Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Hal receives some requests in the guild and decides to go home once.

Since he was on request, he couldn’t take a rest, so she decided to take a little break.

Calling it his home, it was an apartment that Hal had contracted for a long time.

“ーEven though it can’t be called beautiful, but like I thought, it was more relaxing at your own home”

It was not in a mess and there is not much put inside.

However, it was a fifty years old building, so it can’t be helped that there are stains and dirt on the walls.

Still, the apartment here is better than the others.

“Fuh…..I felt refreshed”

That’s because, there’s a shower.

It was made by combining the water magic tool and heat magic tool that was one of the fastidiousness of the dwarf couple, the owner of this apartment.

Hal let go his fatigue and dirt while bathing in hot water set at a slightly higher temperature.

He couldn’t bathe in the lake because of the monsters.

Hence, he felt great taking a shower at his home.

Hal sits down on the sofa in the center of the room when he comes out of the shower, wearing an easy to move clothes.

“So this is a D-rank card huh……”

Hal looks at his card again that he got from the guild with deep emotion.

The adventurer card that he always wanted. The basic design is the same, but the card is engraved with the letter D.

“Hahah, I’m a D-rank adventurer who had been a porter until recently…..”

At the same time as the joy, anxiety suddenly filled his chest.

Are you glad you went up to D-rank quickly with borrowed power? ーHal thinks about that kind of thing.

The next moment, however, Hal recalled the expression of Diona whose face turned red and furious, and the feeling of her fist came down on his head.

“No, Diona and Sea also said it. The power I got right now is the power I get on my own. And, that person to surely think the same too……”

Hull, with a nostalgic look, remembered the back of his savior, the adventurer he look up to.

“No matter how much strength you have, if you are not confident you will only make yourself anxious. If you become anxious, it will spread to your surroundings. That’s why, adventurer must be confident and be proud”

It was a word that was told to him by the adventurer he admires.

His words, and the words of the two Goddesses who acknowledge him.

Hal stood up with their words in his chest. Changing his clothes, wear weapons and armor, Hal leaves his house.

As expected, it will be evening when I start doing the request. Thinking like that he decided to go to the shopping to upgrade his equipment with the money he got from the rewards.

“N? Aa, Hal. Welcome”

It was the owner of the armor shop who greeted me with a gentle and soft smile.

He is a chubby dog beastman, and he frequently calls Hal by Hal-kun.

“Good afternoon, Boz1. I came here to buy some armor”

Saying that, Hal looks over the goods displayed in the store.

“Well then, that means you’re a customer. Welcome, like usual, I don’t mind you take a look as long as you like. Call me out only when you want to try on armor”

“Aa, thank you”

With laid-back words from Boz, Hal says his thanks and walks around the store.

The store wasn’t that big, but Boz’s wife is a dwarf armorer, so it was a store with high-quality products.

“This one, this, and maybe this breastplate…..”

What Hal choose is a poison resistant boots, Flame Gauntlet, and three of the light iron breastplates.

As the name suggests, it is a durable boot that doesn’t corrode even when poisoned.

Gauntlet with a fire attribute magic stone embedded in it. This gauntlet protects its user from ice and water magic and raises the power of fire magic.

The last one is the iron breastplates.

This is sturdier than the leather breastplate Hal was wearing and still keep the lightness of the leather breastplate.

With the current ability of Hal, he chose this breastplate because he thought that it was better to focus on mobility rather than defense.

“Fumu fumu, Not a bad choice for an adventurer”

That voice came from Boz. He was smiling while peeking at Hal’s chosen armor.

“…..Eh? You know?”

“Aa, Depp was telling those guys at that weird shop. That guy was really happy”2

Remembering the time Depp informed him, Boz face naturally turn into a smile.

“Ah, now that I think about it, I wasn’t supposed to tell you that…..well, whatever, there were various things that happened, and you managed to become an adventurer. And he also said that you managed to attain your power”

Hal admits that he has become an adventurer and reports it to Boz because he doesn’t intend to hide it in the first place. He was happily nodding many times while listening to the story.

“Yeah, it’s best to hear the report directly from youーto be honest, I was skeptical about Depp’s words. In any case……Congratulations. This is a gift from me and Kami”

With a smile that said “I’m cheering for you”, he took out a ring he had prepared.

“…..This is?”

Hal held back his heart who was excited because of the presents, and received the ring gently.

“That ring is, made by Kami and me yesterday. It can raise the power of the user a little. It’s not an amazing thing, but it will be slightly useful”

Boz laughs and says that humbly, but from the dark bag under his eyes, I know that he made it all night.

“Boz, thank you. Was this design done by Boz? Please give my thanks to Michika3 too”

Holding the ring firmly in his hands, Hal thanks Boz and ask him to give his thanks to his wifeーMichika too. Boz answered happily by nodding his head.

So, Hal puts the ring on his index finger of his right hand.


Attacked by the feeling of the wind blowing, Hal unintentionally let out a shout.

The moment he wore the ring, he felt power coming in from it.

“Fufufu, it looks to be okay. We felt a little hesitant to wear a ring made for others, so we didn’t check if it was working”

Boz was grinning looking at the reaction of Hal.

“Aa, it was amazing. If I stop the magic flowing through the ring, will it stop”

“That’s right, it can work even with small magic power, so you can use it unless your magic power is zero”

Try giving it a little magic power, and the ring will show its effect immediately.

This is, amazing……thanks for the good ring!”

Hal confirmed the effect and thanked Boz again happily.

“Hahaha, It’s fine. I know that Hal has worked hard, so I have to give you something to celebrate”

Boz, who didn’t expect Hal to be so please, saw him thanking him again and smiled.

Until now, he was worried that Hal couldn’t become an adventurer without a gift, but now, he became his long-cherished adventurer and he wants to support him on his new journey.

After that, they talked for a while, but when Hal told him that he had reached D-rank, Boz was so surprised that he shouts, his voice was as if it would reach the surrounding stores.


Name: Hal

Sex: Male

Level: 1

Gift: Growth

Skills: Flame Armor Lv2, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Breath (Ice) Lv2, Dragon Scale Lv1, Flame Resistant Lv2, Ice Resistant Lv1, Ice Fang Lv2, Shell Shield

Blessings: Goddes Sea, Goddes Diona


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