Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 4


Chapter 4


After confirming his abilities and his method to grow, Hal goes up the stairs quietly, avoiding the battle from thereon. He doesn’t know how much time had passed, but when he felt that fatigue had accumulated in his body, the stairs came to an end, and he arrived at a place like passage. There was a fork in the road, but as he followed it with his right hand against the wall, he found that the air had changed along the way.


“Could it be….. the outside?” 1


The peculiar stagnant air inside the cave has changed to fresh air coming in from the outside. As he couldn’t suppress his feeling of being pushed by his throbbing heart, from walking to fast walking, from fast walking to small running― gradually moving from small running to full power running in the direction of air flowing, Hal dashes forward.


“Hah hah……..”


He encourages his tired body and kept his feet moving. He felt that not only the air but the light from the outside was coming in, that the interior of the cave was gradually getting brighter. And then, after the last turn.


“It’s outside!”


His hands are held up to his eyes for an instant, blinded by the rays of the sun. It is now completely connected to the outside and finally, Hal succeeded in escaping from the cave.


“I did it! …….E-EHHHHHHH!?”


After letting out the voice of excitement, it soon changed to voice of surprise. It was a cliffside, and Hal, who rushed out, used all of his power to stopped himself from falling from the cliff. Even though there’s an excellent scenery spread out, his stomach felt cold because he only one step away from the cliff, and Hal felt that his heart was beating in a different meaning than before.2


“Fuuh…..guh, hah, ha ha ha ha ―I’m saved ….”


Managed to pushed his body back and landed on his butt, Hal breath out a deep sigh of relief. The place two steps ahead from where it seemed to be an exit was a steep cliff without a foothold. A slightly stronger wind turns Hal’s thoughts into a calm one.


“This really makes my stomach cold….. it’s only one step away”


When I gently looked outside again, there’s seemed to be a path that connected to the top of the cliff, if I moved somehow by sticking along the wall. Although frightened, Hal prepares to move by sticking to the wall.


“Carefully, carefully, slowly, slowly….”


While telling that to himself, Hal carefully climbs up the wall. It was only after a few hours that he was able to move up from the cliff, thanks to his extremely slow movement. Although Hal was exhausted, he managed to get back to town.


“Fuu, finally I’m back…..”


Hal pushed on his tired body and heads for the adventurer’s guild but notices that the passing adventurers are looking at Hal with a surprised expression. Seeing Hal’s face, they seemed to whisper behind his back and talk about something, but his ear didn’t catch it because of his fatigue, which he would normally listen to, and his desire to go to the guild quickly.




Tilting his head, Hal enters the building of the adventurer’s guild.


“Ha ha ha ha, I’ve accumulated a lot”


As soon as he entered, such a voice came into Hal’s ear. Looking at the owner of the voice, he could already tell who it was. It was the voice of the leader of the party that Hal entered this time. He evaluates Hal’s luggage with a smirk on his face.


“….Aaa, what a relief, it seems they’re safe”


Hal was momentarily hardened to see the leader’s behavior, but the next moment he felt a sense of relief. Despite being abandoned as a decoy, Hal was unwittingly relieved that the party members were safe. However, the feeling seemed to be different for the party members.


”Y, you, you’re alive!”


His party members reacted as if the dead has come to life. Hal once again tilted his head, he knew that he was unwelcome, but he never thought that their reactions would be that cruel.3


“E, etto, Hal-san. Uh, everyone in your party said that you already died, and it has been a week since Hal-san been missing, so the report is accepted. That is why your luggage you left at the inn, etto, it’s hard to say, but it’s already belonged to your party….”


Hal understands the situation after hearing the explanation of the receptionist of the adventurer’s guild who seems apologetic. Since the owner of Hal’s luggage belongs to the adventurers who are staring at Hal in front of them, it can’t be returned to the original owner — that’s what she is saying.


“….Is that so”


Hal hung his head down which made him looked dejected to his surroundings. But the truth is, Hal was surprised that a week had passed, including the time he fainted.


“Ha, hahaha, Isn’t that fine. We’ll make good use of your luggage! Rather shouldn’t you be thankful?”


After seeing the appearance of Hal who kept quiet, the adventurers decided that he was bewildered and took a haughty attitude. Moreover in response, after sorting out his feeling, Hal raised his head and looked at the party leader. That gaze had such a strong light that it doesn’t look like it came from someone who is at the bottom as a porter. 4


“Anyway, if you follow the procedure, the money and luggage are yours– congratulations”


Hal, who wasn’t so bothered by his luggage, laughed lightly and said goodbye to the party leader. Next, he goes to the receptionist who explained the situation. The party members were surprised by Hal’s reaction that they had never imagined, and the surrounding adventurers were quietly watching the developments.


“As you can see, I’m alive. I’m sorry, but can you withdraw the death report?”


While being puzzled by Hal’s calm words, the receptionist tried to fulfill her work.


“E, etto, that, the withdrawal is fine. Um, because the person himself is here, please submit your card for confirmation”


The card she meant is the porter registration card, and with a nod, Hal took it out.


”Is this okay?”


It was in clothes pocket, so it was slightly burnt because of the flames of the Salamander, but could be read with the guild’s magic tool.


“Yes….. Thank you very much. It has been confirmed. But, um, your luggage cannot be return…..”


