Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

*Drip* the sound of water fell from the ceiling, and falls to Hal’s face.

“N, nn….a, ah. It seems I’m back.”

With that shock, Hal slowly opens his eyes, moves his fingers, arms, feet – finally raises his body, and checks his body’s functions in turn.

“[Water mirror start] … After all, the status has changed. ―Fuh, I really got a gift……”

I spontaneously grined when I saw “Growth” in the gift column, which was always blank.

Lastly, Diona motivate and gave me courage, which made me feel more confident about my power.

“Speaking of which, it seems that the wounds are almost healed.”

As Sea says, Hal looks around and confirms that there are no serious injuries.

“As expected the burn didn’t recover completely….. and the hair color changed a little.”

When I used my water mirror as a mirror to check my face, there was a little burn left.

And part of the hair on the burned side had changed from black to red.

Now that I have confirmed myself, I checked the surroundings.

Hal, along with the salamander, has fallen to the lower floor.

When he try to recall his vague memory, he can see that he has fallen quite deep.

I looked up, but the ceiling is gone, and I don’t know how far the darkness continues.

The walls of the dungeon are filled with glowing ore, so the surroundings are bright enough to see.


Suddenly, he realised that he was on something, and when he looked down the cold body of the Salamander was there.

His eyes met the Salamander, and jumped off while leaking strange voice.

“…..I really beat it.”

Because he was desperate and suddenly fainted, he doesn’t feel like he defeated it himself.

However, it gradually gives him a sense of reality when he see the Salamander which he actually defeated.

“―Let just take the horns and scales.”

Salamander’s materials are valuable for making equipment, and they are also traded at a high price even when they are sold.

Hal has been collecting various information about the characteristics and materials of monsters, so he will identify and collect the most expensive materials among the Salamander’s.

“Even so…..”

When he looked at the surroundings again, there was a staircase, and it seemed that it goes up.

“There’s no other choice than to go up from there huh.”

Had already been prepared to die, Hal was calm in this situation. (一度死を覚悟したハルはこの状況にあって落ち着きを見せていた。)

He thought he didn’t have any gifts, and it was revealed that there was a special form of growth gift.

Because of the excitement of “I want to try this power”, He was able to suppress his fears and anxieties.

Then Hal continued to climb the stairs in silence.

He don’t know how many steps he went up, but despite climbing quite a bit, Hal was strangely not tired.

As a result of the level increase, overall body function has been strengthened by leaps and bounds, and no matter how long you climb the stairs, you will not be fatigued.

As he moves, Hal tries his own power.

First, [Fire Armor] ―this literally means the ability to wrap fire around the body and make it look like armor.

“So, I just need to say it…..” (「えっと、えんがいって読むのか……」)

With that image, when the name is spoken, a flame is born and surround Hal’s body.

“Ouh, this is amazing. It’s not…. hot.”

Hal unleashes his fist while being coated by flame. And then, kicking, knife hand and checking body movement. During that time, the flame remained intact. (ハルは炎を身に纏ったまま拳を放つ。そして、回し蹴り、手刀と身体を動かしていく。その間も炎は消えずにそのままあった。)

When others touch the [Fire Armor], they will feel the heat, but Hal’s skill was nullified by his flame resistance.

“I’m glad I had these skills first.”

He mutters to himself, while confirming his ability again with [Water Mirror].

As the name suggests, [Dragon Scales] can produce dragon scales on the body to increase their defense power.

“It seems it can only be used within the determined range.” (「決めた範囲にだけ出すことができるのか」)

If the skill level goes up, it can cover the entire body with dragon scales, but with skill level 1, this was the limit.

The other one was [Breath], but it only allowed him to breath out a small ball of fire.

If it went any bigger, he wouldn’t be able to prevent the burning, and there was a high possibility that his mouth would burn.

Hal who was checking his skills, reach the top of the stairs, the place he arrived to is a small open space. (自分の能力の確認をしていたハルだったが、階段が途中で途切れ、小さな広場に到着したところでそれを中断する。)

“―There’s something here.”

Hal, hidden in the shadow, felt the presence of something in the open space.

