Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 6

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Chapter 6


When Hal returns for the procedure, He immediately gathers the gaze in the hall.


“Wh-what is it?”






Hal, the receptionist, and Zaus all had a different surprise reaction.


“Ho-ho-how it goes?”


“That’s right, can Hal register as an adventurer?”


The adventurers asked questions one after another. Curious about the outcome, all the adventurers rushed to Hal and the three of them looking for an answer.


“Wa- please wait a minute! Everyone, please calm down!”


The receptionist who can no longer hold herself back shouts to stop the adventurers. However, her shouts, which are not usually very strong, are not heard by the adventurers.

Can’t stand them keep gathering, with a sigh Zaus stand in front of her.


“Oi, you guys. Don’t trouble the young lady1


Zaus growls in a low voice and glare at them. Getting glared at by an A-rank adventurer, the other adventurers had no choice other than retreating. As the noise yet still to calm down, the adventurers gradually separated from the three of them.


“……Well then, I’ll leave the procedure to you”


Hal who had take a step back from where he watched, said that after the place has calmed down.

That words then make the noise increased.


“―Oi! The procedure you’re talking about, is it about the incompetent porter become an adventurer!? Oi oi, Zaus had fallen so low that he let him win!2 Damn it, I lost!”


Some of the adventurers are betting whether Hal will pass the exam or not and hearing about that some of them are lamenting their lose because doing the procedure is equal to doing the adventurer registration.3




However, Zaus hate that word and he has earned his anger. The atmosphere becomes cold in an instant.


“Zaus, isn’t it okay. I fought with you, and the result has led to my adventurer registration―that’s enough”


Hal replied calmly, so Zaus who was angry scratched his head and back away.4


“Then, let’s continue with the procedure”


“Y-yes “


She rushes out and starts the procedure for Hal’s adventurer registration.

The description of the adventurer is not necessary for Hal, so it goes smoothly.


“Then, please touch the card”


With his finger, Hal touches the adventurer card which is an identification card every adventurer has.

Then, the card emits a faint light, and the registration is completed.


“Yes, thanks for your hard work. Hal is now an adventurer. I look forward to working with you in the future”


The receptionist who watched the battle understands Hal’s power and with the feeling of expectation she had on him, she cheered him on with a smile. 5


“So, this is my……”


Hal who received the adventurer card with a sense of tension was shaking for a moment while staring at it.

He was moved by the fact that he had become an adventurer that he was longing for.




Seeing Hal like that, felt worried the receptionist called out to him.

Hearing her voice, Hal immediately regains his sense and decided to proceed to the next discussion.


“That’s right, I have no money right now, so I’ll be thankful if you could buy this from me. This is, Salamander’s materials”


To gloss over his deeply moved feeling, Hal drops the bag on his back and take out the Salamander’s horn and scales from the bag.

At that moment, the hall becomes noisy again.


“Sa-Salamander!? Such an amazing material! By all means, please let me buy it!”

There is almost no information about Salamanders around this area and the story about it being subjugated is never been heard before.

However, the receptionist could only determine that what Hal brought was genuine.

In order for the material to not be taken somewhere else, the receptionist immediately buy Hal’s materials/6


“Oi, scram, get out of the way!”


It was Hal’s last party member that breaks through the crowd of adventurers.


“Oi, Temee7! What kind of trick did you use! There’s no way someone like you could become an adventurer! Moreover, Salamander’s material you said? That was our prey!”


Other members nodded on the words of the party leader who has an angry expression on his face.

They also bet that Hal would not pass the exam, and they didn’t like Hal selling the Salamander’s material that tried to attack them.


“…..What do you guys mean?”


Once again Zaus tries to stop them, but Hal stopped him by shaking his head.


“You use me as a decoy, report that I’m dead, steal my money and luggage―is there something that you’re still dissatisfied about?”


With clear calm eyes, Hal asks the leader a question while looking into his eyes.

When he was a porter, he seemed to have a lack of confidence, but now he felt a strong sense of confidence from him, and the oppressive leader took a step backward.


“Sh-shut up! I got that because you were dead! Other than that, aren’t you cheeky even tho you cheated to become an adventurer! Even those materials should belong to us!”


The leader, confronted with a sound argument was shouting with a flushed red face., but Hal still looked calm.


“I won’t return it, I’ll live as an adventurer. This is where my adventure begins”


With a strong determination, Hal quietly stares at the noisy leader.

By the word that he said, Hal already felt like that he already become an adventurer.


“Guh, Shut up! Someone incompetent like you should just go back to your shitty parents’ place”


Can’t endure it anymore the leader tries to grab Hal who is different than he was before in the leader’s eyes.

Hal, whose atmosphere suddenly changed grab that hand with his right hand.

The leader was shaken by Hal whose power was different from what he imagined


“……Oi, what did you said just now?”


It was a calm voice with his head slightly look down, but hearing the deep and dark voice makes him shivers.

Until now, Hal has never been angry at being fooled for his lack of gifts or slandered for his incompetent.

It’s still the same even when he got his gift.

However, this time Hal is really angry.


“Go back…..”


“Not that, but the one before”8


Flustered, the leader repeats his last words, but Hal stopped him and take a deep breath.


“To go to your shitty parents’ place….”


“That’s…I don’t care how much you make fun of me. But I won’t let you make a fool out of my parents.”


