Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 2

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[Level has increased]

Hal was unconscious, with only that message remained in his mind.

Even though he should have unconcsious, his mind is still clear.

He opened his eyes slowly, while wondering his completely contradictory state.

“Finally, you’re awake”

“It’s good, that you are able to awaken your talent safely”

A vast white space.

And in front of him, there are two beauties that he have never seen before. One of them had a gentle atmosphere and a voluptuous body, and the other one was reserved with well propotioned figure, both of them were completely opposite, but there was no doubt that they were beauties.

They’re 2 different types of people, but both of them felt happy and delighted that Hal had woke up.

“Wh, who are you!?”

Hal was puzzled by the beauties that suddenly appeared and spoke to him. Then he tried to remember what had happened to grasp the situation even for a little.

If I remember correctly Salamander suddenly appeared and……damn! I was thrown away by the party leader!

I remember being thrown at the monster as a bait to earned them time to escaped.

“….It seems you remembered. That’s right, you were betrayed by your comrades and thrown towards dangerous monster. But do you remember what happened after that?”

At the question the gentle beauty who nodded with a firm expression and a gentle smile asked, Hal tried to remember what happened after.

“Certainly, somehow I was able to stab the knife that I had into the Salamander’s reverse scale and….. I dont know, that’s all i can remember.”

When he tried to remember further his memory become hazy, and he couldn’t remember what happened after that. Hal, who holds his head in regret, suffered burns and other damage, and the impact of the fall also overlapped, which made his memory clouded. (もやがかかったように思い出したくてもその後の記憶が全くおもいだせなかった。悔しさに頭を押さえるハルは火傷などのダメージを負っており、更には落下の衝撃も重なって、記憶が混濁していた。)

“That’s to be expected, because you took a lot of damage ―but thanks to that you were able to level up.”

The gentle beauty spoke happily about level, a word that sounded unfamiliar. It was a word that was also in the message that flowed to his head.

“Um…what’s this level you’re talking about?”

At Hal’s question, which seemed confused to the words he heard for the first time, the two women gazed at each other.

“Because it’s troublesome to explain, let’s just give him the knowledge about that.”

“Let’s do that, then excuse me.”

After seeing the slender beauties who had troubled look shrug her shoulders, the gentle beauty put her hand gently on Hal’s head.

What are the circumstances and who are they? He didn’t know either of them, but there was no wonder, no wariness, and no intention to resist.

It may be because the feeling of warmth and endless love surrounding them.

When Hal vaguely thinks about such a thing, he felt that the “knowledge” that they said flowed into him.

①Level is a numerical value representing the strength of the person. The higher the level, the higher the overall ability is.

②It is necessary to accumulate experience points to raise the level.

③A considerable amount of experience is required to raise the level by one.

④ Only those who have the gift “Growth” will be able to improve their level.

⑤ Gift “growth” is revealed when the level rises for the first time.

⑥ As a trait, it is possible to master the gift of defeated opponent.

⑦ Only one person in the world has this gift.

Furthermore, since the two goddesses in front of his eyes had devised this gift, and it is a gift that is too strong for some people to use, a restriction such as ③ and ⑤ is imposed by the gods.

And in order to avoid confusion about what awakened this gift, the two goddesses are supposed to explain it to them.

And, so far was the knowledge that the goddess gave.

“Ugh…..i, it hurts. My head is pounding, but for now I get it…, I understood.”

Because of the knowledge that suddenly planted in his head, Hal answer the goddess while holding his ached head.

Since he knew that the other party was God, he changed his way of speak to formal one.

“Fufufu, it’s okay you know~? Using your usual manner of speaking. We originally want to talk to you normally.”

The gentle goddess gently strokes Hal’s head with a smile and gives permission to speak normally.

”E,eh? My head feels light….th, thank you!”

Hal’s ached head subsided, it’s probably thanks to the goddess. The gentle goddess released her hands while she smiles softly and felt satisfied.

“Well, that’s how it is. Anyway, you’ve awakened to the gift [Growth]!”

Saying so, the slender goddess points to Hal energetically.

“ha, haha.”

“What’s that reaction? Be more delighted! You understand what your ability mean is, right?

