Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Hal, who was able to collect a lot of horns, next headed for securing a Power Turtle shell.

The place where the Power Turtle was was around a pond further north from the plain where the Fluffy Sheep were.

He was just fought earlier――or rather, the one he fought was Fluffy Sheep who only had it’s horn to use to attack, it only attack if its enemy is in its range and thrust it’s horn to it, it was originally a low-risk monster.1

However, Power Turtles has the ferocity to relentlessly attack what has invaded its territory.

As the name implies, it is a powerful monster and has a strong shell, so it has a high defense.

“…..I have to think of a way to defeat it”

Its shell is as hard as Salamander’s scale, and it only has one weakness――is what he would like to say but there isn’t.

The knife that he originally owned, as well as the sword purchased at the weapon store, can be easily blocked, and it is not unlikely that it will break easily.

Then, how should I defeat it?

“This is fun”

Hal was enjoying the challenge. A smile naturally appears in his expression.

Being an adventurer, you can come across many difficulties. There may be a time where you will fall into predicament too.

If it was Hal when he still a Porter, he didn’t have the right to challenge it.

However, he can now say it with pride. I’m an adventurer!

That’s why, he can overcome the challenge of Power Turtlesーhe believed so.

Minutes ago, Hal was so excited, but now, he is running with all of his might.

“Uoooooo! After all, it is big!”

Power Turtle is a turtle, it’s movement itself is slow. But, having a body that exceeds 5 meters in length, it’s steps are huge. Hal only managed to keep his distance by desperately running with full power.

When Hal arrived at the pond, he finds the power turtle and tried to approach it carefully, slowly and quietly, but the Power Turtle’s sensation when something entered its territory was sharp and immediately noticed Hal.

He tried to attack the shell to see if it could be scratched with the knife, but he heard a crackling sound and no scratch was seen on its shell.

This also resulted in the act of earning the anger of the Power Turtle, which led to the current situation.

“ーーA little more, a place to get a little more time”

With his head calming down as he runs, Hal thinks through ways to overcome this situation.

As he knew in advance, he still can’t attack with his weapons.

Having said that, even with [Flame Armor] or [Breath], it is difficult to damage it.

Then, Hal used [Breath] at the ground to cool it down.

Although the temperature was not high or low today, Hal’s use of [Breath] to freeze the ground gradually lowered the surrounding temperature. The exhaling breath of the running Hal becomes white and hazy.

There’s also an effect that the Power Turtle becomes difficult to run due to the frozen ground.

“Come come, keep following me!”2

Hal freezes the pond and ground one after another, confirming that the Power Turtle is gradually slowing down.

“…..Hahaーhow’s that?”

Hal’s breath is turning white as the surroundings are changing to an ice world, and the Power Turtle, which was running in anger, was also out of breath.

“It’s about time for the next attack”

The next attack Hal considering is “Ice Fang”.

In the case of a [Hound Wolf], its fangs that in its mouth become ice-based and froze the area it bites.

However, in the case of Hal, two tusks made of ice are ejected from his palm and fly away.

Hal changes his directions and approaches the Power Turtle, as the closer the distance, the greater its power.

As he turns around, he fires at the Power Turtle’s feet.

“[Ice Fangs]!!”

He put his hand on its feet and pierced the Power Turtle’s feet, albeit a little shallow.


However, its legs are hard, and half-baked attacked won’t go through. The stabbed ice tusks can be easily removed from the Power Turtle’s feet with just rampaging a little.

However, as the temperature fell, the power turtle’s ability was reduced overall.

Many turtles hibernate in winter, reducing their defense, aggression, agility, and awareness of their surroundings.

Because Hal knew these features, he was thinking of attacking with ice skills this time.

“I still got a lot more to go!”

Hal now moves to another leg and releases ice there as well. He did it a total of four times and stabbed all of its feet with [Ice Fangs].


It is not suffering from the pain, but from the cold. The Power Turtle is almost lost its consciousness.

“ーThen, how about this!”

Looking at the weakened Power Turtle, Hal fires an [Ice Fang] at the Power Turtle’s mouth, and also spits out [Breath](Ice) from his own mouthーit is the largest output ever.


The voice snarling with the anger of the Power Turtle gradually diminishes, and eventually stops.

[Skill: Shell Shield Acquaired]

“Fufu, finally, I was able to defeat it…..”

It was a power turtle that lived around the pond, but what Hal found was this one, which was lucky in this battle.

“Using skill continuously is tiring”

Hal, who used the [Breath] and [Ice Fangs] over and over again, felt tired throughout his body.

“But, it’s not time to rest. I have to get the requested shell…..”

Hal rode on one of the octagons on the shell of the Power Turtle and pulled out his knife.

First, Hal’s body is covered with fire. This is the effect of [Flame Armor]


Then, while groaning, the flame is concentrated on the right hand, to the tip of the hand, and to the knife.

The knife, coated in a hot flame, pierces the shell slowly.


Then slowly cut out the shell into an octagonal shape.

Because of its large size and the toughness, even with his knife coated in flame, it still took a long time to cut out one piece, it took about 15 minutes.

“Well, this is bigger than the usual one”

If you cut out one piece and look at the size again, you can see that it is larger than that of the usual Power Turtle.

Usually, a Power Turtle is about three meters in size, but what Hal defeated was a huge one with a size of 5 meters.

“…..Well, whatever. Let’s cut out a few more for now”

Hal then cuts out about three shells and ends his work because the knife is no longer useful.

“It’s already dark, huh, can’t be helped, let’s sleep outside. This place is dangerous, let’s go back to the plains”

As the sun was falling, Hal lifted the heavy shell firmly and moved to the grassland. Carrying heavy luggage is not painful thanks to the body trained in the porter era.

The face of Hal who had fulfilled the request was tired, but he still had a sense of accomplishment.


Name: Hal

Sex: Male

Level: 1

Skill: Growth

Skills: Flame Armor Lv2, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Breath (Ice) Lv2, Dragon Scale Lv1, Flame Resistant Lv2, Ice Resistant Lv1, Ice Fang Lv2, Shell Shield

Blessings: Goddess Sea, Goddess Diona


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