Hal’s hand, while raising his head and glaring at him, gradually becomes stronger and the leader’s arm making a squeeze9 sound.


“Shit, what power! O-oi you guys, help me quickly!”


Although they were surprised by the change in Hal’s appearance, they begin to pull Hal to tear him off of their confused leader.


“Oi, he can act like a man too, ain’t he?”


But, the one who stopped them was Zaus. He, an A-rank adventurer, restrain the party leader’s friends so that they won’t be able to help him.10


“Guh, Za-Zaus-san, get out of the way!”


“That’s right! Do not get in our way!”


They still try to fight their way through, but they couldn’t do anything because Zaus was glaring at them.


“Fuh, that’s enough. Don’t get involved with me anymore”


Hal, who has enough of the leader’s ridiculed, pushed the leader’s chest lightly when he released his hand and told him that while narrowing his eyes.11

The leader wasn’t pushed that hard, but he lost his balance, staggered and fell on his butt.


“Leader! Are you okay?”


When Zaus’s restraint is released, his friends come together to him.

There are many adventurers gathering around, and they are staring at them.

Some of them whispered and ridiculed the leader and his member.

The leader, feeling humiliated, stood up with a red face.


“Guuuuuuu, oooooooo, I won’t forgive you! You guys, get him!”


Party members pull out their weapons under the leader’s instructions. They also seemed as frustrated as their leader.

Adventurers often have a rough temper, but it is, of course, a criminal act to pull out your weapons in the middle of the guild.

However, they don’t care anymore about the situation and can’t make a calm decision.12


“―You guys, are you serious?”


It was Zaus who asked in an amazed voice.

Adventurers around are glaring at them.

They were thinking that they would not forgive them who were trying to start sword fight at their home, the adventurer’s guild.13


“Haah, who could have thought they were this stupid…. everyone, please don’t interfere. I’ll take care of them”


Hal shrugged his shoulders and sighs on the leader and other members’ actions and was already moving the next moment.

First, he approaches the warrior, Degdaz.

He has an ax on his hand, wearing a breastplate as his armor which makes his stomach exposed.

Hal adjusts his breath and launch his fist with force.

The attack which can injure Zaus, sunk into Degdaz stomach which was guarded by his prided muscle and further burned and blown away by the flame.




There’s a reason why he aimed at Degdaz first.

It was because, while Hal was a porter and a party member, he saw their ability and judged Degdaz to be the strongest of them.

He thought he would prove that it would be reckless for others to take fight him.


“Do you still…… want to continue?”


The leader and his friends stand still with their weapons, stunned as they witness Degdaz, who is quickly knocked down by Hal.

(Seeing that result, do they still want to fight?) Hal asks such a question in his head.


“De-Degdaz in one hit….. Le-let’s run!”


With a dash, the leader rushes out of the guild, breaking through the crowd.

Other members followed the leader with Degdaz on their shoulders.


“Well, I’m totally in trouble―now then, will you resume buying?”


After regaining his mind, Hal returns to the purchase for his Salamander’s materials, but the adventurers were really surprised and chatted about what they saw.



Name  : Hal

Sex        :  Male

Level     : 1

Gift         : Growth

Skills      : Flame Armor Lv2, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Breath (Ice) Lv2, Dragon Scale Lv1, Flame Resistant Lv2, Ice Resistant LV1, Ice Fang Lv2

Blessing: Goddess Sea and Goddess Diona


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  1. Jo-chan(嬢ちゃん)
  2. おいおい、ザウスも落ちぶれたもんだなあ!
  3. 冒険者たちはハルが試験に合格するかどうかを賭けており、手続きイコール冒険者登録ということで負けたことを嘆くものがいた。
  4. This not that accurate. ハルが落ち着いて返事をしたため、ぼりぼりと頭を掻くザウスも自分だけ怒っても仕方ないと鉾を収める。
  5. 戦いを見ていた受付嬢はハルの力を理解しており、彼に期待の気持ちを込めて笑顔で応援する。
  6. 貴重な素材をどこかへ持っていかれないように、受付嬢は食い気味でハルの素材の買取を希望した。
  7. テメー(Temē), it basically means “You!!!” it indicates that the caller is angry/pissed. I put it as is, cuz it’s using katakana. If you have better suggestions tell me in the comment
  8. I know it doesn’t match the previous sentence, I try to match it, but I can’t come up with something decent for the previous sentence
  9. ギリッ(grit)
  10. Aランク冒険者の彼の制止に仲間たちは駆けつけることができずにいる。
  11. リーダーの男に構っていることが馬鹿らしくなったハルはぱっと手を離して、突き放すように軽くリーダーの胸を押すと目を細めながらそう告げる。
  12. しかし、冷静な判断ができない彼らにはそのこともわからない状態だった。
  13. 自分たちのホームである冒険者ギルドで刃傷沙汰に及ぼうとしている彼らのことを許さないと思っているようだった。

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  1. How low and petty can they be, they already tried to kill him to save their own lives, reported him as dead, a d took his stuff. Now they are trying to demand the materials of the monster they ran away from like scared babies, and pulling weapons in town and the guild.

    I seriously hope they get in trouble for this, and word gets out about trying to kill their porter prevents them from getting any others.

  2. I REALLY don’t understand why he’s unable to get his shit back.

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