Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Reaching to the current situation, Hal continues to explain, “ーSo, the Thunderbirds were almost all killed by Lunaria’s magic but, there were some survived left. So I stabbed and defeated it, and gained lightning resistant skill. As expected, I can’t say that I killed them all, my body would go numb”

The surprise from hearing Hal’s ability, of her using magic until fainting, and then of her defeating the Thunderbirds, she is so shocked, that the inside of her head feels numb and the room looks like it’s spinning.

Seeing her having issues digesting it all, he gets up and walks toward his kitchen, “…..Let’s take a break and drink some tea for a bit. Please wait.” As he walks away,  Hal smiles bitterly at Lunaria who was so confused that smoke is coming out of her head.

While preparing the tea, He realizes it might not have been best to explain it all at once,,,,, Scratching his head, he mutters, ” What’s done is done.” However, after preparing the tea and returns, he notices that Lunaria’s eyes are sparkling, “I brought the tea but…..what’s wrong?”

Hal looks at Lunaria with a suspicious look over the dramatic change. Lunaria then excitedly explains, “You explanation earlier, I thought about it again. To be honest……It’s all amazing!”

Rather than questioning or doubting the abilities she had never heard of, she just smoothly accepted it. Hearing an unexpected answer, Hal gratefully smiles at the trust she placed in him. “I-is that so. Well, I’m glad that you are able to accept it.” Noticing his stumble, Hal’s smile cramps up.

Thinking of something that she couldn’t resist asking, “For a power like that to not awaken until now, it’s strangeーis there some kind of reason behind it?” Since it was a special powerーit was easy to assume it that way, but what bothered her was that Hal’s power had not awoken for many years.

Hal on the other hand, was glad, not only about her believing in him, but also that she asked such a question. “Ah….., about that. At that time……after I was thrown at the Salamander, I stabbed him with the knife I broughtーand somehow hit its weakness . I was desperate to hold on so I wouldn’t be blown away by its rampage”

Sitting and drinking the tea, Hal recalls what happened, and tells Lunaria with a light tone. Who’s listening with a serious expression.

Continuing with what happened, Hal adds, “It was rampaging so much that the floor collapsed. And then, we fell headlong underground and simultaneously made the knife stab itself deeper into it….. somehow it breath stopped. and at the same time, I faintedーHahahaha”

After Hal said jokingly, his expression return to a serious one. “Sometime later, when I woke up, my power was already there. The ability to gain the power of killed enemies and slightly better eyesight. Perhaps, because the strength of the power it was sealed, and maybe it unsealed because of the impact of the fall……”

This is what Hal answered thinking of how much should he tell Lunaria, hiding his true ability, “Growth”

Feeling moved, Lunaris starts to weep for Hal and talks through clenched teeth, “It’s amazing, isn’t it. It must’ve been really tough……I’m glad you were able to awaken your power, Uuu…..”

Surprised at the reaction, Hal raises his hands up, “O-oi, you don’t have to cry. Right now, you can see that I’m alright!” Hal, who is not used to a crying woman, says so and flexes his biceps, demonstrating that he is okay.

Seeing him trying to cheer her up, she giggles, “Fufu, I’m glad.” Smiling gently, she wipes away her tears.

Clearing his throat, Hal continues awkwardly, “……A-ahem. Then, let’s go back to the main topic. Why Lunaria can’t use magicーthat is, because it’s in Lunaria’s skills.” While talking, his embarrassed expression turns into a serious one.

But, Lunaria, who isn’t familiar with the term, skill, tilted her head in puzzlement. “Um… skills are not enough to use magic, is that what you mean?”

Shaking his head, Hal starts to explain, “No, that’s not it. Normally, Gift is obtained the first time you do the rite of adulthood. Other than that, what you get or use in some other way becomes a skill”1

Hal didn’t really understand everything, but he thought that it was okay to just explain most of it to Lunaria. Hearing that much, she asks, “Then, that skill is the problem, right?”

Hal nodded quietly at that question. However, inside Hal’s mind, he is thinking it over and over.2

What was written in her skills column was not really what you could call a skillーit was a “curse”.

[The Curse of Magic Sealing]

It was written in her skill column. According to the Goddess’ knowledge, it was one of minus3 skill.

“There is something I want to ask, have you ever received a blessing or something similar outside of the first rite of adulthood?” Hal asks her with a stiff expression, and Lunaria thinks for a moment.

“……Errr, my aunt is a renowned magician, she told me to leave the house to perform a defensive ceremony, I forgot the chantーand how the five defensive ceremony went” Thinking about the past, Lunaria talked about what she managed to remember.

Nodding, Hal scratched his chin while thinking, “I see…..” then looking at her with a smile, “if, you remember something else, please tell me. First is, we have to solve that skill problem.”

Surprised, Lunaria jerks her head towards Hal and asks with a worried face, “W-we can do something about it…..?”

She’s been worried about her gift and abilities since she first go them….. After dealing with it for so long, she had long given up hope….But now with Hal’s words, she could feel herself starting to hope again.

In a level tone, Hal explains, “Aye, maybe. However, it’s difficult to do it right now. But, we’ll manage it before long. Otherwise, it’d be hard to adventure together” Having said that, Hal smiles as gently and as brightly as possible, trying to show his sincerity and the likelihood of the possibility.

Excited, Lunaris replies, “N-no problem! I, I will wait as long as you want! Also, I will do my best if the problem is solved!” Lunaria doesn’t know what she should do right now, at this stage. However what she did know, was that she had decided to entrust her future to Hal. She wanted to believe in Hal who helped her.

Smiling calmly, Hal looks at Lunaria, then glances out the window and stops, “Is that so, if Lunaria decides so, I must do my best too. “Anyway, today……”

Curious and committed, Lunaria leans in towards Hal, showing she would do anything, “Today?”

Swallowing, Hal points towards the window, “It’s about time that we disband. Surprisingly, it seems it’s a good time.” As they both look out the window, they see that the sun was sinking and about to disappear. Everything turning a dark shade of indigo.

sighing in surprise, “ーHah! It was already this late? I’ll have to return to my inn soon! Please excuse me!” The girl who suddenly stood up was renting the cheapest inn in the town.4

Getting up as well and guiding her out the door, Hal then replies, “Aye, let’s meet in the adventurer’s guild early in the morning. The rest is a consultation,”

After telling the hurried girl, Lunaria of tomorrow’s plan, Hal looked at her back.


Name: Hal

Sex: Male

Level: 1

Gift: Growth

Skills: Flame Armor Lv2, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Breath (Ice) Lv2, Dragon Scale Lv1, Flame Resistant Lv2, Ice Resistant Lv1, Lightning Resistant Lv1, Ice Fang Lv2, Charging Lv1, Shell Shield

Blessings: Goddess Sea, Goddess Diona



Name: Lunaria

Sex: Female

Level: –

Gifts: Fire magic Lv1, Ice magic Lv1, Wind magic Lv1, Earth magic Lv1, Lightning magic Lv1

Minus Skills: Curse of Magic Sealing





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  1. それ以外になんらかの方法で手に入ったり、身に着けたりしたものがスキルになる”
  2. Not accurate. Raw: しかし、ハルは内心で色々考えを巡らせている。
  3. This probably means “Negative skill”, but because it is written in katakana “マイナス”, so I left it as is.
  4.  ハッとしたように立ち上がった彼女はこの街の安めの宿に部屋をとっていた

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