Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 5

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Chapter 5


In the training center, there is a stage made of round stone where mock battles and examinations are held.


“Hal, what do you use for weapons?”


There were several types of weapons made of sturdy wood for training, and Zaus chose a one-handed sword.


“That’s right….”


He looked at all the weapons in line, for Hal who has no weapon skills, everything was the same for him.


‘Right, a weapon that’s normally use is…..’


“Then, I’ll use a one-handed sword and a knife”


一Hal’s choice was a generally easy-to-use one-handed sword and a knife for small tricks.


“Hou, two huh. Interesting”


Zaus also felt that there was something in the change of Hal’s appearance, so he takes the role of an examiner. That’s why, he who was interested in Hal that chose two weapons, was grinning.


“Are both of you ready?”

After confirming that they have selected their weapons, the receptionist calls out.


“Aa, no problem”


“Me too. Let’s finish this exam quickly”


In response to Hal’s simple answer, Zaus returns the word contain air to provoke Hal.1


However, Hal did not respond to the provocation. He knew that it was Zaus’s plan.


“Both of you please move to the opposite side of the stage….that’s enough, it should be good there. Then ―Let the exam, Start!”


When the receptionist gave the signaled, the exam on Hal’s ability as an adventurer began. The receptionist stepped back a few steps to watch the battle while praying so that Hal would not be blown away by Zaus.


“Now, come at me”2


Wondering how Hal -who always followed from behind the adventurer as a porter- would move, Zaus try to stir him and wait for him to move.


However, Hal kept silent and pondering.


(Zaus don’t know my power. I must utilize that advantage)


When his thought had calmed down, Hal slowly steps forward, gradually narrowing his distance from Zaus.


“…..What are you up to?”


Looking at that movement, Zaus stares at Hal who looks like hiding something.3 However, Zaus who had decided to wait for him to move, only points his sword to Hal and wouldn’t move from there.


When the distance between the two of them is less than five meters, Hal slowly lowers his posture. And in the next moment, putting all of his strength in his legs, he dashed forward in one stroke.


“Ooh, you’re making your move huh”


But seeing Hal who heads straight to him, Zaus still has room to spare.




However, in the next moment, he was surprised seeing Hal whose speeds gradually increasing and reducing their distance quickly. Hal’s body was greatly strengthened as his level increased, and his speed was many times faster than before.




Surprised at the unexpected speed, Zaus reflexively swung his sword down before he slips to his chest, but Hal already anticipated his movement.


“Too slow”


As if ignoring him completely,  with a cold look on his face Hal moves to his next action.4


That’s because Haru had fought more agile Ice Hounds. Even though there was something, after all Zaus won’t be able to tie it together without knowing his gift.5


That difference creates this momentary gap.


“[Fire Armor]! Form!」6


Hal’s body was then wrapped in flame and he tried to attack with the one-handed sword.


“Like I’ll let you!”


Nevertheless, A-ranked Zaus managed to twist his body and succeed in hitting the sword held by Hal in his right hand.


At the same time that Zaus felt successful, he noticed that the response is too dull. That’s where he had a bad feeling. Hal had no intention of hitting with the one-handed sword, so he only held it lightly.


“My favorite is this one”7


And then, while having a thin smile at his face, Hal thrust the wooden knife that coiled in flame towards Zaus. Hal’s [Flame Resistant] skills are applied to his weapons too, so the wooden knife that hit Zaus’ flank without burning out.


It seemed that Zaus had anticipated that too and flung the knife using his other hand.


“Hah! With this, it’s my win”


Zaus said as he felt better because he had prevented his opponent’s attack, but the reason Hal chose two weapons was to divert Zaus’s attention into the weapons.


“―With this, It’s over!”


Hal’s favorite was neither a one-handed sword nor a knife, but his fist. Hal’s fist, with his physical ability that had been improved, digs into Zaus’s stomach.


“That hurts! So hoooooooooot!”


This pitiful voice belongs to Zaus. Surprised that his stomach suddenly felt hot, he dropped his body down and rolling on the floor with a pained look on his face.


“That’s because of the flame ―That said, with this the exam should be over, right?”


Hal asked the receptionist after he wears off his [Fire Armor].


“……Ha! E-etto, is that alright? No, rather than that we need to heal Zaus first!”


The receptionist, who was amazed by the sudden event, was confused by his question and turned his gaze to Zaus, who was rolling around in pain.


“No no, he just making a lot of noises. His body had been trained so hard, so he won’t get injured by just me hitting him a little bit, right?”


Despite his increased physical abilities, it was unexpected for him to react so much to a mere punch. Hal looks at Zaus, who was rolling on the floor, in a daze.


“No no, it’s hot! See, look at this!”


There was a sharp burn in the shape of Hal’s fist where Zaus pointed at, who refuted his words.


“Aa, that, I’m sorry. Well, it will be helpful being recognize by being able to injure an A-rank adventurer. Anyway, those guys outside were hoping to see me got beat up”


Hal shrugged his shoulder at the result that was beyond his expectation, He was pleased to have injured Zaus, albeit only a burn.


