Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 7

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Chapter 7


“You…. as I thought, it’s not just that”


Zaus come close to him and whispered, but Hal only shrugged his shoulder.


“Etto, I’ll do the assessment”


As requested by Hal, the receptionist moves on to assess the materials he brought. Hal just looked in silence.


The criteria for assessment are the size and flaw.

Larger pieces often highly rated because they have more parts that can be used for processing.

In addition, the evaluation will be reduced if there’s as much as a scratch even if it’s only small.


Looking at what Hal brought this time, it is from a medium-size Ssalamander, with the horn and the scales at a reasonable size.

And also, Hal only attacked the Salamander once, with the Salamander died due to the impact of the fall, makes many of its scales undamaged which Hal chose and peeled it off.


“The condition of the material is really good….”


The receptionist, who stared at the Salamander’s materials and checking if there’s a scratch on it, looked like jeweler’s loupe1.

As a result, it is judged that there is almost no flaw and the quality is high.


“Well then, there are two horns and twenty scales, so it’s sixty gold coins totalled―is this good?”


“Aa, please”


Hearing the assessment, the surrounding becomes noisy again.

Hal, who had just registered as an adventurer, was surprised to receive a large sum of money.


In this world, there are six types of coins, iron, copper, silver, gold, platinum, and royal2 coin.

When it comes to gold coins, you can only stay for one week at a cheap inn.

For a typical adventurer, earning ten gold coins a month would be a good thing.


“Ne-newcomer and an incompetent porter to boot, got 60 gold coins!?”


Hal was ridiculed as an incompetent porter, but even that felt pleasant somehow. He was delighted by the impression of the surrounding people who had been making fun of him.


“Thank you, well then, I’ll go take a look at the request for a bit”


“Yes, I look forward to be working with you”


Feeling good, Hal receives the money and puts it in the bag, then goes to the request board3.

The receptionist saw him off with a smile on her face.

Looking at the request board, Hal was watched by the surrounding adventurer from a distance.



“Oh, what kind of request are you going to take?”

Among them, only Zaus talks to him in a friendly manner.


“Ah, that’s right. I don’t have a party, I guess I’ll take something that I can do alone…..wait, why are you standing right next to me as if it was natural”4

Hal narrowed his eyes looking at Zaus who was standing next to him as if it was natural for him to do so.5

Hal, who was so excited to be registered as an adventurer, wanted to slowly choose his first request as an adventurer. He thought that Zaus will disagree and tease him by saying one thing after another.6


“Well, isn’t it okay, it’s the adventurer that I tested myself. I’m just a little curious. ….. Besides, you looked like a special guy”


Zaus, who was teasing and laughing at him, speak with a serious expression in the latter half.


“Well…..I’m an incompetent porter after all”


Zaus looking at Hal who said that in a self-deprecating manner, was laughing.

He felt that it was nostalgic for Hal being called that.


“So which one you’re going to take?”

Zaus who had no intention to leave was waiting eagerly for Hal to choose which request he will take.


“Good grief, I’m not going to take such a big request….. let’s take this one. Next is, this, and maybe this”


Due to it is his first time accepting a request, Hal who was excited contrary to his appearance, choose three requests.


“Ho ho, you take your time to pick these kinds of request. Well, the last one is interesting”


According to the A-rank adventurer Zaus, what he takes is a plain requests. Even if you look at all the requests, it’s somewhat boring.


“It’s fine. Because it’s my first time. Then, I’ll go to receive this request. Zaus can go somewhere else”

“He he”

Hal waves his hand as to gently drive Zaus aways so that he can’t bother the request he chooses and heads to the receptionist.

Still, Zaus seemed to be concerned about Hal and was looking at his back toward the reception desk.


“Excuse me, I’d like to accept this request”


Hal submits the three requests that he took from the request board to the receptionist.


“Yes, Thank you very much for immediately accepting requests! Okay, five bundles of medicinal herbs. This is a good choice for people’s first time. Next is, six fluffy sheep horns. This one too, it’s a monster with little danger. The third is…..I see, no, um, it’s good”


When checking the request, the receptionist stopped when she looked at the third request.


“Is it not possible for me to accept this request? There should be no rank restriction…..”


While leaning his head lightly, Hal asks the receptionist while remembering the contents of the paper.


“Yes, there is no problem with the rank. However, the Power Turtle’s7 shell difficulty is a little high……”


Power Turtle―approximately 3 meters in length, a turtle larger than a human being, as the name suggests, is a powerful turtle.

Also, the defensive power of its shell that covered its body is high and cannot be damaged by ordinary weapons.


“Aa, I know. It is usually for B-rank adventurer or higher, right? But, I can get it this time because it has no rank restriction”


The receptionist felt worried, give him a suggestion, but Hal knew it and was still going to take it.


“……Understood. It is the adventurer own risk. You understand that and take it. You seem to be confident of your power, so I’ll accept it. Then, please hand the adventurer card I gave you earlier”


Usually, it is given at the same time when a request is received, but it stopped when the request was confirmed, so the order is a little longer.8




The received card was then placed on a magic tool and the receptionist registers the three requests.

If this registration is made, another person can’t receive the same request, and the holder of the card can check the status of the current request.


“…..With this, the procedure is complete”


“Thanks― N?”


Hal was about to take the card back, but the receptionist doesn’t let go of her hand and bend over.


“Please, come back safely. Because you just awaken you long-awaited power…..”


When Hal looked at the receptionist, she looked and begged at him very seriously.

Even though she knew it was not good to support an adventurer too much, but she wanted to say that by all means, and with that, the receptionist let go of her hands.


“…..I understand, thank you. That’s right, what’s your name?”


Remembering that she had never heard of the receptionist’s name at this point, Hal asked her casually.


“Fu fu, what a strange timing to ask for a name. My name is Alicia9, I look forward working with you”


“You already now but, my name is Hal. Nice to meet you”


The two who laugh softy, shake hands.

After a few seconds of handshaking, Hal left the guild to fulfill his request, and Alicia returned to work.


The adventurers who were watching their exchange were making noises again.



Name : Hal

Sex : Male

Level : 1

Gifth : Growth

Skills : Flame Armor Lv2, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Breath (Ice) Lv2, Dragon Scale Lv1, Flame Resistant Lv2, Ice Resistant Lv1, Ice Fang Lv2

Blessings : Goddes Sea, Goddes Diona


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  1. Loupe is a simple, small magnification device used to see small details more closely.
  2. 王金貨
  3. 掲示板(Bulletin Board
  4. 「あー、そうだなあ。俺はパーティを組んでないから、一人でもできるものをいくつか……って、なんで当然のように隣にいるんだよ」
  5. 当然のように隣で話しかけてくるザウスのことをハルは目を細めてじっとりと睨んでいた。
  6. ザウスがいてはあれこれと茶化されるのではないかと嫌そうである。
  7. パワータートル
  8. 普通は、依頼を受ける際に同時に出すものだが、依頼の確認の段階で止まってしまったので多少順番が前後する。
  9. アリシア

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