Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

The adventurers disbanded, but Hal and Lunaria did not but instead acting together.

“Well then, let’s get on with it”

Hal unloads his bags and then turns around and calls out to Lunaria.

Not knowing what to expect, Hal closed and locked the doors and windows and kept the curtains fully closed. The lights of magic tools illuminate the room.


Struck by a different kind of tension from the fight, Lunaria replies as she stiffens her body, blushing a little.

The two were in a room at the inn.

What Hal and Lunaria are going to do is to break the curse that has been placed on her, the Minus Skill: Curse of Magic Sealing (T/N: Should I change the “Minus” to “Negative”? The authors use katakana (マイナス/Mainasu) so I just use left it as is. And the other one is the skill’s name “魔封じの呪い”(Ma fūji no noroi), because it can also mean “Curse of Demon Sealing”. The first kanji is “魔” which means demon, devil, evil spirit, evil influence and also the first kanji in “魔法”(Mahou) which means magic, witchcraft, sorcery.)

“Well then, here I goー’An evil curse upon thee. By my life, I release youーCURSE BREAK!'”

As soon as he learned the skill [Dispel], the spell words to use [Dispel] were naturally engraved in Hal’s head.

Several bands of dazzling holy light were released from Hal’s hands as he chanted the spell word for the [Dispel], and they softly enveloped Lunaria’s body.

Essentially, when [Dispel] is used, the entire body is enveloped in light for a moment and the curse on the person is lifted.

However, the light that enveloped Lunaria didn’t subside immediately and continued to envelop her.

“It was the right choice to keep the curtains closed”


There didn’t seem to be any pain or anything like that, but the way the bands of light moved around her body in a circle, Lunaria in question didn’t know what was going on, her tail puffed out softly and she just let out a cry of surprise.

‘Lunaria, the dispel is taking place now…….apparently. Just bear with it for a moment”

Hal calls out softly to her, and Lunaria settles down and closing her eyes as if in prayer, waiting for the light to subside.

A few moments later, the bands of light that had been moving around her body converged in a fast motion to become a ball of light as small as a fist, then popped and dissipated into grains of light.

“ーHow is it?”

Sensing the end of the dispel, Hal approached Lunaria, and at the same time used the appraisal to check her gifts and skills.

“Errr? I feel like something has changed but…..about what that is is, I don’t know how to say it……”

Lunaria is certainly feeling the changes in her own body, but she doesn’t seem to know what they are, and is confused as she looks around at her own body.

“The curse is……seems to be solved. The minus skill has gone. Perhaps, with this, you should be able to use magicー eh, wait, wait! Don’t try it here!”

“S-Sorry! I u-unconsciously……”

Lunaria was in the middle of listening to Hal’s explanation and was unintentionally about to use her magic when a panicked Hal stopped her.

“You were probably trying light magic, but Lunaria’s magic power is outrageously high to begin with. I know you want to try it out quickly, but as expected, it is dangerous here. I don’t mind doing it, but let’s try it out outside” (T/N: Light here is as in weight or small magic.)


Just like Hal thought, Lunaria was a bit impatient, eager to try out the magic as soon as possible. Her buzzing tail was wagging wildly, as if she couldn’t wait.

The sun had already gone down and it was dark, but the two of them walked out of the city with their light magic tools.

“Now then, I wonder if around here is good”.

Hal stopped a short distance from the city, where there was a larger rock.

It was decided that if it was in the shade of a rock, it would be difficult to see it from the city, so it would not be seen for a moment or two.


Lunaria’s nervousness was growing stronger as she thought that she was going to use her magic now that the curse had been lifted. Her tail and ears stand up sharply.

“Lunaria, take a deep breath once. Magic is strongly influenced by mental state. That’s why, use your magic in a calmer stateー look, inhale through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth.

“Ye-Yesh! Suー, haaaaaa” (T/N: Maybe she bite her tongue because of the tension here? raw: 「ひゃ、ひゃい! すー、はあああああ」. Tell me if I’m wrong.)

Lunaria’s tensions finally at its peak, but as Hal urges her to take a slow, deep breath, the tensions are slowly subsiding.

“Un, I should be, fine now”

It was difficult to completely release the tension, but Lunaria judged herself to be able to use magic calmly in her current state.

“Well then, let’s try it out. I’m afraid of the effects of fire on the surroundings if it goes out of control, so let’s try around ice or wind magic”


As she replied to Hal’s words, Lunaria closed her eyes and took another deep breath.

Then, she slowly opens her eyes with a serious expression, as if she had sharpened her mind, and she puts the tip of her wand, which she always uses, in front of her, and utters the name of the magic.

“[Ice Ball]!”

Then, with great vigor, ice magic gathered at the tip of the wand and flew straight ahead as it took the shape of a ball at once.

If you hear only that much, it can only be said as a success.

“A-Awawaw, wh-what should I do…..”

”Ah, you haven’t adjusted your magic power slightly…..”

Even though it should have worked, their impressions were full of surprise and confusion.

What Lunaria just released was [Ice Ball].

Normally, it would be about the size of a fist at most, but it flew away as a giant ball even bigger than human’s head, and when it seemed to fall in the middle of its weight, it froze the ground.

Until now, Lunaria, who had been unable to use attribute magic and could only convert the magic power she possessed into non-attribute and force it to explode, seemed to be unable to fine-tune the amount of magic power.

“But, well, it’s proven that magic could be used with this. Next is, you just need to adjust the magic power you put into the magic little by little”

“U-Um, what should we do about that”

Sluggishly and confusedly, Lunaria pointed to the frozen ground.

The surrounding area is surrounded by lush grass, clearly giving it a bizarre atmosphere only here.

“Ah, it’s not a good idea to use fire magic and have the whole area burned to the ground this time, so let’s wait for it to dissolve naturally” Instead, let’s use wind magic towards the sky to adjust your magic power. Come come” {T/N: is this correct…? raw: ほらほら(Hora hora)

There was no point in lamenting what had been done, so Hal urged Lunaria to use her next magic.

“Wa-Wait, I-I understand. I understand, so please stop pushing my back”

He thought it might be a bit forced, but Hal had Lunaria turn around so that the frozen ground was out of sight.

“Lunaria, when you use your magic, imagine that the magic flows out of your body little by little. I’ll give it a try too, so watch me”

Hal had also obtained the [Fire Magic] skill when he defeated Garbrea, so he shoots a spell at the rock. Feeding off of Lunaria’s failures, he squeezed his magic power.

“[Flare Arrow]”

Pointing at the rock, he shoots an arrow of fire.

The size is the same size as standard wooden arrow. It goes straight for the rock.

And when it hit the rock, it disappeared with a light impact sound.

“Agh, I’ve squeezed out too much magic power huh. Well then, this time…[Flare Arrow]!” (T/N: Squeezed here is like holding back. So it’s more like, “I hold back too much magic power”, something like that.)

Hal uses the same magic again. Then the arrows of fire increased in speed and pierced the rock with a thud.

I see, the same magic can change quite a bit depending on the amount of magic power. This one’s pretty interesting”

“Th-This is quite difficult, isn’t it…….”

As Hal was enjoying his own magic, Lunaria was also practicing her wind magic towards the sky. It’s encouraging and motivating for Lunaria to have him training with her.

It lasted until Lunaria’s magic power was just about to run out.

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