Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 18


Chapter 18

“Well then, please confirm the request” Acting like nothing out of ordinary happened,  Hal goes to the usual receptionist’s counter, Alicia, and submits his card. Still unsure about what to do after what just happened, she stutters out,  “Y-yes. I’ll confirm it, the delivery of Thunderbird’s feathersーthe condition of the request is for five of them…..”

Following Alicia’s words, Hal takes out Thunderbird’s feathers from his bag. Taking the bundle, she starts to count them one by one. “One, two, three…….wh-why are there thirty of them!?”

Normally, there’s only one thunder feather that grows on each bird’s body. Which means that, Hal had defeated thirty Thunderbirds. Shaking his head in response, Hal jerks his thumb over his shoulder towards Lunaria, “Ah no, it was thanks to her cooperation”… With a troubled smile, Lunaria nods softly.

At that moment, the guild hall became quite noisy. Knowing why everyone is making a fuss, Lunaria lets out a bitter laugh

Surprised and confused by the commotion, Hal looks around, “…..Nn? What?” Lunaria then informs him,  “Um, if you knew me….. You would have been surprised. I, can’t use magic properly……” Looking at Hal’s reaction as if he had forgotten, Lunaria reminded him in a tone saturated with self-mockery.

Hal, who hears it, looks back at the adventurers, scratching the back of his head. “Ah…. So that’s the case, I get it now.”, Then in a patient tone, he replies in a steady voice, “I used to be a porter who was called incompetent. But, now I’m a D-rank adventurer nowーif you think that previous information is all you need, you might trip your own feet you know?” (T/N: or “you might pull your own feet you know?”)

After saying that clearly, and almost everyone heard it, Hal once again turned to the receptionist. His obvious meaning being, Not only did he get stronger, and become an adventurer…. But he was progressing as one too. In short, maybe the same thing is happening to Lunaria? Is what he implied.

But, what the both of them knew what truly happened back there, the Thunderbirds were killed as a result of her magic running amok, and if Hal didn’t pass through, Lunaria might have died long ago, but, that doesn’t need to be said, especially since its not Hal’s place to say it.

Pushing the subject forward, Hal resumed, “Anyway, I’ll be in a party together with her, I’ll leave the process to you.” Because their party was only a temporary party that was made at that moment, using the guild party registration system, Hal filed in their party registration. 1 Hal’s words makes commotion in the adventurer’s guild.

Nodding, Alicia regains her composure, “Understood. First, I’ll process Hal’s completed request. The delivery of five Thunderbird’s feathers, is certainly fulfilled. What about the remaining twenty five? If you’d like, I can buy it now” Hearing that proposal, Haal takes a moment to consider. “……Then, if you would, we will keep five of them and you can buy the other twenty”

Because it could be used to make weapons and armors, he decided to keep some of the Thunder feathers on him.

Hearing Hal’s choice, Alicia nods and turns to the free sheep-kin receptionist and hands her a note for the reward and purchase price, “Yes, I will accept it. ーFlara2, please prepare the money needed”

Moving quickly, the Sheep-kin heads towards the back, “Ye~s” After she left, Alicia turns to Lunaria,  “Now then, let’s process your party registration, please give me your card. I’ll start with the cancellation of your previous party.”

Having seen the previous conversation, She knew that Lunaria was in a special situation. Because of that, she purposely kept talking in a businesslike manner to not show to much worry/concern for Lunaria.

With a shaky hand, Lunaria hands it over,  “Y-yes. Please.” After receiving Lunaria’s card, Alicia starts to use a magic tool that can edit their cards. After placing Lunaria’s inside, she turns to Hal. “Then, I’ll borrow Hal’s card as it is…..”

