Can I become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

After hearing a series of stories at the church, Hal and his friends return to the inn to organize the situation.

“It looks like the church was in a various mess, but what we need to do is simple. We’ll catch that former priest and somehow dispel Lunaria’s curseーthat’s it”

“That’s, true…..but, would it work that well?”

Hal had already decided on what to do, and being told flatly, Lunaria felt really anxious.

As far as what they saw with the men who appeared at the church, the former priest has many subordinates.

A request was made to the adventurer guild to defeat the bandits led by the former priest.

However, if it is requested that the bandits to be subjugated, it is possible that they will be a group of a certain size rather than one or two people.

Therein lays whether they could achieve Hal’s objective like he mentioned earlier or not.

He could get the Dispel or not dependent on whether he could catch him first.

Lunaria was worried about that.

“Lunaria, don’t worry. We’ll manage it. If it doesn’t work this time, the possibilities are still there spread wide in the world. That’s why, if that happens, you should just look for the next one.

“Wha……that’s, right isn’t it!”

To Hal who said that gently with a soft smile, smile naturally showed on Lunaria’s face. Her tail also swayed left and right to express her feelings.

Hal who noticed that, decide to not mention it, he was happy to say that he was able to eliminate Lunaria’s anxiety.

Two days after that, Hal and Lunaria lived in the city collecting information while looking at equipment and items, and on the third day, a request to subjugate the bandits was officially announced.

No rank restrictions were set and Hull and Lunaria were able to participate without any problems.

Because there were no advanced payments and the reward are based on their performance, no one complained loudly about the participation of Hal and Lunaria who has a low rank.

The content of the request is to subjugate the bandits who had the ruined church in the west as their base.

ーAll of them must be suppressed, regardless of whether they are alive or dead.

That was the content of the request.

Although it was labeled as bandit subjugation, in fact, it was actually for the betrayed priest, and also for the clergy and adventurers who supported him, that was the truth.

However, few of the participants knew what was behind the request.

“ーThe number of participants is surprisingly small”

Hal murmured after checking the surroundings.

“Certainly…..I think one of the reasons is that the rewards are not that high, even so, it’s really small”

It was said that the scale of the bandits is large, honestly speaking, it would be a difficult request unless there were several parties.

But, it seems that few people, including Hal, are interested in this request.

“Including us, there are only five parties here……this will be pretty tough”

Hal and Lunaria are only a two-man party. In that case, there are actually four parties and two people, so it was quite severe in terms of fighting force.

“Hmm? It should be okay. I mean, they are bandits, right? If those people are there, it wouldn’t matter”

It was one of the adventurers who participated in this request who spoke to Hal who has a bad feeling.

He was a human who’s a little thin with a frivolous smile on his face.

“Those people?”

“Aa, look there. It was those people who are clearly wearing good equipment”

As he pointed out, he could see at first glance that they are wearing strong equipment.

“Aa, now that you say that. If it was converted to money…..”

Hal looks at their equipment and begins to calculate how much it would have cost. Most of its prices can be found by looking at the equipment from his experience when he was a porter.

“O-oi, don’t stare too much. Rather, you know the value of their equipment?”

The male adventurer hurriedly stops Hal by grabbing his shoulder.

“Aa, I see. If we use gold coins then……”

When Hal was about to say the price, the man covers Hal’s mouth.

“It’s good already! You don’t need to say the price!! Rather, being able to prepare that kind of equipment means that they are able to earn that much. In summary, those guys are pretty strong…..they are probably an A-rank party, right?”

Worried that Hal might say something extra, even though he didn’t know about that party, he judged them from their equipment.

Hal then looks at them again, but this time, he tries not to turn his head too much so he won’t be noticed by the manーand this time use “Appraisal” on them.

“ーThey are certainly strong. Probably better than the other parties”

Feeling that this time he didn’t look at their equipment, the adventurer man who asks Hal looks surprised.


Lunaria speaks to Hal with a soft voice as to not be heard while pulling the hem of his clothes. However, it didn’t work.

“…..What is it?”

“Hey, could we talk for a bit?”

The man who spoke to Hal earlier distanced himself, the reason was that Hal’s shoulder was lightly tapped and called out from behind him.

“Eh? Aa, the one participating this time”

He was surprised for a moment but replied back pretending to be calm. Lunaria was uneasy thinking whether they were found out staring at them earlier.

“Aa, My name is Cloud(クラウド). My rank is A. This time, I’m participating in the same request as you”

The man named Cloud has a cool looking face with long hair, with his toned body, he looked like a veteran swordsman. On his waist, he carries something that looks like a sword.

Saying he is an A-rank adventurer, he is somehow different from Zaus who likes to play around, he is a serious person.

“Aa, nice to meet you. I’m Hal. I’m a D-rank”

“Err, I’m Lunaria. I have just become E-rank”

Even when he heard that the two were low rank, he didn’t change his expression.

“I see, our party seems to have the highest rank among the members who participated in this time, so I plan to have our party play the central role. However, since this is a joint member-only for this request, you guys should just fight the way which is easier for you”

With a gentle squinting eyes and soft smile, Cloud said that.

Cloud has a high rank, and yet he responded to Hal and Lunaria, the low-rank duo, without changing his attitude.

“That helps a lot. We just got together recently, we are not used to cooperating with other people so it would be difficult for us to move”

Hal also replied so as not to be rude.

Unlike when he talked with Zaus, his way of speaking naturally become polite.

“Aa, please to be working with you”

Other adventurers were watching the interactions and they also agreed with Cloud.

And with that, Cloud naturally takes command of the request.

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