Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 21


Chapter 21

The three people who were riding in the carriage first watched Hal’s exchange, so they averted their eyes as to not get involved.

And then, Lunaria who remembers the previous exchange was restless. Apparently, what happened earlier is still on her mind.

Sighing, Hal gives in and asks Lunaria, “…..Alright, you want to hear about it right?”

Seeing Lunaria who seemed like she had a tail swinging around wondering about the timing to ask about it, Hal decided to talk himself.

Surprised, Lunaria asks, “ーEh!? Um……is it okay?” As if she herself wasn’t aware that she was fidgeting, she  gave him an upturned look. This wasn’t a calculated action, it seemed an apology was due for upsetting her again.

Hal smiled and nods back. /trying to find the right words, she stutters,  “Th-then…..about the people earlier, when you were fighting the leader of the adventurer party, how did you do that?”

How? In other words, Lunaria wanted to hear how he defeated him.

Scratching his chin, Hal explained, “Nn? Ah, that is my ability. I hit his stomach with my fist coiled in fire. Because it was on fire, it was hot. Moreover, I never would have thought the strength would be that powerfulーI was a little surprised.”

It was unexpected for him to fall in one shot, Hal thought the same. He scratch his face with a troubled expression.

With sparkling eyes while looking at Hal, Lunaria exclaims, “That was really amazing! But, I’m a little worried…..” It seemed it was something hard to say for Lunaria.

Curious, Hal looks at her, “What is it? Tell me.” He said it as cheerful as possible so that Lunaria won’t hesitate.

Finally saying what had her worried, Lunaria murmurs, “Um, I guess it was because Hal’s attack was strong but I was wondering why did he stopped his companion. If it was the first momentum, I feel like everyone is going to attack….” Lunaria had doubts about their withdrawal and why it was so sudden.

With a mischievous smile, Hal replies, “Ah, that one. I whispered a little in his earー’I’m asking you, please have your group fall back, otherwise I’ll play rough too’. Then, he listened to me and pulled back easily. Like it wasn’t something great, Hal shrugs his shoulders.

Lunaria felt that it was something totally different, but thinking that it was scary to ask anymore than that, she just nodded many times to convince herself with the answer. Also, the three passengers were also diverting their eyes with the same feelings as Lunaría.

About half a day after leaving the city, several monsters appear in the middle of the road.

Shocked, Lunaria yells, “ーHal!” Nodding, Hal replies, “Yeah” They step out and were about to fight them, but the coachman held out his hand and shook his head. “You guys, get on the carriage. Because you are riding my carriage, you are a customer. I can’t let a customer to take care of the monsters.”

After saying that, the coachman steps down from the carriage, strokes the horse’s head and runs to the monsters.

Worried, Lunaria  tries to yell out to the old man, “Wha- but!” Because there are alot of monsters, Lunaria stood up and was about to help, but the three other passengers stopped her. “It would be better if you stop. Because the old man, is strong, you will only hinder him if you were to help.”

Laughing in a relaxed state, they had used this carriage many times, and because of that, they knew his ability. Feeling that there will be no problem, they just waited there at their leisure.

Reaching the monsters, the old man bellowed, “ーWell then, I can’t let you delay my schedule…..Scram!” (T/N: Here he literally said “quickly disappear” but it sounds weird, so I change it to “scram”)

He shouted at the monsters intimidatingly, and three of them fled from the place in a hurry.

“That was…..coercion huh” (T/N: “威圧” can mean “coercion” or “intimidation”) Hal was watching from the inside of the carriage. It seems like it was the coachman gift, its name is “coercion”.

Nodding, one of the other passengers replied, “Moreover, his skill with the sword is pretty good too.” When Hal confirms his abilities using appraisal, what he saw was one-handed sword Lv 8.

With a smile, the passenger continues, “That old man was a great former adventurer, he seems to have a lot of power. I have never heard of his rank, but it was at least A-rank, or maybe S-rank.” Even while they were talking, the coachman goes to the monster with a sword in hand.

“…..Eh?” It was Lunaria’s surprised voice.

The coachman walked slowly and approached the monster. Even with a sword in hand, looking at the defenseless state of the coachman, the monster rushes to him.

Up to that moment, she could still see it, but at the next moment, she was surprised that the monster had fallen down. Whistling, Hal comments, “So fastーit’s a level of sword skill that you can’t catch up with your eyes unless you look closely. Instantly cutting the monster into two.”

At Hal statement, not only Lunaria, but the three passengers aboard was also surprised. “……D-did you see it just now?”

Looking at them, Hal nods, “Hm? Ah, That’s right. Well, it’s probably impossible to avoid just by seeing it if you are actually got attacked. If it’s only unavoidable then you just only need to do something about it.”

Hal’s words had reached the ear of the one who had just defeated the demon and had just returned. “It seems you are quite observant. But well, I thought you were going to be cocky after only stopping the dispute at the carriage stop and beating those guys, but it doesn’t seem like so…….well, do your best in the future.”

The coachman doesn’t feel offended about what he said, he looked at the young Hal and have expectation on him in the future. His expression was a smile that showed his teeth.

“Haa……it was good. I thought he was going to be angry…..” The moment she heard the voice of the coachman, Lunaria body twitched and start shaking. She can’t think of what would happen if a powerful person like him was to be offended.

Shaking his head, Hal replied, “No, he probably knows my power, so he won’t do anything like bullying the weak. If not, he wouldn’t be able to do the job of bringing in various people.” The words of Hal, who laughed thinly, reached the ears of the coachman.

Surprised, the old man thought to himself, “ーThat guy, he looks quite like someone I knew. To be able to look through my power….. ーEither he will be a big shot, or will he die on the way, which will it be…..”

Not saying that to anyone in particular, he mutters that and grasps the reins again.

After that, they repeated several battles until they arrived at the relay point, there, they stayed overnight. They departed early in the next morning, and came to see the town of Maul before noon.




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