“Aa, those guys huh. Anyway … I thought that there was something, but what happened in the week you were supposed to be dead?”


Zaus, whose burn had been treated by the receptionist’s recovery magic, ask Hal what had happened.


“Well, various things. So, do I pass the exam? Examiner-san”


It was Hal’s own conclusion but checked with Zaus just in case. Of course, he avoids explicit statements about his abilities ―he said he wouldn’t want to talk about it because talking about that part would reveal his hands.


“…..I have no choice but to admit it. You’re succeded to land a hit to an A-rank adventurer like myself. I judge that Hal has enough abilities to act as an adventurer ―how’s that? ”


The one Zaus asked for confirmation was not the receptionist, but rather a smiling man that appeared out of nowhere.


“Well, you have shown me something interesting”8


A man showing his soft smile and clapping his hands walked towards Hal and others. He is a handsome man with beautiful silver hair. Hal knew who he is. His name is Guria9 ―the guild master of this guild, he is one of the few people who has the S-rank adventurer title in the world.


He is a long-lived species called elf and has been the guild master of this guild for decades. He has a slender body, but he looked like a veteran warrior and even Zaus seemed nervous.


“You’re name is Hal-san, right. I’m the guild master and I’ve seen your battle just now, you could think of it as something special.10 It was very interesting seeing you play around with that Zaus. I heard that you didn’t have any gifts, but it’s hard to believe after seeing that battle. 一Just….. what on earth happened?”


Even though he wore a soft smile, and ask the same question as Zaus, it felt more oppressive unlike Zaus before.




At the question of the guild master, Hal is silent for a brief moment. Even though he was at loss for words, it doesn’t mean that he can’t say anything, he was just thought of how to answer the question properly.11


The guild master Guria awaits Hal’s answer with a smile. The receptionist watches the situation nervously, while Zaus was comparing Hal and Guria with a serious expression on his face.


“……I’m very sorry but, I can’t answer your question. That’s because talking about my secret will affect my power. I don’t think it’s a good idea to tell it to anyone”


After thinking for a while, without telling a lie, Hal answers Guria’s question.


This time, he selected his words carefully. Because in that short conversation, Hal confirmed Guria’s status. Since he was a former S-rank adventurer, his abilities were of a magnitude higher, but the most noticeable was the skill [Insight].


Hal had information about this skill. In short, ‘the power to see through lies’.


My power suddenly awakens ―if I answered it like that, he might know that I lied. Originally, Hal gift [Growth] already exists inside him.


Then, it could be said that Hal was hiding his power.


However, honestly speaking about his abilities may be dangerous. As a result, Hal thought that the current answer was the safest.


“Hmm hmm, I see I see, instead of lying about your power, you decided to keep it a secret, was what you’re saying. It seems that you know about my power”


Hearing Guria’s words and sneering as if to tease him, Hal felt that he had seen through everything and let out a sigh.


“No no, it okay. Those who are strong and smart are welcome. I look forward to your success. Well then, please excuse me”


Guria left the training hall while waving his hands lightly, and the remaining three let out a big sigh.


“Etto, Hal-san, I have received the guild master approval, so you passed. First of all, you will start from the bottom F-rank, but we look forward to your success!”


The receptionist returns to her original role and announces that Hal has passed the exam. Because she already knows Hal for a long time, she smiled happily like she was the one that passed. She was also concerned about Haru’s power, but she was still true to her duties.


“We’ll go through the procedure, so lets back to the reception desk at once”


Hal and Zaus nod and follow her as she walks in front to guide them back.


hey didn’t yet know what the guild hall was like…..



Name    : Hal

Sex        : Male

Level     : 1

Gift        : Growth

Skills     : Flame Armor Lv2, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Breath (Ice) Lv2, Dragon Scale Lv1, Flame Resistant Lv2, Ice Resistant Lv1, Ice Fang Lv2

Blessing: Goddess Sea, Goddess Diona


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  1. シンプルな返事のハルに対して、ザウスはどこかハルを挑発する空気を含んだ言葉を返す。
  2. 「ほれ、かかってこい」
  3. その動きを見て、ハルが何かを隠しているとザウスは睨んでいる。
  4. すっぱりと切り捨てるようにハルは冷たい眼差しのまま次の一手の行動に移る。
  5. 何かあるといっても所詮はギフトなしだとたかをくくっていたザウス。
  6. 「炎鎧!からの!」
  7. 「本命はこっちさ」
  8. there should be [これはこれは] in this sentence but I couldn’t figure it out how to put it in. If you know please tell me in the comment.
  9. (グーリア) Gūria, if you have better suggestion for his name please tell me in the comment
  10. 今の戦い、見させてもらったよギルドマスターなので、特別と思ってくれるかな。
  11. 絶句しているわけでも、言葉に詰まっているわけでなく、どう答えるのが正解なのかを考えていた。

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