The owner of the presence is a monster. He was able to distinguished it from other people because it has a unique atmosphere.

“Let’s try to use the skills that I received.”

Hull confirms the status of the monster by using appraisal.


Race: Ice Hound

Gift: Breath (Ice) Lv1, Ice Fangs Lv1


(My skills is fire, and it got ice skills. It’s perfect.)

As he says so in his heart, Hal quietly creeps closer to the Ice Hound.


When the Ice Hound turns away from Hal, he runs towards it with his skill.

However he could not erase his footsteps, and with the Ice Hound wild intuition, it quickly notice Hal and turned back.

“Damn it!”

Still, Hal didn’t stop and attacked the Ice Hound.


The Ice Hound, perceiving his animosity, opens it’s mouth wide and intercepts Hal with it’s sharp ice fangs.

Hal while clad in fire attacked the monster with an icy body.

Ice Hounds usually attack with [Ice Fangs] first.

Haru, who had anticipated it, slips sideways on the edge of the Ice Hound and thrust the knife to it’s abdomen.

The knife is also clad in [Flame Armor], and it pierces the body of the Ice Hound without resistance.

This knife is a gem that Hal had bought with the money he saved, and it is enough to pierce the scales of the Salamander.

Then, it was natural that the knife would pass through the Ice Hound that obviously had fell down.


Hal makes additional attacks against the ice hound that makes a voice like a weak dog. (まるで弱った犬のような声をあげるアイスハウンドに対して、ハルは追加の攻撃を繰り出していく。)

As his level goes up, Hal’s agility has risen, and even if the wounded Ice Hound tries to escape, he could catches up quickly and stabs it with his knife.


And after that voice, the Ice Hound died.

[Skill: Breath (Ice), and Ice Fang Acquired]

“Oh! I heard a voice in my head!”

Hal’s face shone with joy at the skill acquisition words that sounded like a clear voice, and he activate a [Water Mirror] to check his status.

In it, the skills acquired earlier were listed.

“I can really learn the skills of monsters…..”

I didn’t doubt it, but I could feel the effect of the gift by actually experiencing skill acquisition.

“Alright, let’s fight more!”

Hal, who got really excited, checks to see if there are any other monsters around.

There were several kinds of monsters on this floor, but Hal only fought the Ice Hound.


Name: Hal

Sex: Male

Level: 1

Gift: Growth

Skills: Flame Armor Lv2, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Breath (Ice) Lv2, Dragon Scale Lv1, Flame Resistant Lv2, Ice Resistant Lv1, Ice Fang Lv2

Blessing: Goddess Sea, Goddess Diona


A few hours later, Hal used [Water Mirror] to checked his status.

“The skills level 2 huh…….”

As a result of defeating many of the same enemies, the level of [Breath (Ice)] and [Ice Fangs] had increased to two.

As for [Ice Resistance], some individuals had it, and as a result he acquired the skill.

“Un, the [Fire Armor] increased too.”

In order to analyze when the skill level goes up, Hal chose a battle focused on the Ice Hound.

The information he got from the goddess didn’t show how the skills he gained grew, so he had to analyze it himself.

Judging from this experience, this is the result.

① Acquired skills start at level 1.

② Acquiring the same skills does not increase the level.

③ When acquiring the same skills, a kind of experience value is obtained and the level rises when it reaches a certain level.

④ Acquired skills also accumulate experience in using them and increase in level as well.

“I don’t know if I accumulate experience only by using it, or by using to defeat the enemy….. well, that’ll be for later.”

Since Hal understood everything he wanted to confirm, he decided to be satisfied with the current information.

It’s because he decided that he can’t stay in this place forever.

If he didn’t come back to town as soon as possible and show up in the guild, he were at risk of not knowing what the former party members would say.


Name: Hal

Sex: Male

Level: 1

Gift: Growth

Skills: Flame Armor Lv2, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Breath (Ice) Lv2, Dragon Scale Lv1, Flame Resistant Lv2, Ice Resistant Lv1, Ice Fang Lv2

Blessing: Goddess Sea, Goddess Diona


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