Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

“Then, what makes me unable to use magic despite having a magic Gift?” Lunaria stands and asks a question, but as Hal was about to answer, he notices flapping sounds coming and looks around, with a sigh, he replies, “Sorry, I’d like to answer your question, but can you wait a minute? It looks like a flock of Thunderbirds are coming” After apologizing to Lunaria, He pulls out his knife and gets in a combat stance.

Surprised. Lunaria turns around to look where Hal was facing, and sees the group of winged monsters approaching “Eh? ーAh!…..Me too!”

With a slight grin, Hal refuses, “No, I alone am enough. If I don’t show my power here, you won’t believe me. Just look at what this “incompetent” adventurer can do.” after telling the eager Lunaria to wait, he starts running toward the Thunderbirds. Without being able to stop him, she could only watch him go.

Despite Thunderbirds being birds, they’re unable to fly high in the sky, currently, they are slowly flying at the level of Hal’s gaze. With a Determined yell, He narrows the distance to one of  them, “Teyaaaaaaa!”

Hearing the scream of Hal, the Thunderbird’s wings start to  a crackle as it charges its body with Thunder/Lightning magic. Despite seeing that, Hal didn’t stop running and thrusts his knife forward.

Seeing the human not back down, the Thunderbird lets out an angry screech”Kyaaa!” and discharged its stored magic straight at Hal, dealing him lightning damage…. As if seeing what will happen next, Lunaria screams out in fear.

However, Hal believing otherwise, keeps moving and lunges at the now close Thunderbird with his knife, “Sei!” Striking the monster core, that doubles as its heart. In pain and dying, it lets out one final cry, “Gyaaaa!”

“Eh? …..Eeeeeehhh!?”Having a hard time understanding it, even though Lunaria saw the series of actions with her own eyes. “To put it plainly, He thrust the knife and using the lightning generated by it to pierce its body”.1

Returning back to his original spot, Hal stretches a little, feeling a tingle on his body, “Fuh, it shocks me a little” However, Hal who was unaffected, looks just like he was eating a medium spicy food.

Almost nonchalantly, Hal continues, “Then, let’s go for the next one!” There are only two Thunderbirds left, and Hal proceeds to attack them in the same way. After seeing the death of their companion, and not believing they could get damaged by lightning, they charge these bursts stronger then the first. It seems that they thought that the earlier individual was killed because the amount of charge was small.

But, similar to the first Thunderbirds death, they both cry out in surprise after being stabbed in the same way one after another…… “GYAA!” “GUA!”

Lightning damage can cause the muscles to contract, stopping the attack. However, Hal succeeded in attacking without receiving much of the affect. and the amount seemed to be at a minimum.

In utter surprise, Lunaria asks with wide eyes, “Eh? H-ho-how? Is there no any lightning damage?” and looks stupefied at his ease of movement.

Grinning Hal asks, “So, did I manage to show you my power? ーThough, it could be said that I only attacked a defenseless monsters with a knife.” Hal, after checking his knife for any spilled blood and collecting the monsters materials, returns to by  Lunaria.

Curious and impressed, Lunaria approaches Hal, “A-amazing! But, how?” still thinking that it was unbelievable. She could feel her impatience to know the answer.

Surprised at the change in attitude and in an attempt to reason with her, Hal states with a cramped smile, “W-wait a minute. If we stay here, we won’t know when monsters will attack again, let’s go back to town first. We’ll talk about it slowly while we walk” Looking around the mountain as if furthering his point.

“T-that’s right! Monster may come just like now!” Lunaria, with a surprised and embarrassed expression….. Only then understanding their situation and realizing she momentarily forgot about the danger.

Then, the two go down the mountain while carefully checking their surroundings. Reaching the city, the adventurers who saw them start to whisper something to each other secretly.

Seeing that, they ask each other what the commotion is about with thinking expressions, “…..What is it?” and neither having an idea, “……I wonder what?” But both sensing something was up.

“Well….for now, I’ll report that I have fulfilled my request, so let’s go to the adventurer’s guild”


Still uneasy, the two head to the guild.When they arrive at the guild, the murmurs slowly get louder. Surrounded by odd looks and the heavy atmosphere, Hal has a familiar feeling come to him.

