EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 12


EX-Brave Secures Water Source


The next day, I started taking action.


First, we need to secure water.


There must have been a river running nearby and a waterway leading to the fields in the village.


“What is this……”


There was a sluice1 at the entrance of the canal and it was closed.


“There shouldn’t be such a thing when I left”


In addition, the handle for opening the lock has been removed.


“Did they judged it as an abandoned village and cut off the water source?”


“No, there are few who are still live here when I left. But, if it’s like this, it would be difficult to get water from the river. It can’t be helped, I have to get it from another place”


“Is there anything I can help you with?”


“If I’m not mistaken, there should have been a well on the outskirts of the village”



There is a well a little away from the village settlement.


In the past, people used to draw drinking water from there.


“This place is covered too……”


It had been tightly covered using a wooden lid.


Moreover, there are some kind of label2 on them.


“This label is ‘The Seal of the Gods of Land’”


“A land God? The one in the legend?”


Land god who is the guardian god of the country.


It is said that the country, protected by the land god, promises eternal prosperity in the future.


“This is probably demon’s label. To seal the power of the land god and weaken the country”


“I see…..”


Hmm, that’s how it is…..


“So, isn’t it okay to take it off?”


The country would be in trouble if it’s still affixed to the well, and if the one that sticks it was a demon, then it’s the Brave’s job to take it off.


Since there is no holy sword, I bring a crowbar from home and pull out the wooden lid..3


Of course I also throw away the label.


“Alright! All removed!”


After removing the lid, I look into the well.


It’s dark and nothing can be seen, but I can hear the sound of water.


There’s certainly water down there.


“Noel, isn’t the sound of the water getting louder?”


After I look closely, something seems to rise……


“Wha, get away!”


Immediately after I and Sarah moved away from, a huge splash came out of the well.


And then,


“I am reviveeeeed!!!”4


There was a girl posing on the well.

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  1. floodgate
  2. 札, label, note, card
  3. 聖剣は無いから、自宅から釘抜きを持ってきて遠慮なく木の蓋を取っていく。
  4. 「私、ふっかーっつ!!」

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