Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

“ーEveryone, are you all okay!”

As soon as the fog cleared, Cloud shouts to confirm the status of the adventurers who participated this time.

“Make sure that each of your party members is safe or not!”

With that said, each of the party leaders makes a roll call.

“We’re all here”

“Mine is fine too”

“Here too”

And in turn, every party leaders are reporting that everyone is there. After that, each party starting their post-combat treatment.

“……We’re alright too”

The one last that reported was Hal. Only Lunaria and the two were safe with no injuries.

“Good, everyone in our party is alright tooーSo that’s the leader of the bandits huh”

After laughing softly that everyone was alive and the operation is finished, Cloud looks down at Gabrea who lies on the floor with looks devoid of emotions.

He knew that the purpose this time, the bandit’s leader, was the former priest, but dare not to say it.

“…..In the last moment, he was throwing something to that dark elf. Because he was doing something suspicious, I finished him to stop himーthat was, completely because of my carelessness”

Hal was able to fulfill his purpose of gaining the abilities, but he regretted that Garbrea manages to pass something to the dark elf under his nose*. (T/N: Right in front of him/on plain view) At the end of his report, Hal clenches his fist tightly, holding back his frustration.

“It can’t be helped. It’s already difficult to stop something before it’s happened in that situationーlet alone to prevent it*. Let’s just be satisfied that you kept his movements to a minimum” (T/N: Not sure of this line. Raw: あの場面で何かされる前にとどめをさすというのも難しい――その何かを止めるというのも。)

Cloud put his hand on the dispirited Hal and comforted him.

“Yeah, for now, I was able to accomplish my objective……”

“You, did you knew?”

Cloud. who always calm in any situation so far, shows a surprised expression for the first time.

“Hahah, you can also make that kind of expression huh. You are always calm, but that kind of human-like expression is also good”

ーAfter a brief moment, Hal laughed seeing the changes in Cloud, his tone is also changing to a casual one.

“A-Aa, well. Rather……did you knew?”

While Cloud still confused, he asks Hal the same question again.

“…..I know that the opponent this time is not just a group of bandits. But still, I just happened to know that, it’s not like I heard it from the guild or entrusted a special mission”

Cloud is probably the one that was given a special mission by the guild, that was what Hal was expecting.

“I see, so it’s like that huh. Because the story about the former priest is a rare story, and because there’s also the chance of the information leaked…..I’m sorry but, keep it quiet from everyone else. Even though he was a former priest, but having clergy as an opponent isn’t a very good feeling, that’s why”

Looking from his clothes, isn’t he a priest? Someone who makes that prediction will show up, but Cloud doesn’t think that it needs to be stated.

“Understood. Anyways, it’s good that the request is fulfilled. That’s enough for now”

Not only the quest, but Hal was also able to achieve his objective, so it’s not necessary to be concerned more than this is what he thought.

“Everyone, let’s return! Bring the two top-brass who were defeated by Hal and others. Leave the rest as is. and contact the town guard later”

Calling out to the adventurers who were relieved that the request is over, Cloud prompts them to make preparations to go back.

The bodies of former priest Garbrea and the stone tribe man Stem who were to be carried were frozen by ice magic.

These two bodies will be carried by an adventurer with an empty carriage.

By doing this, it was said that it will give a plus to the rewards.

Although it was an overwhelming victory, the color of fatigue was on the faces of the adventurers.

“Everyone, for now, let’s just go back. There is a watering hole along the way, why don’t we take a break there”

Cloud suggested, as everyone who was swayed on the carriage and the one who holds the rein looks tired and exhausted.

Of course, nobody was against the proposal.

“I’m more worn-out than expected….”


On the way back, Hal and Lunaria, who ride on Cloud’s carriage, were also tired.

“When fighting against monster, if you know its characteristics, it will move roughly according to the pattern, it’s easier to handle. However, this time, the enemy is a human, moreover, they were in large numbers, furthermore, this is a group of adventurers who have never worked together. There are also many things to worried about, I think that leads to the fatigue”

The one who called out to the two who are exhausted, and also explained that was a member of Cloud’s party.

“I’m sorry for speaking so suddenly. I’m Eishia(エイシア). As you can see, I’m a mage”

Eishia greets by lowering the hood she was wearing. Wrapped in a long robe was, a beautiful woman.

At the time of the trip. he thought that Cloud was a whimsical adventurer, his party member doesn’t talk, and each of them didn’t do self-introductions. (Not sure. Raw: 行きの時は、クラウドが気まぐれで乗せた冒険者だと思ったため、パーティメンバーから話しかけることはなく、互いに自己紹介もしていなかった。)

“No, thanks. I was able to figure out the reason I felt more exhausted than I thought. My name is Hal, and she is Lunaria. For letting us ride the carriage this time, thank you”

To Hal who gives his thanks again, a soft smile float on Eishia’s face.

“it’s okay, we don’t object to what Cloud has decided”

Eishia said while shaking her head slowly.

Whether she doesn’t think pleasantly about it, or that she accepted itーto Eishia’s answer which can be taken as either, Hal only smiled.

“….Aa, forgive me. It’s not like I hate you or anything, you know? Many people who came across Cloud find him amusing, and most of them are weird people so I was a little wary.* But, when I saw you fight and interacted with Cloud, I knew that you are an interesting type of person” (*T/N: Not sure about this line. Raws: 別に嫌だと思ってるわけじゃないのよ? クラウドが見つけてくる人は面白い人が多いけど、変な人も多いから少し警戒していたの。)

Eishia, who realized her words are lacking and corrected it with apologetic looks, shows a smile and laugh.

Never expecting that she was wary, Hal and Lunaria were surprised.

“Fufuh, showing that kind of reaction, you both don’t seem to be bad people. Also, it’s only for a short time until we get back, but nice to meet you”

Eishia once again extended her right hand with the meaning of welcome, Hal and Lunaria shake her hand in turn.

The other members fell asleep due to the fatigue and the shaking of the carriage, so after arriving at the resting place, they once again introduced themselves. They also said that they were wary of Hal and Lunaria as well, the same as Eishia, moreover, Cloud expression was clouded.

Additionally, Cloud party was center around him with the others are all women, a harem party to say. Because there are many women, Hal was convinced that they are extra wary towards man more.

Then, the group of adventurers arrives in the city after the evening.

The report to the guild will be made the next morning, and it was decided to dissolve that day.

Name: Hal
Sex: Male
Level: 1
Gift: Growth
Skills: Flame Armor 2, Breath (Fire) 1, Breath (Ice) 2, Dragon Scale 1, Flame Resistant 2, Ice Resistant 1, Lightning Resistant 1, Ice Fang 2, Charging 1, Shell Shield, Appraisal, Skin Hardening, Strength Strengthening 1, Fire magic 1, Explosion magic 1, Dispel
Blessings: Goddess Sea, Goddess Diona
Name: Lunaria
Sex: Female
Level: –
Gifts: Fire magic 1, Ice magic 1, Wind magic 1, Earth magic 1, Thunder magic 1
Minus Skill: Curse of Magic Sealing

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