The “knowledge” that was given earlier. That certainly allowed Hal to understand the gift “growth”.

However, regretably Hal was born withouth gift, the feeling is scarce, so he’s not impressed.

“Now, now dear sister. Hal practically never use one, so I don’t think he will understand that feeling. Just now he doesn’t even know that his level has gone up. Ah, Hal. It was late, but my name is Sea(セア). This my elder sister Diona(ディオナ).”

The gentle goddess Sea seems to be at her own pace, holding herself to Diona, her sister, while introducing themselves.

”Y, you even told him our name…. well, alright. It’s too sudden, and you can’t compehend with only the knowledge about this gift alone. For now, as far as your ability is concerned, it’s all in your head. You already awaken that power so you better use that power wisely!”

Diona who was pressed a little by her little sister said so towards Hal strongly, because she was the one that made that gift, it seems like she was fonds of it. (妹のセアに抱き着かれて少し押され気味になったディオナだったが、このギフトを作っただけあり、思い入れが強いようでハルに向かって語気を強めた。)

“Umm…what am I supposed to do with this power?”

He whose said to himself that he was giftless was suddenly given that ability, moreover it was the give she made herself.

Then Hal wondered if that really was the case. (ならば何かなすべきことがあるのではないかとハルは悩んだ。)

“Particularly…right?” (特には……ねえ?)

“That’s right~…If i must say, I think it’s best if you take your time.”

The goddess sister who has troubled look just like Hal, said so indifferently.

Take your time they said, Hal was a little lose on what face should he show.

“I’ve got such special power, is it really okay if I don’t do anything?”

A mission given by God ―Hal thought that there might be such a thing, but they shook their heads with a wry smile.

”It might be a great power, but it’s still a gift. The same as what everyone was given. Well, for example, if someone have a gift of physical strengthening, it’s not like they have to take a job that uses that power, right?”

Diona chose words that are eazy to understand and start to explained it to Hal.

Of course, most will try to make use of their gifts, but that’s not a definite rule, and how you use your abilities is your own decision―so they want Hal to live as he like, that was what the two goddesses wish for.

“I see….”

The idea was a pleasant one for Hal, so he was able to accept it quickly.

Thus the feeling of getting a gift that he always longed for come to bite him. ( そしてずっと渇望していたギフトを得た実感を少しづつ噛みしめ始めていた。)

“So, why don’t you check your abilities with the [Water Mirror]?”

Sea smiles softly and told Hal to check his abilities. The [Water Mirror] that confirms one’s power can also be used by Hal who has been said to be incompetent.

“Umm, [Water Mirror Activate]”

In response to Hal’s words, a plate called a water mirror is displayed. It was about A4 in size.

“―Let’s see….wha!?”

Hal who were happy that he got a gift were surprised when he confirm his new power.


Name: Hal

Sex: Male

Gift: Growth

Skills: Flame Armor Lv1, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Dragon Scale Lv1, Flame Resistance Lv1, Appraisal

Blessing: Goddess Sea, Goddess Diona


“….Th, this is!?”

It was a simple display, but because there were a number of amazing parts, he involuntarily leaked his voice as he raised his face with overflowed feeling to ask the goddesses.

“I wonder if something’s wrong?”

Since the water mirror can only be seen by the person, Diona who can’t see it tilt her head with puzzle expression because of his unexpected reaction.

“I, I dont know if this wrong?…but, the gift were displayed. No, that’s fine,because I heard about the [Growth]…But, it’s the first time I see a skill! Moreover, five of them are displayed. And what exactly is this blessing?”

The two goddesses smile at Hal who asks questions one after another without stopping as soon as he began to talk.

“Fufufu, seems like you were surprised. Then I’ll answer your question. In the skill entry, the gift of the opponent you defeat will be displayed there. These four were probably the gifts that the Salamander had when Hal defeated it.”

The fifth is an exception, so Sea pause her explanation there.

“In addition, the last appraisal was given because it will be difficult to acquire skills if you don’t know the abilty of your opponents. Use it wisely and think about what abilities you can get and fight with.”

Hal had a new question to ask, but this time he decided to not to and wait for an explanation.