After piecing the tid bits from the surrounding murmurs with info from Lunaria, Hal thinks to himself with a heavy expression, “ーThis is…..”

By combining them, he starts to grasp the situation. But as they continue, they hear a yelling voice piercing through the murmuring. “Like I said, she already died. It’s because that we are her party members that there’s no mistaking it! Now hurry up and give me the certificate!”

Familiar with the adventurer who was yelling, Lunaria seems sad, “…….Milia.”

She was the party leader who went to the mountains with her. There were quite a few adventurers inside the guild, and anyone who saw Milia in front of the receptionist, and knew what happened to Hal can predict what going on.

Noticing the receptionist looking elsewhere, Milia yells even louder, “Where are you looking!? I’m talking to you right now! What are you looking at….” Mid sentence, she turns to see what was behind her.

The moment she sees Lunaria, she was lost for words with a shocked expression on her face. Lunaria, on the other hand, gave a wry smile.

Almost a gasp, Milia says, “……Then, who died?”

Hal, standing next to Lunaria, hits Milia with an emotionless gaze.

Realizing her situation, Milia tries to recover, “No, that is, Ahh, that, I-I’m glad you are safe. Are you the one that safe my companion? Let me give you my thanks!”Then turning back to Lunaria, and stumbles towards her, away from the reception desk with wide open arms, “Come, let’s go Lunaria. Everyone is waiting you know!”

Milia is really trying to put up a good front this late in the game….. Moreover, she’s try to take in Lunaria again and try to become her friends.

Hal, now furious with how she’s pretending nothing happened, growls in disgust,  “So you can do his kind of thing again…..”

Flinching at Hal’s words, Milia tries to argue, “A-again? Don’t say it like I have a bad reputation! Doing this kind of things is a first for me too!” She says while feigning innocence against the rising discontented murmurs, not realizing her that her words made Lunaris see her true self.

As if reaching a decision, Lunaris takes a deep breath, “…..Milia, you have taken care of me in various ways, and I was glad when you said that we have a similar name……ーbut, this time is the last time, I’ve decided to go with Hal. That’s why,this will be goodbye.” With her eyebrows limp, tears in her eyes, Lunaria lowered her head to Milia.

Panicking, Milia jerks her head up after hear Lunaris refusing to go with her, she reaches out her hand to stop her from running away, “Wait! You can’t just go with someone you don’t know…..”2 Seeing the outstretched hand, Hal steps in front of Lunaris to block her from being touched, then in a clipped tone, “Lunaria will party together with me. You don’t have any say in this. Understand?”

Still not fully willing to give in, Milia tries to argue”ーWha!” But Hal, wearing a cold expression, advertising to her to give up stops her.3

Still feeling stubborn, Milia on the other hand still wants to resist.4

Seeing her not give in yet, Hal’s voice drops to a threatening tone, “……Understand?” This time it was a question with only, yes,5, understood and no other answer aside from this.

At first, Milia tried to refute, but she noticed that it was not a good time and went out of the guild while cursing with an expression like ‘this can’t possibly be happening’, “Wha, I-I understand! I’ll give that burden to you! ….So get out of the way!”

As she left, everyone in the guild looked at her shrinking back.

With a content sigh, Hal looks at Lunaris, “Now then…..let’s do a report, shall we?”

Lunaria ,who was about to cry a while ago, returned Hal words with a bright smile. “Yes, let’s!”


Name: Hal

Sex: Male

Level: 1

Gift: Growth

Skills: Flame Armor Lv2, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Breath (Ice) Lv2, Dragon Scale Lv1, Flame Resistant Lv2, Ice Resistant Lv1, Lightning Resistant Lv1, Ice Fang Lv2, Charging Lv1, Shell Shield

Blessings: Goddess Sea, Goddess Diona



T/N: Crown


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  1.  見たままを言葉にすれば『ナイフを突き出して、帯電しているサンダーバードを突き刺した』。
  2. “ちょっと! こんなどこの馬の骨とも知れないやつに……”
  3.  厳しい表情できっぱりとハルが断言し、確認をする。
  4.  しかし納得がいかないミリアはそれに対して食い下がろうとしていた。
  5. Yes in english

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