Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? Chapter 10


Chapter 10

The next morning, Hal decided to return to the town as soon as possible.

Goes through the plains, the forest, and back to the city.

For Hal who was a porter, it was not hard for him to carry a large shell, but his appearance was conspicuous, and the eyes of the people were sent to him like they were seeing a rare thing.

“As expected, it seems they are seeing my way….”

Hal too, he himself noticed that the gaze was gathered on him, and was quickly approaching the adventurer’s guild to escape their eyes.

Hal walking speed increases as he approached the guild, and was running into the guild.

“Haa haa, finally arrived…..”

Hal was sweating from the fatigue and the embarrassment.

“Hal-san!? What happened>”

The voice comes from Alicia, who was just cleaning up the floor.

“No, wait a minute, haa haa, I was in a hurry because I was attracting a lot of attention because of my luggage, ha ha, when I was just came back”

Alicia glanced at the Hal who was answering hear while being out of breath.

“Fufu, when you ran, aren’t you attracting a lot more attention?”

According to Alicia’s word, Hal who was running on the road only increase people’s curiosity, and even after entering the guild, the eyes of some of the adventurers were concentrated on Hal.

“Ah….haa, so you say that, I shouldn’t have to hurry. …..Fuuh, haーun, I calmed down. Alicia, I’m sorry but, I’d like to report the completion1 of the request”

Alicia’s eyes widened by Hal’s words, who was deceived by his embarrassed look.

I’m sorry, that word was probably meant for interrupting her work of cleaning the floor and ask for a reception.

However, Alicia was surprised at the word of completion of the request.

“Eh? Hal-san, is not it just yesterday that you take the request?”

If it was only to collect medicinal herbs, she can understand this speed, but Hal has received three requests.

Moreover, the third request was a difficult request to get Power Turtle’s shell.

“Aa, I want to report all three request”


In response to Hal’s serious reply, after a long pause, Alicia expressed her surprise.

“Can I ask you?”

“Y-Yes! Of cwourse! This way please!”

Alicia returns to the counter without time to feel embarrassed by her biting her tongue.

“T-Then, first is, the medicinal herbs, please. Huh! Be-Before that, can I have your guild card, p-plwease!”

She never thought that it would end up like this, because she was in a hurry, she bites her tongue again.

“……Aa, It would be good if you calmed down a little. Yes, here’s the card”

Even when Hal pointed out her red face, she still goes through the procedure with a familiar movement.

“Th-Thank you very much. Yes, then first is, please deliver the medicinal herbs. The request was for five bundles”

Alicia told Hal to take out the herb and place it on the counter.

“This is… is in a really good condition. Un, it is exactly five bundles. It is really good. Many adventurers where nervous when picking medicinal herbs, so many are in a tatters…..”

Alicia checks Hal’s herbs with a smile, while complaining to other adventurers.

“Yes, then this request is fulfilled. Then, the next request is……six Fluffy Sheep’s horns”

Again, Hal put the horns at the counter.

“This is…..amazing! It is the first time for me to see the horn in such a beautiful state!”

Alicia picks the Fluffy Sheep’s horn with a bright face. It’s been three years since joined the guild.

And since then, it was the first time she sees a horn that hadn’t been broken.

“Is that so? Speaking of Fluffy Sheep’s horn, if you cut the base with a sword, you can get this beautiful look. You don’t have to take life unnecessarily……”

After seeing Alicia’s exaggerated reaction, Hal tilted his head to say what he just did was obvious.

“Un, all six are all beautiful! Thank you very much! This is also completed!”

If he knows the usual Alicia, he might have surprised seeing her say thank you excitedly while bowing her head cutely.

“Then, the last one is Power Turtle’s shell…..heave-ho!”

Hal puts five heavy shells all over the counter, but because of its size, it extends beyond the range of the counters on both sides.

“Aa, sorry. Because it was a very large shell, I cut it out to fit it, but……”

Saying that far, Hal noticed that Alicia was stunned and tilted his head again.

“…….Is it bad if I put it here? It’s in the way of the next counter. I’ll move it right away”

Alicia grabbed the hand of Hal that hurriedly tried to get the shells off the counter.

“P-Please wait! It’s okay! Right? Both of you give me a hand”

Alicia asks the reception lady on both sides with her hand, and they both take care of it themselvesーseemingly couldn’t leave this shell in front of them, they rushed in immediately.

“I’m sorry, please give us a moment to verified it”

The one who said it was the receptionist who was much taller than Alicia.

She is a bear beast kin, and when she receives Hal’s heavy shell, she places it on a large table in the back.

“ーThis are, aren’t these rather big?”

“Isn’t the usual is smaller than this?”

“……Un, but it was properly cut according to its shape……it’s also beautiful……”

Three people verified the shell of the Power Turtle brought by Hal, they were curious about its size and its condition.

“This is……might be a little difficult. I’ll go tell guild master about this”

Alicia left the two to check the condition of the shell and goes to the guild master room on the second floor.

“…….Is there something wrong?”

Hal asks the question over the counter, and the two could only laugh wryly and respond casually and vaguely.

One, two, three were verified, and when the fourth was verified, Alicia returns with a male elf with her.

“ーThis is the shell of the Power Turtle, and he is the adventurer Hal……”

He, who came further from the counter, put his hand on the shell on the table and pat it lightly, then move his gaze to Hal.

“Ya, it’s been a while, but I’m the guild master, Gulia”

“I’m Hal. Exactly as she said. This is the Power Turtle’s shell that I killed near the pond”

Hal nodded with a serious expression to Gulia, who asked him with a good smile, and stressed again that this was a request.

“Ah, I see I see…….un, you really are interesting. Who would have thought that you will bring something like this”

Gulia seemed to be really interested in Hal and was smiling.


Name: Hal

Sex: Male

Level: 1

Skill: Growth

Skills: Flame Armor Lv2, Breath (Fire) Lv1, Breath (Ice) Lv2, Dragon Scale Lv1, Flame Resistant Lv2, Ice Resistant Lv1, Ice Fang Lv2, Shell Shield

Blessings: Goddess Sea, Goddess Diona


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  1. The word used here is “達成” which meant “Achievement” but it doesn’t sound right, so I changed it to “Completion”. What do you guys think?

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