“Next, I’ll tell you about the blessing, but you don’t have to worry about it….. me and my sister have given you our blessings, umm…maybe it’ll help you when you are in trouble? You can think of it that way. Monsters also has a gift. They don’t do rite of adulthood just so you know. Fufufu.”

The question that Hal wants to asked were answered in Sea’s explanation, Hal knew that she had read his mind, he felt that these two really are goddesses.

However, even though he have this kind of power….. Hal’s expression isn’t good.

“Is something wrong?”

“….No, there’s nothing wrong, I’m just thinking if it’s alright for me to receive this power.”

Hearing Sea’s anxious voice, Hal raised his head while showing doubtful expression because the new power he got. (気遣いながら声をかけるセアを見上げながら、困惑した様子のハルは急に力を得たことに戸惑いを覚えていた。)

“What are you saying!”

It was Diona who shout at Hal to blow away his doubt. Along with her words, she drop her fist at Hal’s head.

“Ugh, it hurts! Wha, what do you think you’re doing!”

Hal is angry at the sudden attack and pain, but Diona still glared at Hal.

“Why do you say that you didn’t anything!? If you didn’t do anything, we wouldn’t have had a turn! ……You hear? This time, you have improved your level with you own strength! If you haven’t studied monsters regularly and you gave up in that scene, you won’t get this result! Even if you don’t get a gift at the first rite of adulthood, just train your body without giving up your dream, learn how to use knives and swords, study monsters, and more!! Anyway, you understood!?”

Diona, who was angry as if she had been hurt, was breathing roughly and drew closer to Hal’s face. It was extraordinarily powerful when a beautiful person like her were to get angry.

“Now, now dear sister, please calm down. …..But, what dear sister say is right. After being thrown by your comrades, you prepare your weapons immediately, attacking it’s weakness ―that’s the result of what you did yourself you know?

With a gentle smile, Sea continued to explain, while pulling Diona away. Understanding that she sharpen her lips, as she stared fixedly at Hal.

“….Oh, is, that so?”

Hearing what the two of them said, tears naturally overflowed his eyes.

Trembled in joy of getting a gift, Hal can’t stop the tears that starts to spilt.

Always called incompetent, can’t go adventuring himself and only got little money as a porter, but both of them recognize his effort and said he have done his best. Hal’s heart shook greatly, who were embraced by their praised for his great effort he had accumulated without anyone knowing.

”That’s what I’ve been saying! You keep collecting information without giving up and keep thinking what you can do even though you have no gift. That’s why, the you now! Have to be more confident! ……Th, that’s why you should stop crying!”

Diona who can’t bear it anymore, talk passionately to Hal to get his confidence back. But Diona’s words changed to bewilderment seeing Hal whose lose his confidence keep crying. (我慢できない様子で熱く語るディオナに、ハルは自信を取り戻していく。泣き続けるハルに少し自信を無くしたのかディオナの言葉尻は戸惑うようなそれに代わっている。)

“Then, I’ll take you back to where you fell. Your injury should have healed when you leveled up, it might be good to test your power first ―let’s meet again, someday?”

“Eh, wait….”

With a sudden parting words, Hal’s body began shone pale light to return to where he was originally.

Hal wanted to say his gratitude to both of them, and he still had many questions that he wanted to ask, but it’s already too late as Sea has started to sending him back, his words won’t come out and his consciousness became distant. (突然のことに、ハルは彼女たちに礼の言葉や、質問などまだまだ言いたいことがあったが、セアは既に送り返す動作に入っており、それは言葉にならずに意識が遠のいていった。)

“―Haaa….He’s, gone.”

“Yes, dear sister. Thanks for your hard work”

As soon as Hal disappeared, Diona fell on the spot.

Sea who supported Diana body smiled gently and thanked her for her work.

It was Diona’s role to manifest and call Hal to that place, but it used a considerable power to maintain, so explaining the minimum is her limit.


Name: Hal

Sex: Male

Gift: Growth

Skills: Flame Armor Lv1, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Dragon Scale Lv1, Flame Resistance Lv1, Appraisal

Blessings: Goddess Sea, Goddess Diona


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