EX-Brave Wants a Quiet Life Chapter 1

Thanks to Ryo 888 for suggesting this WN. I really like it and decided to translate it. I haven’t read it too far ahead, but this kind of story is my favorite. Well without further ado, enjoy~

The Brave Defeat The Demon King But Betrayed By His Comrades

“With this……. IT’S OVEEEEEERR!!!!”




I swing my sword down at the Demon King with all my might. And then, the Demon King’s scream echoed throughout the castle.


“This me1….. the Demon King, defeated by a mere human being……. however, you better remember this! This me,  without fail, will return to life! Decades or even hundreds of years from now, as long as the world is full of malice, this me will surely appear before you2 all!! Until then, enjoy your momentary peace!!”


Saying that the Demon King disappeared. At the same time as the Demon King disappearance, a rattling sound soon began to be heard. It was the sound of the castle crumbling down.


“Everyone! The castle is going to collapse! Quickly from this….place, eh?”


Unbeknownst to me, the comrades that’s been fighting alongside me just now, were gone. There was only a piece of paper. I picked up the paper and read it.


To summarize what was written there, [By the King’s life, bury the Brave along with the Demon King.] And then,[His companion the Saint, shall marry the Prince.] In addition, there was an abuse to me as well.


I trembled and screamed




My shout was drowned by the sound of the Demon King castle crumbling down.


Thus, the Demon King was defeated and the world became peaceful.


In exchange for the Brave [Noel Veigel]3‘s life…..

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  1. The Demon King is using Waga(我が) to called himself which means our, my, one’s own
  2. The Demon King is calling them Kisama(貴様), it is a harsh way of calling someone, it literally means ‘you bastard’
  3. ノエル・ビーガー if you have a better suggestion on the name, please let me know in the comments.

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  1. That’s such a terrible way to get rid of the hero…

    Not to mention it’s stupid. Just force him to marry a low ranking noble, give him a title, and land bordering a hostile nation/masses of monsters.

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