Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 11


Chapter 11

“Then, everyone might not know so I will explain a bit”

With a giggle, Gulia said so and lifted one of the shells lightly.


What Hal brought was a heavy, hard shells, but Gullia picked it up with only his thumb and forefinger.

Hal, surprised at the action, is convinced by seeing Gulia’s ability at a glance.

One of his gifts was Strength Strengthening Lv10.

In order to distract my mind until coming here, I had tried to appraise the people on the way, but the higher one I found was only Lv5, and it was from a high ranking adventurer.

Then it was not hard to conclude that Gulia’s Lv10 was nigh impossible.

“Can I continue my explanation now?”

Looking at the reaction of Hal who was surprised, Gulia stopped explaining and start grinning.

“Aa, please continue. I now know how ridiculous you are……”

The second half was not loud or inaudible, but Gulia returned it with a smile.

“What heーHal brought was a shell from Power Turtle. But, this is also another thing”

What the guild master said was that the classification is not wrong. When Hal head that it was another thing, he dropped his shoulder. Even though I tried really hard to get it, is what he is thinking.

“Fufu, this is a monster called Grand Power Turtle, which evolved from Power Turtle and attained a larger body. It’s hardness surpass the Power Turtle. Of course, it is the same for its power. In other words, it is a top species. Aa, it is natural that everyone does not know. The only change in appearance is the size, otherwise, it is the same as the normal Power TurtleーIyaa~, how nostalgic. I made this discovery when I was still an adventurer”

The guild master spoke happily while laughing, but his words made the guild buzzed in an instant.

Stories about the monster they don’t know.

What’s more, it was a monster that the guild master said powerful, and that monster was defeated by the former incompetent porter who has just become an adventurer.

It was surprising to that point.

And the one who discovered the Grand Power Turtle was no other than the guild master that stand in front of him.

But this one is more surprising.

And, the reaction was varied from surprised to confused one.

“But, this is different from the one that was requested, so you can’t deliver it, right?”

Hal was more concerned about his request than the surrounding noise.

The request is for the shell of the Power Turtle, so it was different material from the Grand Power Turtle’s shell.

Then, Hal can only change his way of thinking to go again to get the materials, Hal already thinking his next move.

“No no, I want you to wait. In the first place, this request was made by me. I was going to make a shield for someone I knew…..but, if I can get something better than what I wanted, then it is better for me to change the content of the request. You just have to deliver the shell of the Grand Power Turtle”

Guria was trying to use it as a gift, as an amulet shield, because of an old friend who had a child.

While impressed by the speed of Hal’s change of mind, he raised his finger and told him the change of request.

“Aa, that will help me a lot. By the way, does the reward amount change too?”

If you deliver another thing, the reward amount will also change.

The teaching of Hal’s teacher that he put in his heart was that he should be paid for his work.

“Of course. Let’s talk about the rewards in my room. It’s not good to talk about money in front of everyone”

Hal nodded at Gulia’s offer, telling him that it was a secret by putting his finger in front of his mouth, and after Gulia confirmed that, he nodded and went to the guild master’s room.

“That’s right, can you leave the shells there? It is to check its quality”

As he just remembers, Gullia looks back and asks the receptionists about the shell and heads back to his room.

The receptionists were surprised and confused about how to fulfill their duties, and the guild was wrapped in shock and the noise did not stop.

They go up the stairs to the second floor and enter the guild master room at the back.

“So, I will have you talk to me a little. Let’s see, how about at that sofa right there”

Gulia with a sweet smile on his face somewhat looked excited.


Hal sits on the sofa while puzzled.

“Well then, there are a few things I want to ask……ーFirst of all, why did you want to become an adventurer?”


Hal is surprised at the overly straightforward question and stuck for words.

“You were a porterーin other words, you make carrying luggage as your livelihood. Why did you register as an adventurer? What makes Zaus recognize your power?”

Gulia asks the question in a lower tone than before and his usual cheerful appearance was now frowning. The serious gaze that penetrated Hal most likely means that he won let Hal to lie.

“……Why, the answer to that question is because I gained power. And I was able to gain that strength because I kept training, learning and studying without giving up”

Hal clenched his lips and gripped his fist so strongly and he answered what the two goddesses said at that time. In Hal’s head, the memories from his first adult ceremony to the time when he was a porter, met the goddess and imparted his skills revived one after another.

“……..I see. Is that so, un, I understand”

Gulia nodded happily with Hal’s answer and smiled. The atmosphere when he asked the question was no more.

“Is it, okay…..?”

Hal said, didn’t expect him to be convinced just like that.

But Gulia smiled again and nodded.

“Un, because there are no lies in your words. And because it is yours, so you don’t have to reveal it to me. You don’t have to be worried, I just want to listen to it once. That’s because you were already acknowledged by Zaus and Alicia, so I won’t complain”

Hearing that, Hal sighed as he suddenly felt tired.

Then, what is with the change of atmosphere just before? Is what I wanted to say.

“Now, let’s talk about the shell of the Grand Power Turtle. About the rewards, how about five times the original rewards?”

“Fi-Five times!?”

Hal is surprised at the unexpectedly high reward of five times that he was told.

“……Eh? Was it too low? That is true as it was ten times harder, six times……no, I could barely manage it but I wonder if seven times are good”

“N-No no, five times is enough. Who could have thought that it was that expensive……”

Hal raises his waist and stops Gulia as he raises the price himself with a troubled expression.

“Is that so, that’s good. “So I have one more thing to ask, how did you cut that shell? It was cut neatly to fit its shape, would it not difficult to cut it with knives and swords that could be found everywhere?”

This question was simply Gulia’s interest. The materials of the shell of the Grand Power Turtle was in a great condition.

“Aa, I used this”

Hal took out his usual knife and put it on the table.

“Can I see it?”

Hal nodded to Gulia’s question.

Gulia smiled gratefully and grabbed the knife, pulled it out of the sheath and checked the blade.

“Hmm, although it was taken care of well…..there is nothing special about it, right?”

“Aa, moderate price and has no special powereーjust a knife”

Good quality knife. That was their evaluation.

“With this, I don’t think you can cut that shell……”

“That’s right. That’s where my abilities come in. Well, I don’t have any intention to speak or show you though”

However, Hal realizes that he is speaking out of curiosity and answer it without any signs of being offended.

And it is common for adventurers to hide their abilities, so he doesn’t seem to mind.

“Haah, if it’s like that then it can’t be helped. Oh yeah, I was only ordering one shell, but it would be helpful if you could sell all the rest if you like…….”

Hal brought a total of five shells. The talk was about him selling the rest.

However, it is only a proposal, the decision is up to Hal.

“I don’t mind, if you can buy it at a good price”

“Hooray! I’ll also add color to the purchase of materials!1 Anyway, I haven’t seen a Grand Power Turtle’s shell in recent years. I’ll get the money right away!”

The moment Hal nodded, Gulia smile like a child with a new toy and stands up happily.

The Grand Power Turtle itself is rare, and its shell is huge, making it difficult to carry around.

Therefore, the steps by which Gulia went to the next room to get the money seemed bouncing.


Name: Hal

Sex: Male

Level: 1

Gift: Growth

Skills: Flame Armor Lv2, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Breath (Ice) Lv2, Dragon Scale Lv1, Flame Resistant Lv2, Ice Resistant Lv1, Ice Fang Lv2, Shell Shield

Blessings: Goddess Sea, Goddess Diona


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