Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 16


Chapter 16

“Umm, that….”

Lunaria was puzzled by the situation that she stopped and stare at him.

However, since Hal told her to show him, she thought that averting her eyes would hinder his actions.

And looking at the very serious look of Hal doesn’t make her feel any bad feelings than what others aimed at her.

“ーSo that what it is. So there is something like this too……”

Hal, stared at her for some time, noticed something after appraising Lunaria’s status.

“Lunaria, what I’m about to say may sounds unbelievable. Still, if you want to do something about your abilities, if you have such a thought……I can tell you about the mystery. Further speaking, it may be difficult immediately, but it will help settle the problem”

After some thinking, Hal knows the problem she has and offers to help her.

It wasn’t a coercive atmosphere, but he just wanted to help Lunaria even just a little bit.

Hal only met the girl for a short time.

“U-Um…..why, Hal was saying something like that? Even though we have just met…..”

It was only natural for Lunaria to feel embarrassed and to ask such a question.

“You just said it earlier, but wasn’t Lunaria made a decoy by your party members? After all, you can’t beat that many Thunderbirds with only one party”

And Lunaria defeated the Thunderbirds with non-attribute magic using all of his magic power.

Lunaria nodded in the words of Hal.

Because of the talk earlier, even though she has calmed down, once again remembering the sorrow of what happened to her, she drops her shoulder.1

“ーI’m the same too”

Hearing what Hal said, Lunaria suddenly raises her head.

Lunaria looks at Hal who is the same adventurer as her but looks much more reliable. She wondered what does he mean by the same.

“I…..before I got the power I have now, everyone always called me incompetent”

“Incom, petent….?”

Lunaria asks a question, not knowing the meaning behind the word.

“Aa, as the word says. When I received my first adult ceremony, nothing appeared-that dayーwhen I was twelve years old……literally, I wasn’t given a gift”

To Hal who answered with a stiff expression on his face, Lunaria could only swallow her breath. She couldn’t imagine anyone that didn’t receive Gift in this world.

Because Gifts are a blessing from God that everyone in this world should have.

“That’s why, porter…….I participated in an adventurer party as a luggage carrier, just to feel the feeling of becoming an adventurer even just a little. I want to become an adventurer someday, I will! That’s what I always said…..”

“That is……”

Lunaria muffles, not knowing what to say to te words of Hal who was somewhat covered in shadow.

“And then, I participated in an adventurer party. We entered the dungeon, and after going down some floors, we took a break. And there, that guy appearedーthe Salamander…..”

A famous monster whose name is also known by Lunaria. Salamander materials are appealing, but it is quite difficult to beat.

“Su-Such a thing, then, could it be!”

There, Lunaria remembers Hal’s words. “We are the same”ーis what Hal was saying.

“Aa, I was used as a decoy by that adventurer party. While everyone was running away, the party leader and the warrior threw me away. Towards the Salamander”

Hal utterly speaks of facts with no expression on his face, but for Lunaria who heard it, it was an unbelievable story.

She held her mouth stunned, when thinking of the situation and feeling of Hal at that time, her chest ached.

What she dealt with were Thunderbirds.

Fighting dozens was certainly dangerous, but because Salamander is a dragon species, the danger wasn’t even close to it.

“Well, looking at it now, it was my turning point”

Hal shrug and says that, he even felt grateful to them.

“Th-That’s right! N-No matter how you look at it, how could you survived it even when you have no power!?”

When Lunaria heard Hal’s story, even though he was in such a dire situation, why does he still survive. Why, you talk lightly about it despite the painーShe was wondering about that. She asks that question to Hal.2

“I, knowing that I don’t have any power, I kept studying about monsters, its materials, and items. That’s why, when I was thrown towards the Salamander, spontaneously, the information regarding the Salamander flowed into my head”

Lunaria felt the strength of Hal who never gave up in that situation.

“The only weapon I had was a knife. I was trying to do as much as I could with that knife. And then, with that knife, I plunge and cut its weakness”

Hal who said that, shows a smile on his face.

“My power was awakened by the shock at that time. I’ll omit the details, but I was able to become an adventurer just the other day.

Saying that, Hal took out his adventurer card and show it to Lunaria

“A-Amazing! D-rank!? Even I, am still E-rank….”

Just the other day, not much time has passed since his adventurer registration. For Lunaria, it was a year ago.

Lunaria dropped her shoulder again.

“That’s it. At last, we can finally return to the original story. By using the power I got, where is the problem of why Lunaria can’t use magic? I was able to know it. That’s why, I want to help if Lunaria believes in me”

Hal’s eyes which are staring at Lunaria were serious.

It may be a sympathy for Lunaria who is in a similar situation to Hal.

It may be just a simple good intention. Or there may be some meaning behind it.

But, there were no lies in the eyes of Hal who wanted to help her. Looking at those eyes, Lunaria wants to believe in Hal.

“ーSomehow, will it work?”

Gifts that she has not mastered for many years and magic that she can’t control.

How would he manage it? That feeling of doubt, and what Hal says, it may be able to work.

Such a fleeting hope was fighting in her heart.

“I’m sorry, but I won’t say that it will work for sure……but I think we could move ahead of the past where we didn’t know the cause. That’s why…..”

At that point, Hal stands up and reaches out to her. Hoping to give the girl a little hope to move forward.


She was worried, but her desire to believe in Hal was bigger, and Lunaria take his hand.

“……Tto, I’d like to confirm a few things, but was Lunaria partying with those guys all the time?”

When Lunaria stands up, Hal opens his mouth as he remembers something.

Those guys, it was her party members who abandoned Lunaria and made her a decoy.

“No, when I was looking at the bulletin board to see which request would I accept, I was asked to join them. I told them that I can’t use magic well, but still, they didn’t mind it…….if looking at it right now, they might have originally intended for me to become a decoy…..”

Although what Lunaria was saying is ridiculous, Hal was relieved to hear her say that.

“ーI see, if it was like that then it’s good”


Saying that it was good that she was abandoned as decoy, makes her surprised.

She was confused for a moment by a word different from the gentle attitude.

“Ah, no no, I don’t mean it like that. If it was a momentary party, I can have a party with Lunaria without hesitation”

Noticing that his words are lacking, Hal once again explains what he means, hearing that Lunaria felt relieved, her expression naturally soften.


Name: Hal

Sex: Male

Level: 1

Gifts: Growth

Skills: Flame Armor Lv2, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Breath (Ice) Lv2, Dragon Scale Lv1, Flame Resistant Lv2, Ice Resistant Lv1, Ice Fang Lv2, Shell Shield

Blessings: Goddess Sea, Goddess Diona


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  1. 先ほども話したことだったが、改めて落ち着いた状態で確認したことで悲しみを思い出したのか、しょんぼりと肩を落としていた。
  2. ルナリアはハルの話を聞いて、そんな大変なことがあったのになぜ無事なのか。なんで、そんなに辛い目にあったのに軽く話せているのか――それを疑問に思っていた。ハルに食いつくように質問を投げかける。

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