Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

The next morning, when Hal arrived at the adventurer guild, Lunaria was waiting at the entrance. she was being leered at by the adventurers that were coming in and out of the building, and feeling very uncomfortable. But when she saw Hal, her eyes lit up and she waved at him with a smile.

“My bad, I kept you waiting” Hal arrived on schedule, but apologized to Lunaria who came early and was waiting for him.

Shaking her head, Lunaria denies,”No no, it was just because I came a little early……ーThen, what shall we do today?” Lunaria’s question was natural….. As if they hadn’t discussed about what the party would do in the future…….. Wait….

Realizing that, Hal then explains, “Ah….. That’s right. I didn’t explain it. ーFor the time being, nothing can be done with our current status.” Upon hearing that, Lunaria drops her shoulder in disappointment. Seeing that, Hal waved his hands and tried to clarify, “Wait! I said in the current status. To do something about it, there’s a place we have to go first.” Hal was now regretting his lacking ability to explain things properly, causing her to misunderstand.

Hearing this, Lunaria sniffles, “Re-really….?” With an awkward smile, Hal nods, “Yeah, really. The place we must go isーthe city east of here.” Listeneing to Hal’s words, she looks up at him with teary eyes, “East of here? Wouldn’t that be Maul(マウル)?” Maul was a city that had a huge cathedral. It was a city where many priests and those who aimed to be a clergy, gathered.

With a slightly conflicted expression, Hal nods, “Yeah….. If it’s there, there’s a high chance that we can somehow do something about Lunaria’s skill.” Listening to Hal, Lunaria notices something, and at the same time, turns pale. “T-that is, could it be that, I’m cursed…..? Just…. How?”

Scrambling to quickly explain be fore she cries again, Hal tries to redirect her attention, “…..Well, hearing the flow of the story until now, you can see the connection. However, let’s leave it at that for the time being because there are people here. Since it’s a bit far to go to that city on foot, so let’s go with a horse-drawn carriage.” To further help distract the frightened girl, Hal pointed to a shared carriage brightly.

Since the towns are separate, and it’s expensive to purchase and maintain a horse-drawn carriage, so there was a shared carriage that regularly departed to connect the cities. Suddenly remembering, Lunaria murmurs,  “That’s rightーmaybe auntie is…….” But she was interrupted by Hal, “Let’s talk about that later” Stopping her from saying anything else.  He didn’t know if his assumptions were correct, so he didn’t want to treat anyone as criminal until he was able to confirm it. So he wanted to avoid conclusions, for now

When they went to the carriage, a few people were already lined up. Seeing the line, Lunaria grins,  “If it’s only like this, it seems we can ride it.” Since the carriages are meant to be shared, they can fit around 8 people. Since there was only 3 people in line, there’d be plenty of room. Seeing the current number, Hal was quite relieved, “Ah…. That’s good. It’s usually very crowded depending on the time of day.”

While there was still time before departure, a group of 5 adventurers walk toward the carriage and its line. Seeing the line, one of them commented to the one in the middle, “Nn? Hey, leader, it seems this one is full too.”

There are three people lined up first, then add Hal and Lunaria, the total of people waiting are five. Since the maximum number of passengers is eight,  all their party members wouldn’t be able to ride it. Looking at the line, the leader then walks up to Hal and Lunaria with an aggressive attitude,  “Aan? Ah, it’s true. ……Oi, you guys”

Turning around, Hall asks,”What?” With a stern glare, Leader barks out, “You two, give us your spots. Without you two, we can all ride on the carriage. You guys go take the next carriage.” With a snort, Hal replies, “I’ll return your words. We were lined up here first. Shouldn’t you guys be the one to take the next carriage? Follow the line.” Locking eyes with the Leader, he wasn’t gonna back down.

However, it seemed to the other adventurers, he was being cheeky. Angry, the Leader yells, “Oi, what’s with that attitude. We’re a B-rank adventurer party, you guys are at most a beginner, right? That’s why, it’s better for us to be riding the carriage!”

Behind their leader, one of the adventurers commented, “……Hey, isn’t he the incompetent porter we heard about?” Hearing that, another replied,  “Ah, yeah, and isn’t the woman there the magician who can’t use magic?” As if they were little kids, they started giggling to themselves and continued to mock the pair.

Hearing his men behind him, Leader sneers, “Hah? What? A luggage carrier, and a magician who can’t use magic? …..What’s that, are they rebelling against us? Are they idiots? Now scram, ora” He started making a “shooing” motion as if they were bugs.

The adventurer party that betrayed Hal, the adventurers who used Lunaria as decoy, and now these guys. sighing, Hal murmurs to himself,  “ーIn a way, there aren’t any good adventurer parties that are involved with Lunaria and me……” Hearing this, the Leader glares angrily at Hal,  “Aan? You’re not only cheeky, you even dare to bad mouth us, huh? …….It looks like it’s better for you to experience some pain, isn’t it?” Having said that, Leader turns to his men,  “You guys, do it!!”

Under the order the leader, the adventurers surround Hal and Lunaria. In the meantime, the carriage arrived, not wanting to get involved, their waiting for whoever settles it. The previous 3 are already in the carriage, not wanting to get involved.

Seeing the team start to circle them, Hal sighs, “….Haa, it can’t be helped. Then we’ll take the next carriage. We’re not really in a hurry.” In fact, though they have a purpose, it doesn’t mean that it’s necessary to go immediately, he felt bad for the passengers in front to be unable to leave on time, so he made that choice.

He initially wanted to keep order by trying to settle things peacefully, but Leader apparently didn’t think the same… So his kindness was wasted. “Aah!? Wahaha, it seems you’re scared. Then I’ll let it slideーis what I’d like to say, but let’s give you a painful reminder on reality. Because it’s sinful to oppose us…. naa!?”

Having said that, the leader swung his sword at Hal. For a B-rank, his ability wasn’t bad. With a slight smirk, Hal comments, “ーSorry, but as expected, I can’t just stand and take an attack… Especially like that.” He then leaned to the side, dodging it by a hairs breadth. Then following up with a strong uppercut coated in fire.

Taking the hit, Leader collapses to his knees,  “……Guhah!” He never would have thought that the “beginner adventurer” would dodge his attack, and then even counter attack. He was even more horrified by the strength behind the punch.

Seeing their leader fall, one of them yells, “Shit, get them!” Ignoring how fast he went down, they wanted to attack at the same time. Seeing his men rush over, he tries to yell, but still has trouble taking in air to breathe… Let alone yell, “Wa-wait! Stop!” Hearing their bosses order, they stopped and looked at Leader, who slowly got up holding his stomach.

Gasping, Leader apologizes, “N-no, it’s okay. We’re the one at fault….” Looking at his own men, He then orders, “You guys, Sheath your weapons and back off. We’ll ride the next carriage.” At a loss, the adventurers do as their told and reluctantly backed away.

Turning back to the carriage, Hal gives an apologetic smile to the driver and passengers, “Sorry to kept you waiting. Let’s go.” And got on like nothing happened. Lunaria kept staring at Hal with her eyes sparkling, especially whenever she though about the B-rank leader was one shot by Hal. And had to be pulled onto the carriage.

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