EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 11


The Brave Planning for the Future


That night, I made a stew using the wild vegetables and mushrooms I picked.


“I-is it okay?”


“It’s okay. Because it contains only safe wild plants and mushrooms”


As I thought, Sara is hesitant because of her trauma eating the poisonous mushroom.


“Because it a man’s dish, the tase might be a little rough”1


I serve the stew in a bowl and give it to Sara.


Sara timidly ate the mushroom.


“……It’s delicious”


“Right? When I was at the party, when we were out in the field, I was the one cooking the meals.”


“Even though you are the Brave?”


“Aa, because they push all the chores and troublesome thing to me. Well, you could say that my status2 was the lowest of them all”


Stella is my childhood friend, but she was wealthy and the daughter of the Village Chief. Gudard and Aina also from a family with a good pedigree.3


I was the only one who is an adventurer.


…..Aa, I guess it’s one of the reasons Stella turned towards the prince.


“By the way, what are you going to do from now on?”


After finishing her meal, Sara asked me.


“What I’m going to do you say, I’m going to live in this house, in this village. I already fed up becoming the Brave”


“In this place, where there’s nothing?”


“If it doesn’t have anything, I just have to make it. Because there’s plenty of resources. What will Sara do?” Do you want to revive the Demon King army because you are no longer a slave?”


“No, I’m already tired of fighting. It’s not bad to live in a place like this”


“Then, will you live here?”


“Is it okay?”


“I don’t particularly mind. As you can see, there are many empty houses. You can use it if you rebuild it”


After all it is lonely to live alone.


“Then, …….I’ll be in your care”


Thus, Sara became the resident of the village.

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  1. 男の料理だから味は大雑把だけどな。
  2. status in society, like nobles or royalty.
  3. グダールとアイナも家柄は良かった。

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