Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 15


Chapter 15

“Whaー, what happened here…..”

Hal, arriving at the mountain, he went deeper into the mountain to get the feather of the Thunderbird, but stopped at some point, surprised at what he saw.

What was there was, dozens of Thunderbird corpses and a female adventurer covered with blood fell on the ground. Because of the influence of the battle, clouds of dust are everywhere and the ground is soiled with blood.

“Wait, it’s not time to be stunned like this. Are you okay!?”

Hal, realizing that he was stood still, rushed to the female adventurer.

Hal holds her head gently as to not shake it, and when she looks at her, her complexion is bad.

“This is bad…..”

Hal, while carrying the female adventurer, moves to the shade. Here is where his experience as a porter came to use.

And then, after leaning her on a tree, he takes out a recovery potion from his bag.

“I’m glad that I brought it…..first is, let’s start from her head”

He didn’t know what made her unconscious, but using recovery potion can heal some of the damage she suffers.

Hal stares at the female adventurer while gently pouring the recovery potion.

“Next is, magic recovery potion…..”

Hal only brought one with him, and can’t afford to waste it, he put it on her mouth and let her drink it bit by bit.

While not completely conscious yet, there is a slight reaction when Hal called her. She drinks the magic recovery potion little by little with some of it spilling from the edge of her mouth.

Apparently, one of the causes was the depletion of magic, thanks to the magic recovery potion, her cheeks which were pale, start to regains its color.

Seeing that her condition has stabilized a little, Hal took out a cloth from his bag and put it on top of her, and watch the surroundings.

The first thing he saw was the fallen Thunderbird.

Because the corps is in good condition, Hal grabs its feather and puts it in the bag.

Not all the feathers can be collected, but only a few that contain a lot of lightning magic.

There were a number of corpses, but none of them have any noticeable wounds, and he can’t see any magic damages.

“……Is she the one that does it?”

He guesses that because she was the only one nearby, but Hal was thinking of another possibility.

Hal was climbing the mountain to reach this place.

He was now at the mountainside, Thunderbirds gradually appear around hereーit should have been, but what Hal saw were only dozens of Thunderbirds corpses and one unconscious female adventurer.

However, by the time he arrived, he passed a party of adventurers.

When he greeted them, the other party returned the greeting, and descend the mountain in a hurry.


Did they made her a decoy and escaped? While reminded of the bad memory, Hal returns to the shade.

He spends his time watching the surrounding, there are no demons show up, and it was about time for her to wake up.

Her eyelids shake, she opened her eyes, raise her body and checks the surrounding while being puzzled, when her gaze met Hal, she stops.

And then, she put her finger on her mouth and remember what happened.

So, after a few tens of seconds, her eyes wide open.

“ーNah! I, how, why! What is!?”1

Confused, she clings and asked Hal, but what came out was not a word.

“Now now, calm down. Drink this first”

To understand her confusion, Hal pours water into a cup and speak to her gently.

Was it because she was thirsty, she takes the cup and starts to drink it, not wanting to left any, she tilted the cup and drink it all at once.

“Hahah, do you want another?”

She nodded many times at Hal’s question as he smiled at her drinking vigorously.

Then, pour the water from the water bottle into the empty cup again.

This time she drinks it slower than before.

And when she finishes drinking it, she returns the cup to Hal fearfully.

“You calmed down?”

“Y-Yes, um, thank you very much. Just maybe, but… are the one that helps me, right?”

Calming down, she corrects her posture and thanked Hal shyly.

When he carried her, he couldn’t afford to worry about the details.

Therefore, Hal looks at her again.

The girl who was dirty in some places is a fox beastkin, evidenced by her ears popping out of her hair and the fluffy tail coming from around her waist.

She has a pretty face and her age is slightly lower or the same as Hal. She has beautiful long brown hair.

Generally speaking, she was a beautiful woman, but her atmosphere somewhat grim.

“…..U-Um? Is there something wrong…..?”

She asks Hal, who was watching her, looking uncomfortable.

“A, no, sorry…..I was being rude just now. I’m an adventurer Halーwho just register recently. I came here to collect Thunderbird’s feather…… and then, I saw you fell with dozens of Thunderbirds corpses and brought you here.

