you where to go?”


“Yes, I heard that he is from a small village in Levania”


Before returning to the castle from the Demon King castle, he had heard about the Brave through the Holy Sword.


“Together with the Holy Sword, go search the true Brave!”



Author Note:

The identity of the curse will be known later.

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  1. メタノル・レバニア
  2. レバニアだけではなく我が国でも手離しで喜んでいる者がおります。

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  1. Thanks for the translation! The story moves quickly, but it’s interesting. Want to wait until we see everyone’s motivations, especially the Saintess’, before I judge it.

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