Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Gulia seemed to like Hull, who was unmoved and did not disclose information unintentionally, so he added a lot of bonuses to the rewards.

“……Is it really okay for me to receive this much?”

“Of course. Rather, if you think about the rarity of that material, it only makes sense to pay this much. But it’s true that it was a lot more than usual, but that was because I’m expecting a lot from you. Unlike other up-and-coming adventurers, your eyes are full of strength and hope”

Hal was surprised when Gulia told him this from the front.

“I-Is that how you see me?”

Hal summons [Water Mirror] at once, and check it with his own eyes. But there’s only his face there, the one he always sees, and there doesn’t seem to be anything special.

“Hahah, that’s amusing. That’s a good place to start.1 You felt different from the other adventurers. This my intuition as a former adventurerーmy intuition is pretty good, right?

Gulia who takes a liking to Hal who showed an honest reaction was grinning after having said his last word.

“……I thank you for evaluating me highly. And thank you for buying the materials at a higher price. However, adventurer should be judged by their resultーnot their prospect and expectation”

Hal was simply dissatisfied with being favored, and said this with a clear and serious expression.

“Fumu fumu, that’s another point. But I understand, I won’t treat you specially unless you got the result that matches it. Well, you already showed the result with the shell request and the other two, so I’ll give you some consideration”

After a moment of silence, Hal convinced of Gulia’s word who shows a smile and nodded his head.

He didn’t say anything more because he thought that he would make his relationship with Gulia become bad.

“Then, shall we head back”


Hal put the money in the bag and stood up, and they both left the room.

“Ah, they’re back!”

When they return to the guild hall on the first floor, the receptionists who had already finished checking the shell were waiting for them.

“Yaaa~, we made you wait. So, how was the shell?”

The receptionist answer Gulia’s question with a smile.

“Well, It is really good! It was cut neatly, there are no big scratches other than those that are already there. If it’s more than this, It is not possible!”

Surrounded adventurers who heard of the receptionist who was in high spirits were also surprised.

The verification of the receptionists are quite strict, and they are not doing their jobs half-baked. It might be related to the way the receptionists were handling the materials.

It was shocking that the receptionists gave up on appraising the materials.

“Fumu fumu, as expected, it is very good. I decided to buy it all, I’m sorry but could you bring it to the warehouse?”


The receptionist who is a bear beastman lifts the shell and brought it to the warehouse in the back.

“Then, could you process Hal’s request completion? I already paid for the reward, so I only need to do the procedure”

“Yes, that’s already been done. Hal, I will return your card. And then, your adventurer rank has risen to D-rank!”

Hal receives the card from Alicia and heard an unexpected word, he then tilted his words with a doubtful expression.

“D-rank!? I was only doing three requests…..why it raised by two ranks?”

What Hal said was true, and the adventurers at the hall nodded.

“I think it is a natural question…..let me explained it. Normally, the rank goes up once at a time. This is a basic rule, I think you all know it”

Not only Hal, but everyone else nodded at the explanation of Alicia with a bitter smile.

“However, there is a special case for this. The quest this timeーis the completion of Hal’s Power Turtle’s shell request. The request is really difficult and is not usually received by F-rank adventurers”

With that explanation, some say that’s true.

“And then, Hal’s result is beyond the original request. He brought the shell of the Grand Power Turtle. It is the guild’s judgment that no one with such power can be placed in the F-rank”

Alicia, who has finished explaining, has a satisfied expression.

“U-Umー….. is it okay to ask a question?”

One of the adventurers raised their hands timidly.

“Yes, please!”

Alicia who felt good, prompt the question with high spirits.

The adventurer face who asks to her who has a cheerful expression, which she usually didn’t show, starts to turn red and stuck in words, in the end, he never opens his mouth.2

Um, it’s not that I doubt your words, but I don’t think there’s any proof that he defeated the monster and took that shell…….he could have been given or bought it, right?”3

Defeating the monster will prove his strength, but they won’t know his strength if he bought if from somewhere elseーis what the question is.

“Fumu fumu, I think you made a little misunderstanding. In the first place, we basically don’t ask about the process to fulfill the request. You can ask the question out of interest, but it won’t affect the results. It is a different story if what you do to acquire it is a crime”

The one who answers that question was Gulia.

“The power to fulfill the requestーthe power in this case is not just the power to fight. We have a gift, so there is maybe the ability to get the shell without having to defeat it. Then there’s no point in asking that question. Well……to add, the shells of the Grand Power Turtle are rarely on the market. So if you do, you have to spend a lot of money”

Can’t you tell that much? Gullia with a meaningful smile finishes his explanation.

“Yes……to put it simply, I have the power to handle difficult requests, is what you said right?”

Hal puts the explanation so far in one word.

“T-That’s right”

With Alicia’s acknowledgment, the not convinced adventurers were now convinced.

“……Thank you. With this, I can accept other requests”

When Hall finally sighs, losing the interest from the surroundings, he leaves the counter and moves to the request bulletin board.

“ーOioi, you’re still going to take some request”

It was the A-rank adventurer, Zaus who called out.

Watching over the developments, he was worried that Hal, who had just returned, would be going for a request again.

“Aa, I can finally work as an adventurer so I want to receive more and more requests. Because my rank was raised to D-rank, I could take a wider range of requests”

Hal said shortly with his eyes that seemed to be shining.4

“……Is that so, just don’t overdo it”

Zaus laughed gently, thinking that he had time, he decided to watch Hal with a smile on his face.


Name: Hal

Sex: Male

Level: 1

Gift: Growth

Skills: Flame Armor Lv2, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Breath (Ice) Lv2, Dragon Scale Lv1, Flame Resistant Lv2, Ice Resistant Lv1, Ice Fang Lv2, Shell Shield

Blessings: Goddes Sea, Goddess Diona


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  1. そういうところもいいところだね
  2. 普段あまり見れない彼女の機嫌のよい表情に一瞬質問を投げかけた冒険者が顔を真っ赤にして言葉を止めてしまうが、意を決して口を開く。
  3. I’m guessing that the one who talks here is a different person. But, I might be wrong, so I add the raw in the footnote for the previous sentence. If I made a mistake, please correct me.
  4. 素っ気ない言葉のわりにそう言ったハルの目はキラキラと輝いているように見える

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