Hal returned to his senses when he noticed that he was observing her just like when he was still a porter. He briefly introduced himself, and briefly explained the process leading up to this point.

“So that’s what happened. I truly grateful for your help…..”

She clenched her fist at her chest while listening to Hal and bowed her head deeply.

“Ah, I’m sorry that it was late. My name is Lunaria2. I’m also an adventurer, for a decent time, and my rank is still E-rank. Once again, thank you very much”

When she introduces herself, she bows down again.

“Aa, you don’t have to worry about itーcan you tell me what happened?”

Hearing Hal’s words, Lunaria expressions darken, drops her gaze to the ground and begins to speak to Hal.

“…..Um, as you can see, I’m a magician”

The girl was wearing a robe and holding a staff when I brought her here.

That shows that she was a magician.

“Aa, it seems, like so”

Hal confused how to reacts when he was told the obvious. It was strange for her to said that.3

“ーBut, I can’t use magic that well…..”

She said with a crying-like voice, she then lifted her staff and held it in a direction where no one was.


Fireball is, beginner level magic of fire magic, and as the name implies, a fireball jumps out of the tip of the staff or palm.

However, a small fire spurts out of the staff and quickly disappears.

“Ice Ball…..!”

This time, she uses ice magic. However, only a small chunk of ice fell on the spot.

“It’s like this…..”

Both of the two beginners spells work, but the result is far from the original.

Lunaria bites her lips sadly while staring at Hal.

“That, your Gift is…..?”

“My gifts are [Fire Magic], [Ice Magic], [Wind Magic], [Earth Magic] and [Thunder Magic]”

Hal was surprised to hear it.

“F-Five!? Five elements!?”

Hal inadvertently snaps because of the magical power and the Gifts that were just conflicting.

It is said that the maximum number given by God is five.

Those who can use the five attributes are sometimes called Five Elements in honor.

Among the five gift holders, whether or not they can meet once in a lifetime, all of them are attributed to each other, a rare entity among the raresーshe was Lunaria.4

“Ehem! ……What I want to say is, as you can see from the magic earlier, I should have the Gift, but I can’t use any of them. I can use non-attribute magic that emits magic power as it is, but in my case, I can’t make fine adjustments to the output, and if it is non-attribute, I lose most of my magic power…….”

At first, Lunaria was a little proud, but he gradually became depressed.

Hal finally got the point when she told him that.

“Then, you used non-attribute magic to defeat the Thunderbirds……and then, you fainted, like that”

“Yes……there were actually some people who came with me, but we were chased by a lot of monsters…..and, I was pushed down, errr, um, as a decoy……”

Lunaria doesn’t say the last part out loud, she only mutters it. It was her party member who used her as a decoy because she couldn’t use magic.

He fears that, by the time Hal came here, the guys he passed were probably her party members.


Hal, who has also been a decoy, holds his fist in frustration.

Hal was angry because using your comrades as a decoy is an act unbecoming of an adventurer, but Lunaria shakes her head.

“It’s okay, I somehow felt grateful to be able to leave that party……”

She didn’t seem to be angry they do that to her, because she knew that she was holding them back.

But when he sees her ears and tail droop down sadly, he knows that she didn’t feel nothing of it.

Because she looks so sad, Hal decided to look for the cause.

“ーA little bit, let me see it”

With that in mind, Hal glances at Lunaria’s sad eyes and uses [Appraisal] to see her status.


Name: Hal

Sex: Male

Level: 1

Gift: Growth

Skills: Flame armor Lv2, Breath (fire) Lv1, Breath (ice) Lv2, Dragon scale Lv1, Fire resistance Lv2, Ice resistance Lv1, Ice fangs Lv2, Shell shield, Appraisal5

Blessings: Goddess Sea, Goddess Diona


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  1. “――なっ! わた、どう、なんで! 何が!?”
  2. ルナリア
  3. それがなんだというのだろうと不思議だったのだ
  4. 一生のうちに一人会えるかどうかという、五つのギフト持ちの中でも、その全てが各属性になっているというレア中のレアな存在――それが彼女、ルナリアだった。
  5. Okay, I just remember that he got appraisal skill, but many in the previous chapters, it wasn’t listed. So it’s likely the Author forgot about it too.

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