EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 10

Well, hey guys. Sry for the last 4 days with no update. My friend’s father just died. His parents had divorced and it’s only him and his father. And with all of his relatives live far from him, there’s no one that could help him with his father’s funeral. So I was helping him with that for the last 4 days.

Many thanks to Shawman465 for donating!

With my excuse done, enjoy the chapter~

Intermission: At The Site of The Demon King Castle


A few days later, Schwartz arrives at the Demon King Castle.


“It’s a magnificent pile of rubber……”


Schwartz muttered, looking at the Demon King Castle, which has collapsed without a trace.


“It’s difficult to find evidence if it’s this tattered….. Hmm? That is…..”


Pushing through the pile of rubble, Schwartz found a pierced holy sword, and armor that had been stripped off.


“This is the Brave’s Holy Sword and armor!? Why is it here?”


(It’s because the Brave, Noel, left it.)




A voice suddenly heard, he looked around but no one was there.


(I’m right here. Inside the Holy Sword)


“Th-the sword is talking!?”


(To be precise, I’m talking through the sword. I am the God who controls this world)


“G-god…..? Then, is the name of the brave is Cain?”


Schwartz is puzzled by the voice of “God” heard from the Holy Sword.


(No, the only Brave is Noel Veigel. There’s no mistaking it because I’m the one who nominated him)


“So why is the name different?”


(That’s because the stupid human King tried to seize the Brave’s credit for his cute child. He’s trying to celebrate his child as a fake Brave)


“Like I thought, So that’s what happened……!”


The God’s testimony turned his suspicion into conviction.


(Human, bring this Holy Sword and armor back. And return it to the original owner, the Brave, Noel. The Holy Sword will surely guide you)


“Understood! I will absolutely return it to the Brave”


Schwarz recovered the Holy Sword and armor, and then returned to the Kingdom of Schvia.

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    1. Hope he brings it back to the price who trysts to use it and then punishes him till they admit what they did lol

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