Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

The shop that came to me with the introduction of the landlady was called “Golden Flavor Pavillion” which was mainly a noodle dish shop, but said that there were many other dishes.

“ーYeeess, welcome!”

When they entered through the opened door, they were greeted by a shout.

The voice was coming from the shop owner, a dog beast kin. When they looked inside, start from where the shop owner is, the shop has a clean atmosphere.

“Yes, welcome. Is it for two people?”

“Ee, is there any available?”

The one who ran and smiled sweetly to them was a beast kin woman.

She is serving in this storeーin other words, a waitress.

“Yes, because the busiest hours had passed, you can choose the seat you like”

The waitress answer, sweet smile plastered on her face. The response was a very favorable one, Hal and Lunaria happily went to the seat near the window.

When Hal and Lunaria had decided what to eat, they order noodle dishes and some dishes that are recommended by the store.

“….It seems I was very tired. After falling upside-down on the bed, I never thought that I wouldn’t move until night”

Lunaria let out a troubled laugh with her hand on her cheek, feeling sorry that she was late for the appointment.

“It was the same for me too. The fluffy bed feels nice……and when I notice, it was already night. I’m not used to traveling on a carriage. Someday, I want to have a comfortable carriage of our own”

“Ah, sounds good! You can put a fluffy cushion on the seat! Also, I want to give the horse a name! Putting a party mark on it is good too!”

Lunaria happily remodeled the carriage inside her head.

“Hahaha, that’s good. I want to manage the wheels somehow. I hope I can do something with that shaking…..”

Hal laughs as he got hooked by Lunaria who was having fun. Let’s do this if we got our own carriage, is what he was started to think.

After a short time, the dishes are brought in order.

When the two put the fried flying pig inside their mouth, both of them went silent for a moment.

Then, with a *munch munch* chewing sound, they start to eat in silence. With their hands not stopping, they quickly empty their dishes.

Both Hal and Lunaria staring at the plate with a regrettable expression, enjoying its aftertaste.

“ーIt’s really delicious…..even though it is the first time I eat fried pork, the gravy is more juicy and delicious than I had imagined. How to say it, it seems like the concept of fried food has changed”

“I know! Such delicious fried food is the first for me too! What should I do…..”

Hal nodded and sympathized with what she said.

What should we do now, do we ask for another one? ーBoth of them were running into that problem.

Although they were both troubled and groaning, their thoughts were interrupted by the next dish being carried, and their focus moved to the next dish.

The main noodle dish was also excellent, and when they finished eating their stomach was in pain, but there was no regret in their faces.

“How about an apple cake for a dessert after a meal?”

Feeling moved they are able to find a shop this satisfying so far, they can’t resist the suggestion of the smiling waitress.

By the time they finished eating everything, the other guests are already returned and they were the only ones left.

“ーNow then, what did you like to hear?”

The waitress who get along with them just now sat on the table and listen to their story.

Her name is Mina, she is the owner’s daughter.

She joins in listening to Hal and Lunaria’s story, of course, it was with the owner’s permission.

“Aa, this is a city where clergy gathered, right? There are several small churches everywhere, and a cathedral in the center. Is it possible for us to enter such a place normally?”

Mina is younger than Hal, that’s why she asked him to stop with his way of speaking and stops with the honorifics.

“Let me see, most of the places are crowded so you have to line up to enter, so I think it will be okay. Many people come for consultation, baptism, treatment, et cetera. Only the cathedral need an ID to enter, you are an adventurer, right?”

When mina tilted her head while asking, the two nods their heads.

“If it’s like that then I think it will be okay. “By the way, why do you want to go to the cathedral?”

At the casual question of her, the two look away.

Just like Mina had said, they mostly drop in for a consultation, baptism, treatment, et cetera.

Other reasons include donation or recruitment or aiming to become a priest.

However, doesn’t look like to be any of them.

“…..Aaa, well, that is a little. If I have to say then, there’s something that we need to consult”

Haru was troubled on how to answer her.

“I see, there seem to be various circumstances. But, if it’s like that, I’m sure it will be okay. Many of the people in the church are like to talk, consultation is definitely welcome”

Listening to her, she seems to have a lot of experience with it, and as if she just remembered something, she smiled.

“A, but but, many of the people of the cathedral are stiff, and because it’s always crowded, I think it would be good for you to be prepared for that”

This is also coming from her experience.

Mina was once decided to go to the cathedral, she goes in the morning, but the time she was able to consult was in the afternoon.

“I see, then, let’s go to the small churches first and if nothing works, then shall we go to the cathedral as last resort?”


Because it was for Lunaria’s own good, she smiled as if she could finally break away from her unfortunate situation.

“……I don’t know what your purpose is, but if you decided to go, then the churches on the east side of the city are good. Occasionally the cathedral will come there, so maybe you could gather a lot of information.

Instead of listening to their worries deeply, Mina advises them with a smile to help them even a little.

Hal who heard it smiled for her consideration.

“We heard something good. It’s a big deal to heard about the cathedral without going there first. If can, we need to confirm if there was someone there who has that…..”

Hal muttered, with a grin and a laugh, e looks like someone who was plotting something evil.

“Go-good luck. Then, I’ll excuse myself…..!”

Mina, whose expression seemed scared, stood up and hurried to leave and return to the kitchen.

“Well then, we’ll tour the churches tomorrow!”

“Aa… would be good to sleep early today. It seems I’m still tired”

Pleasant drowsiness came after their appetite is satisfied.

After confirming his body’s condition. Hal thought he needed more rest.

Lunaria who nodded stood up together with him.

They paid the bill at the entrance, looking at the reasonable price they were surprised, but that was another story.

After returning to the inn, they once again laid down on their bed.

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