Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 32


Chapter 32

After spending most of their magic power, they decided to take the magic recovery potion and return home to meet at the Adventurer’s Guild the next morning.

The next morning, they met up in front of the guild and stepped into the guild hall.

“Aa, Hal and Lunaria huh. You’re early”

It was Cloud, who had come to the guild earlier, who turned around and called out to them.

“I think it’s not that early though but, everyone aren’t here yet huh…..’

When Hal looked around the guild, the adventurers were sparse.

“Well, there was some anti-personnel combat so it can’t be helped. All the members of our party already wake up but, I’m sure there’s also who’s still tired and asleep”

Cloud says with a bitter smile, shrugging his shoulders. He doesn’t seem to be all that tired himself.

“So…..what about the report?”

Cloud shook his head feebly at Hal’s question.

“We can’t report until all the party leaders are present. I already submit the body of Garbrea and the stone man to the guild and reported it to them, but the reward will come after all the leaders are present. As you can imagine, if it’s too late, we’ll have to be flexible there, but it’s still early”

Hal and Lunaria nodded their heads at Cloud’s words.

“It’s probably going to be a while before the others get here, so why don’t we go over there and talk a little?”

Saying that, Cloud pointed to the table and chairs set up at the end of the guild hall.

“…….Aa, I don’t mind. It’s interesting because it’s the first time I’ve ever sat down and talked to a gentlemanly A-rank adventurer”

“I-It’s my first time too!”

Cloud smiled and nodded as Hal and Lunaria replied in the affirmative, and moved to the table.

“ーーI want to ask you right away, is it correct that the purpose of the two of you is to take down that man…….if you’re good?”

Cloud asks the question, lowering his voice a bit.

Lunaria was so surprised that her body quivered, but Hal, who had a nonchalant face, didn’t show a big reaction.

“That is, I thought I already said it the first time? My goal was to overthrow Garbrea. I don’t think I need to tell you why”

Hal, with a matter-of-fact tone says, didn’t I told you before we enter? Confirming.

“…..Aa, certainly. I thought there must be some grudge against that guy. That time when I just heard about it”

That’s not the truth, is it? Cloud implied as his eyes narrowed.

“How so?”

Hal dares to ask, knowing that Cloud isn’t just listening out of interest.

“After defeating him, there weren’t much significant changes to your expressions. If you’ve killed someone you hold a grudge against, you either have a clear look on your face, or you still have a hazy, unfulfilled lookーーbut the look on both of your faces was about a job done.”

If it’s this much, it’s enough, right? And Cloud stops talking. That’s why he seems to want them to tell the reason.

“Ah, I didn’t pay attention to that……well, even if I deny it, it can’t be helped huh. Certainly, it’s not like we have a grudge against him, and it’s not like we’re on the side of justice too. But, we had business with him. We had to kill him as a result, but that’s about it”

Since the real reasonーーwhich can’t be said that it was Garbrea’s gift of “Dispel” to be the goal, so Hal misleads him this way.

“I see, there are reasons that you can’t say…… Now then, it seems they have come. Let’s go report the request”

Just then, the other party leaders arrived, so Cloud cut off the conversation and stood up.

“……Thank you”

Hal murmured out a thank you to Cloud and followed him.

Lunaria tilted her head, wondering why Hal said “thank you”, but she chases after him, unable to ask him why as she heads off to report with the other party leaders.

“Yes, for everyone to gather here, I give you my thanks. As for the report, we have received it from Cloud in advance. Next is, for everyone to submit their cards, please”

Everyone turns in their cards as instructed by the receptionist woman.

“Let’s see, the two people who defeated the head of the bandit gang were Hal and Lunaria. Also, both of you were also the one who defeated the executive, the stone-tribe man. Also, I understand that it was Den’s party that carried the head and the executive”

For their achievements, Hal’s party and the party that carried the body will receive special evaluation.

“In addition, I heard that it was Cloud who was in charge of the operation, so there is no problem with the others, right?”

The adventurers, including Hal, nodded at the question.

“I have received your consent. Then, I will include that in the assessment as well”

Upon receiving this information, the receptionist starts assessing everyone.

“Well then, please line up in order”

They are then paid based on that assessment.

Hal and Lunaria were paid handsomely for taking down the head and executive alone.

“As a result of accomplishing this request, Hal is now eligible to take the C-ranked promotion exam and Lunaria receive a rank up to D-rank”

The receptionist explains about Hal and Lunaria’s guild ranks.

Up to D rank, you can rank up by achieving a certain amount of results, but when you reach C rank or higher, you will be able to rank up if you clear the tests specified by the guild. That qualification was given to Hal.

“Thank you. For now, let’s take the exam together after Lunaria is able to take the exam”

“Yes! But, I’m glad that I was able to raise to D-rank. …..Fufuh”

By joining the party, Lunaria, who had been able to move up to rank E but not higher than that, stared at the letter D engraved on her guild card and was honestly happy.

“Both of you really are amazing. Hal, who just registered not long ago, and Lunaria, who hadn’t had any reports of successful requests recently……..both of you teaming up was the correct choice isn’t it!”

The receptionist, who had a big smile on her face, had confirmed their performance as adventurers based on their past history, and she was as pleased as she was that the two of them, who hadn’t uddered, were doing brilliantly.

“Yes! It’s thanks to Hal!”

“No, I’m not really……”

Hal looked away, scratching his cheeks in embarrassment as he looked away from Lunaria, who posed adorably, full of joy.

The receptionist and Cloud watched the two of them with a smile.

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