Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

When we arrived at the relay point, everyone started paying the coachman. Looking at all of us, he waved “Then, we’ve arrived. I already got the payment, next, you can do what ever you like.” After hearing that, everyone nodded and started to go their separate ways.

Walking forward, Hal suddenly felt a touch on his arm, turning he see’s Lunaria with her trademark puppy eyes,  “Hal, where are we going now?”  The destination Hal mentioned was just the city of Maul, but only Hal knew what he wanted to do from here.

Smiling at her, Hal responds, “For the time being, let’s search for an inn. After let’s get some lunch, and finally, when  that’s done, we’ll look for someone who can break the curse. ”

In this city, clergymen and those who want to become clergy gather. That being the case, one of them might have Gift of Dispel. Was what he thought. For that reason, Hal confirmed the ability of the passersby by appraisal.

Hearing Hal’s words, Lunaria giddily trails off while asking, “That way, my power……” Hearing her question, and her pent up excitement, Hal nods “Yeah, you should be able to used it normally. Well, I think that if you can master that ability, you will definitely have more power than before….”

But still, until now, not only the ordinary people, but clergy was also seen, but none of them had the Gift of Dispel. Not giving up, Hal brings the topic back on track,  “…..Well, first of all, accommodation and meals. I’m tired of being swung inside a carriage, so I want to relax a little on a soft bed.” He said wearily.

Hal’s butt sought rest after a carriage trip that wasn’t comfortable…. And that was a very mild understatement. Hearing what he said, she also nodded her head and tiredly replied,  “Aaa, I understand. I also want to take a little rest…..”

Lunalia was sitting on her tail, so her butt was less affected, but the roads that were not paved were still shaking and the burden on her body is heavy.

The two head to the town’s inns to rent a room. Lunaria also had some money, so she paid for herself and stayed in the room next door. With a tired smile, Hal stretches and looks at Lunaria, “Well then, let’s take a rest for a while and go to a meal in the evening.”

With a sleepy nod, Lunaria yawns, “Yes, then, good night” The both of them already had a quick lunch in the carriage and were already ready to sleep in a comfortable bed.

And for that reason, they chose an inn with a slightly higher rank. Although not a luxury inn, they chose something close to it, and had a fluffy bed as Hal wanted.

“Well then…..good night” Even though he was alone, Hal greets out of habit, taking off his clothes and dives onto his bed. Around this time, the climate is mild, and Hal that was tired falls asleep without catching a cold without putting on bed cover.

In the next room, exactly the same scene was unfolded with Lunaria. Then, as the rising sun gradually fell, the sky turned red at sunset, and when the sun was completely down, Hal was the first one to wake up.

With a twitch, Hal bolts awake, “ーHah! ……Aah, the inn huh. It’s already dark outside….” When Hal notices that he overslept, he wakes up and looks up vigorously to check his surroundings, confirming the current situation. “The time flew by faster then I thought….” Hal scratched his head feeling troubled. He seemed so tired that he sleep until dinner.

Feeling it couldn’t be helped, he grunts, “Heave-ho” After getting up from bed, he washed his face using the water magic tool provided in the room. Many of the cheap accommodations do not have such facilities, but the accommodation where the Hulls are staying were well-rounded.

Putting his clothes on, Hal leaves the room. Heading to the room next to his. When he stood in front of the door and was about to knock, a rushing noise could be heard from inside. “Hawawaa! I-it’s already this late!? W-what should I do! I have to prepare quickly!”

Inside, Lunaria who was just woke up, was impatient to get ready. “Clothes! I have to wash my face before that! Ah, but it’s better to called out first! Co-could it be, he already went first!?”

All those were heard by Hal who was listening in front of the door. He then decided to call out quickly, as Lunaría may injure herself if she was in a hurry. Hal knocked slightly loudly, because he thought that a light knock would not reach the frantic Lunaria.

“Lunaria, it’s Hal. You don’t have to panic” But despite his intentions, She seemed to just panic even more,  “Ha-hawawa! Pl-pleae forgive me! I-I will get ready now now!”

Hal’s here, is the only thing in Lunaria’s head and that fact made her to be in a hurry. He don’t know if that was the case, but he could hear a body bumping here and there from inside. Hearing her freak out even more, Hal calls out even louder,  “ーLunaria! Calm down!”

Then the panicked muttering coming from inside suddenly stopped. The appearance that Lunaria stopped moving and solidified came to Hal’s head. With a sigh, Hal continues,  “Take your time . I just woke up, so just relax and take it easy. I’ll be waiting in my room, when you are done come to my room.”

Stuttering, she embarrassingly replied, “Y-yes. Um, that, I’ll prepare slowly….  But also quickly!” Hal did not hear the rattling noise from the inside, thinking that she calmed down and started getting ready normally. With a, good grief to himself, Hal shrugged his shoulder and returned to his room.

When some time has passed, the door of Hal’s door get’s knocked on. Drom the other side, he hears,  “Um, it’s Lunaria. I have done my preparations” Getting up, Hal calls out,  “Ah, I’ll be right there.”

When Hal stands up and leave the room, there, stands Lunaria who looks a little shy, was waiting. She seemed to be ashamed that she over slept and was late making preparations.

With a calm smile, Hal leads the way outside, “Then…. Shall we go? I hope there’s a good shop somewhere, but it’s my first time in this city” Hearing Hal’s comment, she tilts her head and replies,  “Aah, sorry. It’s my first time too, if it’s free at the inn’s receptionist, shall we ask for a recommendation?”

Thinking it over, Hal nods his head, “That’s right, let’s ask them” Lunaría, who heard the reply, quickly went to the reception. Her fluffy tail shakes in a good mood.

The receptionist was the landlady of this inn, and she seemed to have lived in this city since she was born, and among the shops, she introduced them to her recommended shops.

Smiling again, Hal looks at Lunaria, “Well then, let’s go to the shop recommended by the landlady” Lunaria nods and asks,  “Yes! Errr…. Is it okay to go a delicious noodle restaurant?” Hal agreed with a nod because there was no reason to disagree, because it was especially recommended by the landlady.




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