Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

“Oi! What’s with Boz’s voice just now!”

Depp asks Hal as soon as he enters the armor shop as if shouting.

Hal felt bad for telling the previous information to Boz first.1

“Aa, it’s that. When I was talking about me being D-rank, he let out such a loud voice. Well, I never thought that a quiet guy like Boz would let out such a loud voice……”

Remembering the previous exchange, Hal scratched his head with a troubled expression.

“Wh-What, D-D-rank? …..Haa? You, didn’t you said you just register as an adventurer yesterday? You, are you saying that you lied to me!?”

Unable to understand the sudden information, Depp chooses the option of trying to grab Hal’s collar in confusion. Hal involuntarily pulls his body back to the depressing face of Depp, who is approaching very quickly.

“No no, I didn’t say any lie. Calm down”

To get even a little distance, Hal takes advantage of the height difference and holds Depp’s head with his right hand.

But Depp, still confused, stared at Hal while breathing roughly.


Hal manages to hold down the restless Depp with his right hand and talks about how he became D-rank.

By the end of the conversation, Depp had calmed down.

“Haa……to thing such a thing happened, aren’t you amazing! Isn’t it the fastest record of becoming D-rank since registering as an adventurer? Well, as expected of the one I put my expectation to. You’re talented just like I thought!”2

Depp laughed and said that while hitting Hal’s back.

Even if his body is small, he still has considerable power, and Hal seems to stagger.

“Ouch, that hurts! Well, I’m glad you’re pleased. So, since I got the reward, I was thinking of getting stronger weapons…..”

Hal frowned at the pain while Depp looked seriously at Hal.

Five minutes passed.

Hal waited silently, thinking that Depp had any Idea.

“ーWait for me a little”

Then, when he says that with the same expression, Depp went to his own store.

Saying goodbye to Boz and heading to Deep’s store, he hears the sound of searching for something, but Hal is told to wait near the entrance.

After a short time, Depp is back with a sword.

“Well, sorry sorry. “It’s hard for me to find it…..take this, a celebration for your promotion to D-rank”

“Th-Thank you”

Hal receives the sword, which pressed to him, and pulled it out of its sheath.

“This is……amazing”

At first glance, Hal, who had Depp teach him about various weapons, found that this sword was different from the others.

He sees the sword completely.

“How’s it? Its name is Airbringer3. As the name suggests, it has the magic of wind. If you swing it while giving it a little magic power, it will release a [Shockwave]…..I made it a long time ago, but it should be okay”

While listening to Depp’s explanation seriously, Hal sheathed it softly and looks down at the sword he is holding.

This sword is a kind so-called magic sword, and the craftsmen who can make it are limited.

Depp is a skilled craftsman, but he could only create five magic swords, including the Airbringer.

“I can’t accept such an amazing sword…..”

“Kaah!!4 It’s fine! Take it! It’s a thing that I neglected and will only collect dust if left as it is anyway! You need it more!”

With an apologetic look, Hal returns the Airbringer, but Depp forcibly pushes it back to Hal to give it to him once again. Depp is standing with his arms folded just to say that he won’t take it back.

“…….My badーno, you saved me. Thank you”

In getting such an amazing sword, Hal thinks he made a mistake and corrects it with shouting words of gratitude.

“That’s right, you should have just honestly taken it the first time! Geez…..don’t make it troublesome!”

With harsh words, Depp turned his back and rebuked Hal, but his face was smiling. He tries to conceal his emotions by rubbing his nose several times.

“Well then, I’ll have to go back soon because there’s something that I need to do tomorrow. Thank you for everything”

“Ou, go all out!”

While being pushed by Depp’s vigorous voice, Hal’s left the store.

“……Everyone, thank you”

On the way back to his home, Hal met Boz and his wife Michika, and remembering the care of Depp makes his heart warmed.5

Hal, who had no Gift, was still honest and diligent, so they were moved and wanted to do something for Hull.

Even if he couldn’t do a job as an adventurer, Hal was helping various people by volunteering for any trivial job.

But Hal, who wasn’t aware of it, recognized it more as them being a good people.

In addition, while walking around the city, clerks at other shops called out and gave him souvenirs.

By the time he arrived at my house, he was holding his luggage in both hands.

“I don’t know why is everyone being so good, but it helps a lot”

Hul put the fresh food into a refrigerated magic tool and uses the rest of the food for dinner.

The food he received was skewered boar meat called Boa and freshly baked fluffy bread, so he pulled the meat out of the skewer and eat it together with the bread.

“ーDelicious! This is bad! I can’t stop!!”

The expression of Hal is full of surprise and joy with a bite.

The boar meat overflowing with gravy was firmly cooked, but its tenderness was maintained and, combined with the sweetness of the bread, its taste was to his liking.

He decided to go to bed early after he was full and start early the next morning.

Hal’s figure was in front of the west gate of the city, which is misty in the morning.

“Now then, today is from the west mountain”

The enthusiastic Hal starts walking. The next request is, to collect Thunderbird feather on the west mountain.


Name: Hal

Sex: Male

Level: 1

Gift: Growth

Skills: Flame Armor Lv2, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Breath (Ice) Lv2, Dragon Scale LV1, Flame Resistant Lv2, Ice Resistant Lv1, Ice Fang Lv2, Shell Shield

Blessings: Goddess Sea, Goddess Diona


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  1. 自分に知らせていない情報を先にボズに話したんじゃないかと機嫌が悪くなっていた。
  2. はー……そんなことがなあ――って、お前スゲーじゃねーか! 冒険者登録して、翌日にDランクに上がるなんて歴史上最速じゃねーのか? いやあ、さすが俺が見込んだやつだけのことはある。お前には才能があると思っていたんだよなあ!”
  3. エアブリンガー
  4. カーッKaa(Gijougo): The feeling of being embarrassed and blushing, Source:
  5. 自身の家に戻る道すがら、ハルはボズとその奥さんであるミチカ、そしてデップの心遣いに心を温かくしていた。

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