Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 27


Chapter 27

Under the command of Cloud, Hal and the others head first to the ruins in the west.

The other party has a carriage and rides on it.

Hal and Lunaria who has no carriage were decided to share with Cloud’s party’s large carriage.

As they proceeded slowly while vigilant to their surroundings, the groups arrived at the ruins past noon.

It wouldn’t be a surprise attack if they use the road and goes straight to the ruins. So the groups deviated from the road from the middle as to not be found by their subjugation target.

Right now, the groups are holding a strategy meeting around a table in a simply made base away from the ruins.

Leaders, Sub-Leaders, and scouts from each party were present.

“They come in and out every ten minutes. Just looking at them, there didn’t seem to any significant bandits there, and inside I saw some adventurers I had seen. About anyone who looks importantーI couldn’t see any of their top brass”

Anyone who got [Presence Concealment] skill was scouting the target, and among them, this person is the one who is most excellent in covert operations.

“I looked inside but, I didn’t understand what the room at the very far back are for…..but, it was probably a room for dozens of new bandits, I think”

He is another scout, he had a [Telephoto] skill, by focusing his eyes, he checks inside through the window.

“I see… have my thanks. Thanks to both of them, we can now figure out how to fight them”

Being thanked by the A-rank Cloud, both of them look kind of embarrassed when they sat down.

“First is, we will move in first. We have a powerful magician, so we will surprise them by shooting magic first and then enter inside. Everyone follows after that”

Cloud suggested that his party will undertake the most dangerous part.

Many of the participants knew the strength of Cloud and none of them opposed his proposal.

“…..Um, can I have a minute?”

ーThat is, except for Hal.

“What is it? If you have any problems please tell me”

At Hal who raised his hand and speak softly, the gaze towards Cloud turns to him.

But, what else would the low level have to say? their face frowned.

“When you rush in, can we go with you? We have something to do with the head of the bandits…..”

Hal turns his gaze to the ruins and stares at it. It was as if he had found the person who kills his parents.

Lunaria was also holding her fist with a stiff expression.

“…..You seem to have some reason. We won’t be able to protect you, but still, if you’re good with it then I don’t mind”

After thinking for a while, Cloud who felt strong determination from Hal’s eyes gave his permission.

The others saw how strong Hal’s gaze was and nodded saying they don’t mind.

“Now then, the other party should solidify their cooperation with each other. There may be some who want to be the vanguard but, I want you to understand that this will be strategy right now. Their numbers should be large, so everyone should be able to earn some achievement. Don’t be impatient and handle it firmly. Then, the breaking in operation begins”

Receiving Cloud’s resolute attitude, everyone nodded with a meek expression. (T/N: 神妙な = meek? or mysterious?)

After that, they gathered every party and explain Cloud’s strategy.

And then, the time for breaking in is imminent.

Hal and Lunaria will be together with Cloud’s party just like what was planned.

Because it was Cloud that explained about them, no one wondered about that.

“Now then, we will proceed as we had agreed in the meeting. We will move in first. Everyone will follow after”

Everyone nodded quietly and approached the ruins carefully.

The other party was also setting up a lookout, but adventurers of the scouting groups who have an ability to cut off their presence approach them and deprive them of their consciousness.

Cloud’s companion, the magician was at the windows on the side of the abandoned building and the vanguard group was waiting near the entrance.

And then, with a sign from Cloud, the magician broke the window and shot flashy magic inside.

“ーGuwah! W-what is it!?”

“E-enemy attack!”

“Everyone ready your weapon!!”

There are those who don’t understand what happened, those who judge that it was an attack from someone, and those who didn’t know what happened but decided to shout to his friends to get their weapons ready.

There were lots of reactions, but regardless of which one, it succeeded in distracting them for a moment, and when the eyes of the men turned to the windows, Cloud’s operation was already won.

“Let’s gooooooo!”

Cloud’s and his companion kicked the door and enter inside.

Hal and Lunaria also rush inside.

Because Lunaria can’t use her magic properly, she bought a mace that can increase its power by putting magic in it in the city.

Having a high magical power from the start, she can destroy a table by just swinging it down.

Hal was like usual, he enters his enemies bosom and defeats them with a knife or his flaming fist.

“Oo, not bad”

Even though he said that he couldn’t protect them, Cloud was implicitly worried about them. Because he is still responsible for deciding that they may participate.

But now that he knows that his worry is just needless anxiety, he decided to focus on his own fight.

“Lunaria, just do it to the extent of intercepting them. Our objective is the former priest. Be careful not to lose sight of our objective by being caught by small fry!”

“Y-yes! I understand!”

Until now, Lunaria has never been able to fight decently. However, she can now fight with the weapon that Hal has chosen.

Therefore, Hal told her to not be drawn in by the fight.

Lunaria, who is completely absorbed in the fight, shakes her head with Hal’s warning and reminds herself again of their objective.

Their movement was the best among the participant this time, defeating their enemy inside one after another.

They were still inferior to Cloud and his A-rank party, but the results are adequate.

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