Nodding, Hal hands his over as well, “Aye”

She then continues to process it using Hal’s card. After a while, the Sheep-kin receptionist, called Flara, returns with a bag. Holding it up, she confidently states,  “I brought it, Alicia~. Here it is”

“Thank you” Alicia receives the bag presented by the Sheep-kin receptionist in a drawn-out voice and places it on the counter. “Now then, here are the reward and purchase price. Please confirm it. Also, we will return both of your cards as the party registration is complete.”

The two receive their cards while nodding at Alicia’s words.

“The name of the party will be decided by yourselves later, so please cast magic on the party name field on the card. …….Ah, right.  Lunaria’s previous request is deleted with the cancellation of her previous party. but rest assured, because of the special circumstances, it won’t be count as failure”

“Thank you for everything. You saved us”

“I’m truly grateful”

Thanking Alicia who has a gentle and bright smile, Hal and Lunaria left the guild.

Once out of the guild, Hal turns to Lunaria, “Now then, this will make us easier to move. For the time being, as everything is over, let’s talk about your gift. Aah……for now, let’s go to my house”

Shocked, Lunaria asks, “Eh! Hal, you have a house?” Because houses cost a lot, Lunaria was surprised was understandable. Shaking his head, Hal clarifies,  “Ah, no, that’s not it. Its a rented house, it’s a borrowed apartment really.”

Realizing her mistake, she apologizes, “I-I see, sorry for jumping to conclusions. It was because Hal has such a strong image, that it’d be believable that you would have it.” Lunaria, who has been surprised many times by Hal, thought that Hal’s house could have been a mansion.

Although Lunaria still misunderstood him, Hal was confused on how to describe it, so he calmed down picked up the pace. When they got there, he led her in, “ーI’m sorry it’s small, feel free take a seat wherever you like.” Having said that, he dropped his luggage on his bed.

“E-excuse me” Lunaria timidly sat down on a chair facing Hal.

After sitting himself, Hal puts his chin in his hands and thinks aloud, “Now then, I wonder from where should I start the explanation?” Lunaria’s ability itself, How he became an adventurer, or…… But, his thoughts were interrupted by a question,  “Um! Why, you weren’t shocked when you were attacking the Thunderbirds with your knife?” After asking, she looked at him enthusiastically, being the most concerned with that.

Hearing the question, Hal considers for a moment, “Eh? Ah, so that’s what you are curious about……to do that, I need to explain my power, but I want you to make some promises first.” Thinking for a moment, Lunaria agrees, “Y-yes, what should I do?” Feeling nervous from not knowing what the promises might be.

Seeing her being nervous, Hal quickly erases the misunderstanding. “No no, you don’t have to be that stiff…. I can’t explain fully about my  skill since it… special. That’s why, what I’m about to tell, you can’t tell anyone else. It will be our secret, because no one in the guild knows about it either.”

Until now, Hal only talked about him being an adventurer, but has never told anyone about his gift. However, he hasn’t known Lunaria for that long, but there was something that made him think he could talk to her.

Surprised it was only that, Lunaria agrees immediately, “Wha-……U-understood! I swear to God that I won’t tell anyone!” Hearing the instant agreement,  Hal stares at Lunaria, who nods constantly, for a few seconds.

With a smile, Hal starts explaining, “ーAlright. I believe in you. Now then, let’s start with an explanation of my power.”

Starting to explain, he avoids mentioning the Goddess, but explains that his power awakened with the impact of the fall. He also only talks about his ability to take in some of the power of the opponent he defeated, Nothing about his skills, their level, or his.


Name: Hal

Sex: Male

Level: 1

Gift: Growth

Skills: Flame Armor Lv2, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Breath (Ice) Lv2, Dragon Scale Lv1, Flame Resistant Lv2, Ice Resistant Lv1, Lightning Resistant Lv1, Ice Fang Lv2, Charging Lv1, Shell Shield

Blessings: Goddess Sea, Goddess Diona



T/N; Crown


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  1. not accurate. Raw: パーティ登録はその場その場で組む臨時的なものを抜かして、ギルドへの登録制となっているため、ハルはその申告も同時に行っていた。

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