Although it was difficult to say, the receptionist who clenches her fist tightly at her chest while biting her lips told Hal the fact that she still has to say.


“Aa, I know. Thank you for telling me”


Hal, sensing her concern, smiles softly and thanked the receptionist. His calm demeanor, his self-assured manner, was something of a contrast to Hal’s previous self.


“And then, I would like to register as an adventurer, is it okay?”


That word had enough power to stiffen the receptionist for a moment and make the surroundings noisy. If you’re a regular adventurer in this adventurer’s guild, you would know that Hal was aiming to be an adventurer, but become a porter because he had no talent. And to become an adventurer, the adventurer designated by the Guild will confirm their ability. To have the minimum level to fight, it was the criterion. In the past, Hal had tried, but at that time he had lost.


“Um….. are you sure?”


The challenge which Hal who had no gift take, everyone already knows that the outcome will be the same. 5 Do you still want to challenge? ―The receptionist asked him with concern.


“Aa, this time it won’t be the same.”


Hal grinned. Looking at his expression, the receptionist felt that her body became hot for some reason.


“U, Understand. Then, let’s adjust the exam. Someone to become the examiner….”


“No worries, I’ll be his opponent”


It was an A-rank adventurer who has the top class ability in this adventurer guild. The muscular high body, which appears with a low-pitched voice, gives an overwhelming sense of strength.


“…..Eh!? Zaus-san6 is!?”


”Are there any problems? Naa, Hal. There’s no problem if it’s me right?”


While his heart is beating hard, all the attention is gathered to Zaus who asked the question, and to Hal who was being asked.


“…..Aa, I don’t mind. If Zaus confirms, there will be no complaints”


Hal didn’t expect him to show up, but he agreed to his suggestion. The degree of trust in Zaus ability and personality is deep in this area.7 The receptionist who watched the event unfold thought that he was reckless. Adventurer rank is determined based on ability and achievement. Zaus’s A rank is the second from the top, and is not suitable for evaluating an incapable person like Hal― that is what she thought.


“Etto, if both of you are okay with it, then please go to the training center inside. Please note that the examination cannot be observed by others, so everyone please excuse us”


However, because she is faithful to her work, she shook her head several times to shake off her feelings of disagreement. She decided so because, somewhere in her heart, she was curious about Hal’s confident expression. Following her guidance, Hal and Zaus headed to the training center.


Name: Hal

Sex: Male

Level: 1

Gift: Growth

Skills: Flame Armor Lv2, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Breath (Ice) Lv2, Dragon Scale Lv1, Flame Resistant Lv2, Ice Resistant Lv1, Ice Fang Lv2

Blessing: Goddess Sea, Goddess Diona



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  1. 「もしかして……外か?」
  2. 見晴らしの良い風景が広がっていたが、足元が少ししかないことに肝が冷え、ハルは先ほどとは別の意味で心臓が暴れているのを感じていた。
  3. 歓迎されるまでいかなくとも、ここまで酷い反応をされると思っていなかったため、ハルは再び首をかしげることとなる。
  4. そのまなざしはこれまでポーターとして最底辺にいた人間とは思えないほどに強い光を持っていた。
  5. ギフトを持たないハルが挑戦するのは、同じ結果になることは誰しもがわかっていることである。
  6. ザウス
  7. それほどに、ザウスの実力、そして人柄に対する信頼はこの界隈で厚かった。

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  1. Am I reading this right? They tried to kill him, Repirted him dead and the guild gave them his stuff and do not need to compensate him for doing his job or nearly dying because of their actions because he did not return for a week?

    So instead of facing attempted murder charges, they get free stuff and labour?

    1. To be fair his beta ass isn’t even telling people that they tried to murder him. So at best the guild will be suspicious of them. After all if he won’t say that happened there’s no other evidence of a crime.

      I agree that’s 100% bullshit he can’t get his stuff back.

    2. Hal just thought there is no merit in doing that. He doesn’t care about his luggage either, cuz there’s nothing important in it, he can get it all back with his newfound ‘gift’.

      And rather than making it more complicated by reporting them, he could just get registered as an adventurer like he always wanted to be.

      That’s just my opinion tho, and thanks for reading! (I’m so suck at conversation IRL, that it’s goes to the internet to)

  2. Thank you for the chapter.

    I had read some chapters of this work. When I translate it for reading.

    mcs name instead of ‘Hal’ sometimes translated as ‘Haru’ and I think the name Haru will sound more good. So please think about it.

    1. The MC’s name is written using katakana which is for foreign words or for example english words. So the name supposed to be read in english which why I chose Hal than Haru. But if there are many who suggest I might change it in the future.

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    2. OK. I am fine with it.

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  3. So MC decided to be a beta? Complete p***y? The tool for everyone to take adventage off? Won’t it be better if MC would hang a sign saying: “You can rob ma. Stab me in the back. Discard me. Abbandon like a sacrifice for monsters. I won’t care. And I will worry about you too. So use me like a tool I am!”
    Doesn’t he know that his previous “companions” will be wary of him? Badmouth him? Try to sillince him? Because they will think that he will want to do to them what they did to him (human nature always asume that others think like you, act like you and have the same prioritetes and goals as you)? Even if not they will do the same to other porters or temporary party members as betrayal is the hardest the first time. They will grow numb of guilt and the spoils from robbing their team mates will mąkę them greedy.

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    Thanks for chapter

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