Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

Because they went to bed early last night, the two of them who were refreshed goes to the churches on the east side of the city straight away.

“S-somehow I feel nervous”

“Is that so? We’re just going to listen to what they are saying, and if they don’t have the power we need, we just go to the next one”

Lunaria was anxious about going to an unfamiliar place, and Hal was calm, both of them were walking with the opposite feeling.

Because they depart early, there are few people on the road that makes them immediately arrived at their destination, the church.

The area around the cathedral was so quiet that it was hard to tell if anyone was inside.

“I-it’s here, right”

Lunaria, who was nervous, stared at the door while holding her hands on her chest as if to hold down her beating heart.

“Excuse us, is there anyone inside?”

Unlike her, the calm Hal knocked on the door and called in.

Lunaria had tried to calm herself by taking a few deep breaths, but Hal’s action was faster than what she expected, making her waiting impatiently for a reply just like that.

The door soon opens and a man like a priest showed up.

“Good morning. Is there anything you need with the church?”

The man, who smiled with a gentle smile was a human, with a slender build. Wearing a long clergy like robe.

“Errr, there’s something that we’d like to ask”

Because it was his first time meeting a clergy, Hal is careful about his language.

“Yes, then please go inside. ーDo you want to talk one by one? or together at the same time?”

In response to the priest’s question and constant smile, both of them look away.

And then, the two of them looks at the father(神父) seriously and nodded their heads.

“Then, together please”

“Yes, I understand. Then, we will not use the confession room, let’s go to the guest room”

Guided by the father who slowly began to walk, they entered the cathedral and was further guided to the guest room at the back.

After the priest arranges the tea and teacakes, he began to talks.

“Now then, let’s immediately listen to your story. Please do not hesitate to talk to me. Of course, I won’t tell it to others so you can rest assured. …..That’s right, I forgot to tell my name. My name is Goulbart(グーラバート). Please call me Goul”

The three people facing each other across the sofa.

Hal was the one that opened his mouth next.

He thought that it would be better to explain himself because it was a story that included Hal’s ability.

“My name is Hal, and she is Lunaria”

Saying that, the two gently bowed their heads.

“It’s a bit hard to talk about it, if it’s alright, I want you to hear it on the premise that it is a story that includes imagination or expectation?”

At Hal’s serious words, Goul nodded slowly.

“Of course. Please speak in a flow that is easy for you to talk”

With his permission, Hal talks little by little while hiding his abilities.

Lunaria can’t use magic well.

Both of us were in a party of human and was facing a difficult situation.

Then he learned that Lunaria was being cursed by magic sealingーhe explain like so.

“Fumu fumu, a curse is very interesting…..err, forgive me. It was my imprudence”

Talking about the curse as interesting to a worried person was not a good choice. The priest apologizes with an apologetic expression.

“N-no no, don’t mind it…..!”

Lunaría, sitting with a stiff look, was still nervous and afraid.

“Then, I’d like you to introduce someone who has the power to dispel the curse but…..”

Seems to expect Hal’s words, Goul wrinkled his eyebrows.

“……Is it, no good?”

Looking at Goul negative reaction, Lunaria asks him.

“Well, I hope you don’t misunderstand, but as a church, we want to lend power to those who relied on us as much as possible. We will get some money in the form of a donation, but there’s no lie in our desire to help…..but”

Goul shook his head with a troubled expression, and saying until there, his words become muffle.

“……Could it be, there’s no one that has a Dispel Gift, like that?”

To Hal’s question, Goul nodded after thinking for a bit.

“Yes, accurately speaking, there is none right now, I wonder if that’s the correct way to say itーthere was used to be. Although in the central cathedral…..Dispel ability are rare, their power is really helpful and was dependent by everyone. And because of their personality, everyone longed for them”

But Goul expression while explaining was somewhat harsh.

“Where is that person right now? Do they go to another city?”

This question seems to be painful for Gora, and his expression is not good.

“That is……that person, abandon this city, that”

At that moment, the door was open with a loud noise.

“ーFather! Those guys!”

It was this cathedral sister who jumped in. Her hair was in disorder, and with a ‘haa haa’ she seemed to be out of breath.

“Again……excuse me, everyone please wait me”

When the father stand up with a bitter look, he leaves the room.

“Did something happened?”

“Ee…..I’m worried”

The sister was panicking, and the father seemed to be a little irritated.

Looking at the situation, the two can’t help but ended up being worried.

They were told to wait there, but they couldn’t expect to listen to that, so they follow the father and sister.

“ーOi, get out quickly!”

Screams could be heard as they turn the corner in the corridor.

Hal and Lunaria take a peep and there they saw many bad men.

They didn’t look like people who goes to church.

“There is nothing here. You will only disturb visitors in the church, go back!”

Goul responds to the man with a resolute attitude.

But the man who seemed lost in anger seemed not to hear Goul’s words.

“Shut up! Because it wasn’t anywhere else, so it should be here! …..Oi, you guys, look for it!”

The men around the man begin raising havoc.

The sisters and the visitors in the cathedral are trembling with fear.

“Sto- please stop!”

“Shut up!”

A man beats Goul who came out to protect the people.

The priest falls with his butt, but the man tries to do a follow-up.

“ーYou better stop it”

However, the man’s fist was grabbed by Hal. No matter how much the man try to push it, there was no sign his hand will move at all.

“Wha……Wh-what are you doing you bastard!”

“You are….”

The man shouts in resentment and Goul who was surprised looking at Hal.

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