EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 13

Sorry for the wait. I was just so busy that I had no time to translate. Well then, enjoy~

EX-Brave Meets Water God


“You guys have broken the seal! Thank you!”


A girl in long blue hair with a white dress thanked us for raising the tension.


“No, well, you’re welcome……or rather, who are you?”


“Me? I’m Aqua1, the [Water God] of this country”


“As I thought, it really is to seal a God…..”


Sara seemed to be convinced.


“That said, is this well is where you live?”


“Strictly speaking, where there is water, it is a place that is under my control, The Brave Noel”


“Heh!? How do you know my name?”


“I have heard your name from the God who controls this world”


Is that so, well, that’s true. 2


“And breaking my seal means that the Demon King has been defeated, right?”


“Aa, that’s right. Well, I am now a former brave.


“? What do you mean?”


I talked about what happened so far.


“What’s that!? I can’t belive they take the credit for what you did!!”


Aqua heard my story and was furious.


“I can’t afford to bless a country that despises the Brave’s success. From now on all water sources are cut off!”


“Wait a minute! If you do it suddenly, you will cause trouble for unrelated residents”


“Then, I’ll tighten it gradually. First, I will reduce the amount of water in the river”


O, she is brimming with intention to punish them.


“If possible, I want this land to be moistened”


“I got it. You are the hero who saved the world. We, God are your ally. I’ll do my best to support you”


A few days later, the dried-up land became moist.


Apparently Aqua moved the water vein to this village.


We can now produce crops.


As thanks, I’ll fix the well.

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