Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 8

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Chapter 8


“Oo, to get along with Alicia, not bad! That girl, her manner of response is business like to the end, so such interactions are rare!”


Zaus said while approaching Hal and slaps him in the back.


“Co-could you stop that! Really…..what are you saying. I just asked her name and shakes hand, that’s all…..”


Hal, surprised at the sudden fuss, said, as he looked around, he felt complicated at the gazes that gather to him that he just noticed.1


“Somehow……it feels real. For now, I’ll just do the requests”


When he noticed his situation, he left the guild as if to shake off the gazes at him.


Even after Hal left, the guild was still buzzing with these topics.


The first place he goes to was a weapon shop.

Hal used to be a porter, so he had little in sight of combat, and the only weapon he had is the knife he used when fighting the Salamander.


“I need to have a reasonable weapon…..”2


Hal mutters while looking at the line of weapons.


“Oh, Isn’t it Hal boy3 Why are you looking at a sword? Aren’t you using a knife as a weapon?”


Depp4, a dwarf and the owner of the weapon shop laughed and called out to Hal.


“Ah, I have registered as an adventurer, so I thought of getting a better weapon. As expected, it’s hard to fight monsters with just a knife”


Depp who listened to Hal open his eyes wide.


“A-adventurer registration!? Y-you could register as an adventurer!!”


“A-aa, isn’t that what I said?”


Hal, while slightly taken aback by Depp who repeated Hal’s words, strongly responds his question to remind him.5


“Uu, T-that’s grweat!”


When he thought why was he shaking, Depp sheds big tear and slaps Hal’s back with vigour while crying.


“Th-that’s hurts! I said it hurts! …..Ha hah, but thank you”


To Depp’s happy smile, Hal naturally responds with a smile too.


After a short time of joy, Hal searches for weapons again.


“When it comes to swords that can be used by beginners, which one is better?”


“Hmmm, even though you became an adventurer, it doesn’t mean that you learned sword skills. If so, then the sword around here which are durable and light might be good”


Depp recommends a one-handed sword made of metal called light iron, because even if its a high ranking weapon, it will be useless if Hal can’t use it.


“I see…….un, it might be good”


Hal picked it up as he was told and swing it slightly away from Depp.


“As a celebration for your adventurer registration, It’s free. Take it”


“Depp…..thank you! If I can use better equipment, I will come to buy various things!”


Depp, who was laughing happily seeing Hal’s bright smile, was one of the people who knew Hal’s past suffering.


Considering the time when he wasn’t an adventurer, Hal had frequently visited weapon and armor shops not only to gather information on demons and materials, but also to check on weapons.

At that time, interested in Hal who was looking at his weapon seriously, Depp talks with him.

He had heard of Hal’s strong desire to be an adventurer, despite the lack of a gift, and was glad to know that his wish had come true, without knowing what had happened.


“Take care of it so it doesn’t break”


Depp said that with a toothy grin on his face, even though his words are harsh, Hal knew that he cared for him and leave the store with a nod and a big smile on his face.6


The first thing he does after leaving the store was heads to the forest on the east side of the city.

In order to work from a reasonable request in order, he will first start collecting herbs.


“Well then, the medicinal herb is near where the kida tree is”


Normally, adventurers search for herbs blindly, but Hal, who had gathered information zealously, had the knowledge and experience where there are many herbs found.

Because that tree is deep in the forest, Hal goes straight without hesitation.


“Kida tree found―that means near this tree is…..”


When Hal found the tree he was looking for, he looks around the tree. Then, he soon arrived at the place where the herbs were growing.


“Then, without delay……”


Thanks to his repeated study, he already familiar with how to harvest the herbs. He holds the part that is close to the root and cuts it with a knife, leaving the root intact.

By leaving the roots, new herbs will grow from there. Anyone familiar with medicinal plants knows that they can gather at the same place many times by paying attention to it.


“Fuh, with this amount, I think it’s enough”

After finishing the job, Hal stands up and wiped his forehead. Furthermore, he had prepared five bundles for his own use. Once he place them in the bag, he now ready to collect Fluffy Sheep’s horn.


After passing through the forest and heading to the plains, there were squirrel-like7 figure monsters and his objective, the Fluffy Sheep.

He can see the monsters spending their time on the plains.


“Well then, shall I start”


In this request, he can’t use the [Flame Armor] he had used many times.

If he used it recklessly, the grass on the plains would burn.

Above all, the Fluffy Sheep’s wool is burnt easily, so he can imagined that it will be scorched in the blink of an eye and blackened the horns.


“This time, let’s go with this”


Hal’s physical abilities have been enhanced by his level up.

Furthermore, Hal knew the pattern of Fluffy Sheep’s action, and thought that fighting with swords was sufficient.


A fluffy sheep does not harm people unless they attacked it first.

The grass growing on the plains is sufficient for food. Therefore, there are few strifes between them.




After adjusting his breath, Hal slowly approaches the Fluffy Sheeps.


Fluffy sheep, which have a low ability to detect danger to the surroundings, are particularly weak to sense danger from behind.

Therefore, Hal can easily approach it.


“―Sei! Sei!”


Hal swings his sword twice at the Fluffy Sheep’s horn. Then, with the sound of *pakin* the horn breaks and flying in the air.


The horns are a part of the Fluffy Sheep’s body, but its characteristic is that even if it lost its horns, as long as it was cut cleanly, it will regenerated after awhile. That is why it is necessary to be able to collect it well.


“Fuh, first two. With this, I can do it…….next”


The fluffy sheep stopped for a moment and walked on the plain in a carefree manner, probably because the horns were cut off cleanly.


Hal picks up the horns that had blown away and easily obtain two horns from one animal. Immediately after, he approaches another Fluffy Sheep with stealthy steps.


In a matter of minutes, he had gathered the desired number of horns and made some more stock.



Name: Hal

Sex: Male

Level: 1

Gift: Growth

Skills: Flame Armor Lv2, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Breath (Ice) Lv2, Dragon Scale Lv1, Flame Resistant Lv2, Ice Resistant Lv1, Ice Fang Lv2

Blessings: Goddess Sea, Goddess Diona


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  1. 急に絡まれたことにびっくりしたハルがそう言いながら周囲を見渡すと、自身に色々な気持ちのこもった視線が集まっていることに気づく。
  2. 「手ごろな武器を持っておかないとな……」
  3. he calls him ハル坊, which 坊 stands for boy or sonny. I can’t phrase it well so I’ll just use ‘boy’ there.
  4. デップ
  5. This one really messes me up. 自分が言った言葉をオウム返しされ更に、念押しのように強く確認されたため、ハルはやや引き気味になりながら返答する。
  6. ニシシと歯を見せながら憎まれ口を聞くデップだったが、ハルには彼が気遣ってくれていることをわかっているため、大きく頷きながら笑顔で店をあとにした。
  7. リス型

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