Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

Hal is only experienced in fighting against a monster.

Until the request started, Lunaria was looking for weapons and practicing how to fight with Hal.

They have no problem in defeating general adventurers and bandits, so they can work as a vanguard.

“That’s it! Beat them more and more! Their top brass is probably in the back, let’s finish this fast and head there!”


“Let’s do it!”

To the powerful words of Cloud, the adventurers responded with undaunted yell.

And on the abandoned church floor was the bandits standing by.

According to the scout’s investigations, if you follow along the room to the back, there should be a door there, it should be the place where the leader who he thoughts as the former priest resides.

Hal and Lunaria were gradually approaching the door leading to the back room while defeating the bandits.

Cloud who noticed it calls out to them.

“ーIt’s still too early! fall back a little!”

Knowing Hal’s objective was the leader, Cloud called out to them.

He felt a tingling sensation from the back of the room.

Hearing his voice, Hal and Lunaria who felt something unpleasant jump back from the door in an instant.

Then, the door was blown away in the next moment and three men appeared from inside.

“Ou ou, those cheeky guys really come in groups huh!”

The voice came from the big man who blew away the door.

In this world, he is from a race called Stone tribe(石族), part of their skin is rock, the size of their body is larger than that of the general human race and they are famous for their strength.

“Good grief, just let your body being the only thing that is big. Aren’t your ears hurt?”

The one who said that with an annoyed face was a slender dark elf wearing glasses.

As the word “dark” implies, his skin is black as if his whole body was tanned.

It is a race that is a set with the elf, which possesses the characteristics of evil and shadow.

“Well well, isn’t it fine. Rather than that, to step in my stronghold and hurt my subordinates. There is no way I’ll forgive you”

The one who said that was a man wearing a priest’s robe. It was not hard to conclude that this guy was the former priest Garbrea.

The adventurers who saw his figure became noisy.

Could it be, the one we are fighting are the priest of the cathedral? is what they are saying.

Hurting a priest an insulting them is forbidden in the city.

“ーDo not flustered!”

To help the adventurers who were shaken, Cloud shouts at them.

“Remember, this is an official request from the guild! There is no way the guild would put subjugation on a priest!”

With that words, all of them came to realize it but, still, there are not few of them who are confused about what to do with the man wearing the priest garment in front of their eyes.

“Hahaha, to still not be moving after hearing those words. It can’t be helped, I’ll help you out. Let me introduce myself. My name is Garbrea. ……I was a priest. That’s right, I’m a former priest. I left the cathedral. I have a distrust towards the cathedral…..well, that’s why you don’t have to worry and I don’t mind if you come at me”

Garbrea speaks provocatively with composure.

“That’s how it is, so stop spouting nonsense. Having come this far, saying that you can’t fight against a priest, there’s no way I can just say ‘yes, is that so’!”

Seeing the adventurers who still can’t decide themselves, the stone tribe man was irritated.

“In your case, speaking with your fist rather than your mouth is faster right. Then here we go! [Aqua Mist]!”

The dark elf use water magic. Its purpose was not to attack, but its effect was to create a smokescreen, and so, the room was covered in mist.




Then, at the same time as the room was covered in mist, a loud footstep and the sound of attack could be heard, and a scream followed after.

“Lunaria, hide behind me”


Hal who can predict what was happening, hide Lunaria behind him to protect her and gradually moved forward.

In the chance that he was targeted, he has to make sure that the attacks only come from the front.


After some of the adventurers were killed, it was Hal’s turn to be targeted.

It was the voice of the stone tribe man. The weapon he has was a sword made of cutting a stone. Its size was the same as a great sword. It was swung down towards Hal.

“[Shell Shield]!”

He has been practicing on using [Shell Shield] many times. Its effect is, to create a shield made of Power Turtle’s shell at any short distance.

Moreover, it’s power was high because the shield was fixed in space, so it wouldn’t be pushed back unless the power was considerable. It was supposed to but, the [Shell Shield] was gradually pushed back.

“Ho~u, you did something interesting. I never thought that my stone sword would be stopped by a shieldーbut, you’re naive!”

Adding more power to his attack, the [Shell Shield] was pushed back. He was intending on crushing Hal as it is.

“The naive one is you”

The figure of Hal who snorted with a “fun” was not behind the shield, he had already moved beside the stone tribe man.

“[Flame Armor]!”

He put the [Flame Armor] on his hand, then moved it to his sword, with that he slashed at the stone tribe man.

“Somethin like that wouldn’t be able to cut my bo- Gaaaaaa!”

However, contrary to the man’s words, the stone skin surrounding the man’s body is cut off and reaches the skin below it.


The man trembling in ager try to attack Hal again.

But his movement was stopped by another attack.


That is because Lunaria swung her mace with all she got and aimed it at the stone tribe man chin.


Lunaria, who has a large amount of magical power, putting all of her magic power into that one attack, and blows away a man who can be called a giant.

At the place where he was blown away, Hal jumped and stabbed his sword into his heart.

Being clad in flame raised the sword’s attack power, making it penetrates the man’s skin easily and killed him.

“Hahaha, I-I’ve defeated him!”

Looking at the situation, Garbrea and the dark elf was surprised and widened their eyes.

Among them, the stone tribe man was the only one who specializes in close combat.

He was supposed to be their offense and defense but, his attack was prevented, his defense was also pierced and defeated.

That fact alone was enough reason to make them lose their composure.

“Cloud, quickly!”

It was a surprise to his fellow adventurers too, but when Hal called out, Cloud’s party started to move quickly.

“Lunaria, take this. Our fight is not done yet”

Hal handed a small bottle containing magic recovery medicine to Lunaria.


She knows what that word means, so she drank the medicine in one go.

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