Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

“I’m Hal, an adventurer. I was listening to your conversation with Father Goul but, no matter how you look at it, you guys are the bad one, right?”

The man who suddenly hit him, and the man whose subordinates are searching around the church without permission.

It was clear that the acts of the men were not praised worthy. Hal stares at the men and questions them with a sharp voice.

“Damn it! Le-let me go!”

Hearing Hal’s sound argument, the man tried to free his hand by moving it with all his might, and at that moment, Hal let go his arm. As a result, the man loses his balance and stagger.

“Wh-what do you think you are doing!”

At the man who yells at him, feeling unpleasant that the situation doesn’t go his way, Hal just dropped his shoulders and said “good grief”.

“No no, because you told me to let you go, I just did exactly that. …..You’re a man with many requests huh. Rather than that, doing violence inside a church, and forcibly searching around without permission, is bad behavior, don’t you think?”

“Hah! Don’t stick your head when you didn’t know anything you bastard! We got the order from the priest!”

Hearing his words, Hal looked at Goul’s face.

Then, Goul with a dark expression on his face nodded weakly, affirming the man’s words.

“ーWith that said, the one who was in the way is you! Now move!”

Even when told that, Hal won’t move away.

“I see, so you searching around the church is legal. However, It’s weird for you to hit the Father. It’s not justified for you to hit the Father with him getting in your way only to that degree”

From the time he was listening to it, he thought that there was something strange with Goul, but for the time being, he returned his sight to the man in front of him, and Hal glared at him.

Before he knew it, those who were searching the church had begun to surround Hal.

“Ou, you guys, this guy is getting in our way. Don’t let his cheeky mouth beat you, now get him!”

Everyone attacked Hal with the signal of the man who became bullish as if the situation had reversed.

Goul, Sister, and Lunaria who were watching the situation screamed and closed their eyes.


However, it was the leader man who screamed.

“My bad but, but there’s no way I’m going to deal with every one of them. If you want to return safely with this guy, get out of this church right away”

From the start, Hal was only thinking about crushing the leader.

As he approached the man with a quick dash, he grabbed his chest and lifted him, furthermore, he showed the flame that came out of his hand.

In his experience, if he was able to control the leader or the strongest in the group, he could make them obedient.


The man screams. And then, trying to do something about the situation, the man subordinates unsheath their swords.

“If you try to do something, just think of his life as already gone”

“Y-you guys, stop! We-we’ll withdraw!”

The man who realizes that Hal’s eyes are serious, hurriedly orders his subordinates to withdraw.


Haven’t been able to search the church, one of his subordinates who reluctant to leave empty-handed tried to argue.

“Shut up! Don’t mind that, let’s just returned quickly!”

However, his refusal was not heard and the men fled to the front.

In anticipation of this happening, Hal had been releasing the man’s hand for some time now.

After confirming the men have left the church completely, Hal returned back into the church.

“It was my bad for interruptingーis it okay to do that? For now, I would like you to tell me about the continuation of the previous story and about those guys behavior”

Hal used to speak in honorific with the Father but returned to his usual way of talking because of the interaction with the men just now.

“Y-yes, thank you. That was a really big help! Let’s talk in the previous room. ……Sister, please lock the door. I’m sorry, because what happened just now, there’s no other choice than to talk about it”

Without mentioning Hal’s tone, Goul returns to the reception room while expressing his gratitude.

Sister nodded quietly, guided the visitors, locked the entrance to the cathedral, and immediately chased after Hal and the others.

“ーWell then, let’s hear what you have to say”

Hal urges him to talk, but Goul thinks for a whileーfrom where do I start? Is what he was thinking.

“It would be helpful if you could tell me from the talk about Dispel…..”

Hal proposes, thinking of helping him a little. Lunaria was sitting while feeling nervous.

“That’s, right. I’ll start the explanation now…….either way, it will lead to the story about those guys”

Goul raises his face and opens his mouth after decided it. Hal nodded with great interest.

“……The men earlier were, belong to a priest who used to be in the cathedral. They said they came on the order of the priest, but to be precise, he is a former priestーhe is still a priest because the procedure has not been completed yet…..anyway, there seems to be something that the former priest is looking for, it was said that he has been rushing to several churches recently”

Hal remembered, the one that order those crude bunch was a priest.

Lunaria seems to have the same idea, wondering why the priests are in that situation he tilted her head.

“The reason he was a former priest was that he was exiled from the cathedral. They can’t revoke his qualifications unless they go through a formal procedure, so even now he is still a priest, but……It seems that he is gathering the city’s thugs and adventurers without a job to form a bandit-like group”

It is unbelievable that a clergy falls into a bandit, so both Hal and Lunaria stunned and lose their words.

“This leads to the ability of Dispel. The owner of one of the few Dispel Gift-that’s the priest Garbrea(ガーブレア)”

Hearing that, Hal scratches his head.

Even though it might cost a little, Hal knew it might be easier to break the curse by finding the owner of the ability.

However, please tell me that the person in question is dressed as a bandit. Understood. He can’t say that.

“…..Are those guys just gonna be neglected like that?”

Isn’t there anyone thinking of dealing with them? Hal was worried about that.

“In the near future, his priest’s qualification will be completely deprived, so they will ask the adventurer’s guild to defeat them(bandits). So that’s why they wanted to know what he was looking for while he still qualified as a priest”

In this city, the clergy was treated as high-ranking, even with the rank one father in the church, priests’ status is higher, creating this domineering situation. (T/N: *dizzy, these sentences are really hard for my lowly brain. There’s 聖職者(Clergyman), 神父(Father/Pastor?), 司祭(Priest), in this sentence which I’m not so sure if it’s the right translations. Raw:  この街では聖職者たちは、地位が高いものとして扱われるが、一聖堂の神父よりも司祭のほうが地位が高いため、このような横暴な状況が作られることとなっていた。)

“If so, if that request shows up, we will also participate. At any rate, we have to defeat that exiled priest…..”

At Hal’s sense of justice, Goul face turns bright.

However, Hal’s intention was not for justice at all, he just wanted to do something about Lunaria’s curse.

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